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Yes, I know that 123Cheese is gone, defunk, vanished into the bitstream. That isn't the difficultly.

The difficulty is this: Photobookshop dot com dot au, Photobookclub dot com dot au, and The Designer all use the same program. Same layouts, same menus, same EVERYTHING... BUT, they can't read each other's finished products (and two of them are different branches of same freaking company!) due to encryption. Really, guys? Do you really think there is a black market in trading photobook formats?

So, how do I fix the problem of getting my 123Cheese photobook into any of the other. The slow, tedious, repetitive open each of the pages in 123Cheese, screencap the windows, save as jpgs. THEN 'rebuild' the books in one of the other programs.

Doesn't that sound like fun? (voice heavily dripping with sarcasm)

I got one 100 page book done, but need to take a break.
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but I do want to read books available for sale on Kobo, but don't want to read them on my desktop, I have to jump through some hoops, that to describe how to do it is more complicated than the actually DOING of it. (And made more difficult when you have a small cat climbing all over the place)

Ok, bought a book, and when I went to find the epub on my desktop, all there is is a bunch of incoherent characters. Ok, a bit of google to find what the hell is going on. Ok, found out that to get epub, I have to download and install Adobe Digital Editions, then authorize the computer and download the epub.


I want to read it on my Kindle. Hmmm, ok, the next step is to 'convince' the epub to not be a drm'ed epub, and then converted it to a mobi format. Find file, have one program talk to it. Then have Calibre make a mobi format, then copy to kindle.

All I want to do is read my damned book. Yes, I understand there are naughty people out there that would prefer to not pay for the ebook, but that isn't me. BUT I want to read it where I want to read it. One device. Not one tablet with three different e-readers, thanks anyhow.
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Was up shortly after 4am, not because of the purr kids, but because of local wildlife. There was a noisy, persistent bird in the back yard making this croaky noise (no, not a magpie, or mudlark or crow/raven). Think it might have been a Cuckoo Shrike, but didn't see it.

So, once that woke me up, then Loki decided "Well, you're up already, so tend to my needs." So, I did. Then I started in on domestic chores.

I emailed the printer of my photo book, as it arrived with the spine broken up near the top, and when you opened the cover, it sounded like it was breaking even more. So, emailed photos of it. They got back to me right away, and said they would send a replacement at no charge. Then I get an email saying that one of files from a different order was corrupted, could I resend. I tried to follow the instrucitons, but the button to upload wasn't in the book creator program. So, I called again.

I told her that I had ordered 3 copies of the same book, so couldn't they just use one of the other files and print two copies of it instead of one? She said yes, as long as I sent and email rquesting it. Done.

Been wearing my glasses all morning, close to 8 hours, and yes, I have a bit of tired eyes, but nothing like yesterday. That augers well for for wearing them all day.

Already starting to feel a bit groggy. Another cup of coffee to power the station, and keep awake.
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I read this when I was a kid, and I guess you could say this book started me off on speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy books. (No, not bodice ripper fantasies) I managed to find a copy of it via ABE Books (different cove, though), ordered it, and have been reading it again. It has been mumblty mumble years since I've read it. I found it just as entertaining now as I did then.
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Yesterday, two books I ordered from Amazon, the ones that cost less to have shipped to my US address, then shipped to me, than shipped directly from Amazon. *sigh* I opened the box, which was in perfect shape, to find the two books with a cardboard back with the shrink wrap around it. Yes, the box was a bit too big, but hey that's typical.

What isn't typical is that both books were dropped before they were packed. )

What did Amazon do? Offer me 45% refund on the LEAST damaged book. Hullo? Hell no, if you're going to offer a refund, you do so on the item that was damaged the worst.
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Just a little hint: if you have to fold/spindle/damage a postal package to get it into the letterbox, it might behoove you to take 10 seconds to come up the driveway, and knock on my front door, which I will answer in 15 seconds, maybe 30.

Luckily for you, Postie, the book inside the parcel wasn't damaged (as far as I can tell) but it looks like the "Private and Confidential" parcel is a bit chewed up on the bottom and top. Mostly from your cramming it into a too small letterbox, up against the lock of it. If it's too badly mangled to maintain professionalism, Wing will be contacting you, and chances are someone is going to need iron underwear after the ass chewing he politely gives them.

Have a nice day.
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This is the small A4 size. It's a strange-ish feeling seeing my photos in print, even in a self made book to be printed.

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Keep walking. I did 25 laps, and then just kept going until my left leg started getting wobbly and the limp started in. Now I have the twitching thigh muscles. :) Feels good to have a routine where I don't have to worry about sniggering or rude comments.

The two hard to find books I ordered arrived, and in perfect condition, too! Might have to tag team read them with Wing . Ahh, that brings back memories. :)
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I ordered a few books from Amazon. Not expensive books (one was $10 the other $7). I hit the tally, and my jaw hit the desk. Including shipping it was $85?!

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

So, changed address to US drop mail address. $25 including shipping. Even with the $30 shipping charge from there, it will end up costing me less.
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Over the last few days, I've been compiling another photo book. After tweaking image sizes on the pages, the layouts, frames, drop shadows, borders, came the not so fun task of proofreading.

I've made 6 photobooks, and in the first 4, one typo in each. It's difficult to read words and consider them out of context. Of course, while reading, I would want to adjust the text layout, or decided a certain image framing just didn't work. I finally got to the point that all the wording is correct, the layouts and design look great, and proceeded to the upload.

2.5 Microsoft hours for almost 140 full sized images to be uploaded. Image size varies between 3.5 megs to 14 megs. Average size would be about 8 megs. Times 137. Hmmm, when I look at it that way, it's no wonder it's going to take 2 hrs or more to upload them all.

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