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If you sell something, and it's crap, or not quite as you have described, I will say so.

Two different sellers, two different e-markets.

Amazon seller sold a used CD. I had no problem with it being used, as the seller said it was in "very good" condition. It arrived, and the surface was obviously scuffed and scratched. I was able to rip the contents to my music directory, and with audio tools, remove the clicks and hisses. I gave her a 3 star rating. She kept sending me messages, claiming I had buyers remorse, and there was nothing wrong with the CD. The kicker is this: it got tapped by AQIS for having a foreign substance on it, and I took photos of the notice, the bright yellow and black AQIS tape, and the report. Sent them to her. She changed her tune, and said I was expecting too much.

eBay seller. I bought a silicone case for my S7. It arrived, and it was so loose and flaccid, my phone would fall out of it. I emailed the seller, included photos showing how it didn't fit on the phone. He offered me, I kid you not, 50 cents refund. "That is one helluva scam. You sell something for $5, and even with photographic proof showing it's faulty, this is your offer?" I reported him to eBay, and my money was refunded by eBay. I then gave him a neutral feedback rating, stating "Didn't fit phone, phone would fall out. Money refunded". Seller sent me a message, I am presuming is whining about the neutral rating, but tough shit. He was damned lucky he didn't get a negative rating.
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I get an email from them, so they know I'm on Australia. The fact that my account says I am in Australia, and my email address ends in AU, and my default shipping address is Australia seems to be something they're missing.

Back to the email. I get email notice that I can get a new Kindle Paperwhite for $30 off. Ok, since my kindle is getting old, and I have noticed it needs charging more often, it's either get a new battery for it, or a new one, I think "Sure, sounds good to me."

So, I go to Amazon, order one, and case to keep the screen safe. Add it to shopping cart, go to check out.. and get hit with "DOES NOT SHIP TO AUSTRALIA".

Really? REALLY?

So, having it sent to drop address and to sent to me.
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Earlier this year, I bought a CD (used) on Amazon, as it was listed in "VERY GOOD" condition.

1: It was flagged by AQIS, opened, inspected, foreign substance on outside of the CD case tested.

2: The CD playing surface was covered in dings and scratches.

3: Piss poorly packed, so the CD case was cracked.

So, for buyer feedback, I gave seller 3 star rating, and only said that the CD wasn't in 'very good' condition, maybe fair and that returning it for a refund would have cost more than the purchase/shipping price. But seller did post it quickly.

First, the seller sends me a rant, claiming I was suffering from 'buyers remorse'. Well, no. I then told her about items #1 and #3, and that I could have reported her for sending dangerous goods. And yes, I sent her photos of the parcel with the yellow and black AQIS tape on it, and the notice inside the parcel from AQIS

So far, she has sent me two, count them, two, messages asking me to remove my 'negative rating'. I gave her a fair rating.

She keeps this up, I might go and change it to a ONE star rating because of her nagging me! I am NOT going to change it. I am not going to lie. The CD is was poor condition. I was able to archive the songs to my HD but I had to run them through some high end audio edition to remove clicks and hisses.


Jul. 7th, 2015 07:35 pm
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I use Brita Faucet filters, the older version and the filters are getting harder and harder to come by. I managed to find some on eBay but the postage for just two of them was more than the filters were ($41 for the filters, $44 to ship them).

So, headed over to Amazon. This is where the bizarreness comes in. The more expensive seller ships to Australia. $60 for 2 filters + $27 shipping.

I spotted less expensive ones, 2 for $21... but that seller doesn't ship to Australia. So, I order two twin packs, for $42, + $8 shipping to be sent to my drop address. Another $25 to forward them to me from there.

Twice the number for less than the cost of two. Makes me wonder when Amazon will stop shooting themselves in the foot.
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I usually have nothing but praise for you, but not this time.

I got an sponsored ad on my Kindle E-Reader. I was very interested, logged onto Amazon, look at the item, the options making note that it said "This item ships to Kardinya, Australia".

So, ok, I tried to order it. Imagine my surprise when "There was an error with your order, cannot ship to designated address."

Huh? So, back back back, try again, only to have the same error.

Contact Amazon help.

I'm told "Oh, but you're given a link to go to to get the item!"


This is the item that says it ships to Kardinya, but doesn't.

Here's the same item that does ship to Kardinya.

$60 bait and switch difference due to location?

My momma didn't raise any fools.... might have married a few, but didn't raise any.

My 'personal shopper' has agreed to $25 over forwarding postage costs, should I so choose to get said item.

And to Amazon.. next time you try to screw me, kiss me first.
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I emailed both Amazon Kindle and Amazon, asking why was a certain e-book 4 times the cost, and why was I being forced to use Amazon Australia? I would much rather pay US dollars for my e-books, even with the conversion prices than being forced to the Amazon Australia.

These are the duck/dodge/weave but don't answer replies from them (my messages are italic, Amazon's bold):

Other info:Being forced to use Amazon Australia
Comments:I'm angry. I spotted an ebook by Andy Borowitz, 18 page short story, for 99 cents. I went to go buy it, and when I logged in, the price almost quadrupled to $3.63 because I was forced to select Amazon Australia?  Oh HELL no.  I know what the exchange rate is, and this is way beyond appropriate pricing.

how to do I stop being automatically shunted to Amazon Australia for my ebook purchases? I would rather find "not available to your geographical location", and pay in US dollars than to be blatantly ripped off.

Message From Customer Service
I'm really sorry to hear that you are being charged higher than the conversion rate for the book by Andy Borowitz.
I wanted to help investigate this problem, and in-order to do so, I will need to know the title of the book by Andy Borowitz.
If you can provide the ASIN number of the book, please click on the link below:
We hope you can contact us soon so we can help solve this problem quickly.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Best regards,
S***** U. K.

Then this one: )
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Yesterday, two books I ordered from Amazon, the ones that cost less to have shipped to my US address, then shipped to me, than shipped directly from Amazon. *sigh* I opened the box, which was in perfect shape, to find the two books with a cardboard back with the shrink wrap around it. Yes, the box was a bit too big, but hey that's typical.

What isn't typical is that both books were dropped before they were packed. )

What did Amazon do? Offer me 45% refund on the LEAST damaged book. Hullo? Hell no, if you're going to offer a refund, you do so on the item that was damaged the worst.
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I ordered a few books from Amazon. Not expensive books (one was $10 the other $7). I hit the tally, and my jaw hit the desk. Including shipping it was $85?!

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

So, changed address to US drop mail address. $25 including shipping. Even with the $30 shipping charge from there, it will end up costing me less.
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The wrist splint order from Amazon arrived today. Blessed carpal tunnel relief for both the left and right hand. But when the young man who is the regular delivery guy saw me, he asked "Photo shoot weekend?"

Me "Yes, how did you know."

Him "You look exhausted and sore."

Well, yeah. hehehehe
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But when price disparity is so great... something else must be done.

I purchased PhotoShop CS3 Extrended on Ebay some years ago. I got it for less because CS 4 had come out.

Then CS5 Extended came out. I had looked into seeing if I could get the upgrade for it, rather than buying the full version out. I was happy to find out I could! Boo yah! Then, the disparity hit.

Even though I opened my Adobe account when I was in the US, now that I live in Australia, I have to use the Australia Adobe market. The price kind of rocked me. Upgrade from $585 AUD.

Exact same upgrade from Amazon $268, and no that isn't a typo. Only problem, Amazon only ships this product in the US.

Because of living in Australia, the price was doubled. And it really doesn't make sense when you take into account that the Aussie dollar was worth more than the US dollar at the time!

So, what I did, was get a US mailing address, a mail drop. $60 for the year. Bought said software from Amazon (free shipping to drop mail because it was over $25), it arrived there in 3 days. Then it was shipped out Feb 22nd to me. Just arrived this morning. Drop mail has paid for itself for the next 5 yrs with this one savings alone.

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