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Loki was up on the new pergola, examining the addition to his domain. I am of the opinion if he got up there, he can get back down.

Unfortunately, Wing has yet to learn this. Does he leave Loki to his own devices on coming down the same way he got up there? No, Wing digs out a ladder, and manhandles Loki down. Then he is surprised he got clawed.

One more time: If kitty finds his way up the tree onto the pergola, he can back track down same tree to come inside. No need for Bactine(c) and Bandaids for Wing .
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I think makers of household cleaning appliances (mops, vacuum cleaners etc) have got to get it thru their heads that not all people who are using these products are but 5'4" tall. Right now, it feels as if someone has their knee in the middle of my back, and that's only from vacuuming one room! Ouch. I either need a chiropractor, a physio-terrorist, or therapeutic massage.

Much thanks to Alan and Un-son, Robin for moving my potted avocado tree into the shade. Turns out they need to be kept shaded until they are about my height. At least it was moved before the sun damaged it too badly.

Aikidomayland will be back home in a few days. I swear I have spoken to him more on the phone while he's been in Zambia, than I did when he was home! I keep telling him there is no need to call every day, I'm not going to melt or fall apart while he is away. If there is a problem I will send a text message. Oh well.
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As I had blogged about before, Aikidomayland took a one day intense class with a 'photography teacher' that was an unmitigated disaster.

I bullied him (yes, bullied) into not giving up and signing up with the photo instructor I had earlier this year. He did, and was wary about going to the point he wasn't really sleeping well.

After he came back from the class with Greg, he was like a happy wriggly puppy. Not only is he re-enthused, he is putting into practice lesson #1.

You see, it wasn't so much he is touchy because of criticism of photography ability levels, but because the MISTAKE was rude, snotty, played favorites, and hadn't a clue as to how to run a class.

But I am just grateful that Aikidomayland is well and truly enthused by something new. First new thing he has had any really get up and go interest in since Pop died.
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And Wing being ill now is proof of that.

The good news is he is feeling better.

The Better news is I convinced/cajoled Wing not to quit. He called my photography instructor/teacher, Greg, and spoke to him at length at what happened. To say Greg was appalled would be an understatement. Wing has signed up for the 6 week, one night a week, photography class, and guess what? He likes the Lumix! :D Wing will be bringing the Canon 300D with him too, to familiarize himself with certain functions.

I spoke at some length with Greg, and all I mentioned was the first name of one of the people at ****** ****, but didn't mention the name of the place, and he knew who they were. I have funny feeling this isn't the first time a disappointed student from them has made their way to Greg.

This is the first thing Wing has been seriously enthused about doing since Pop passed away. I am so glad he will be continuing his photography/camera studies. <|<|<| and there was much rejoicing |>|>|>
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Wing called the business partner, P, of the MISTAKE to cancel our booking of the hands on Photoshop course, and told P exactly why he was canceling. That "After the way I was treated on Saturday, I don't feel comfortable dealing with your company." and then went into detail as to the whats and whys.

P was aghast at what happened, and refunded our Photoshop course fees immediately, and then asked Wing to hold off calling the consumer protection, or whatever it's called in Australia, and I presume he spoke at some length with the MISTAKE.

P then called Wing back apologised profusely, and said they were refunding the Photo course fees in full. Then the MISTAKE got on the phone, and apologised up down and sideways to Wing. He said he was very sorry for his actions. That Wing's phone call to their business , withdrawal from the Photoshop course and the reasons behind it were a wake up call to the MISTAKE. He then asked Wing if he could ever find it in his heart to forgive him for how he had treated him, and Wing said "Maybe someday, but not now, I'm too angry with you." Wing was then offered the full Photography course free of charge. "Maybe some day, but not now" Mostly because he never wants to deal with the MISTAKE again.

I have an odd feeling they have had complaints lodged against them before, hence the almost begging not to call consumer protection. Doesn't really matter, but what matters is they fully admitted the MISTAKE was in the wrong, and needs a serious attitude adjustment. Maybe 20 mins or less on the tatami and Wing hefting a shinai would indelibly imprint that lesson on the MISTAKE. (weg)
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The only thing on the MISTAKES website about refunds is if you cancel at the last minute, you only get 75% of your fee back.

I have taken time stamped screencaps and used Scrapbook to archive the pages. And with the experience Wing and at least one other person (if not two) went through, breach of contract is the least of the abrogations.

Our photography seminars and Photoshop workshops cover the core fundamentals through to imaging as a career, if you want to go that far.

The only thing you need is a desire to learn and have fun—our photography training will take care of the rest. The ********* ******** ****** is designed to give you all the information you need while allowing plenty of shooting opportunities to help you grow your skills quickly.

Many of our courses are practical sessions with a model giving you a great environment to take images and get immediate feedback. It all helps to make your learning fast, friendly and most of all, fun!

1: This course was not for beginners as stated, but for more advanced photographers. No 'core fundamentals' were taught, jumped right into advance full manual photography
2: Not given the info needed
3: Not many shooting opportunities as quick crappy snapshots in quick succession is NOT shooting opportunities.
4: No feedback given.
5: Environment was hostile and as far from fun for the beginners as possible.

No where in the description does it say "teacher will ridicule you for your choice of camera, or tell you how you should be spending your money on things other than what he deems as the proper cameras (his comment about Wing's tattoo)".

I want to tell this guy "You so f**ked over the wrong person."
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A certain photography 'instructor' was only there to show off teacher's pet and to earn a quick 3k on the day.

Aikidomayland called, emailed and discussed much with the Instructor aka from now on the MISTAKE, the kind of camera he had, the level of novice he was the whole shebang. Mistake told him that would be just fine.

When Aikidomayland arrived, the MISTAKE looked at the Lumix, declared he didn't like it, and maybe if Aikidomayland didn't spend money on tattoos he could have gotten a 'proper' camera, and then the Mistake pretty much ignored him for the rest of the shoot, with the exceptions of a few snide comments aimed at those who he deemed unworthy by virtue of not having a Canon 5D or a high end Nikon. The only thing the Mistake said to Aikidomayland is that his photos looked too yellow in the preview screen. If the Mistake had taken just 30 seconds to look at the camera menu, he would have noticed that:

A: The color was set to VIVID
B: The Noise Reduction was set to HIGH

All this also would have been easily remedied if the MISTAKE had actually taken the SD card and looked at the RAW photos on a big screen. But, remember, the MISTAKE stated he didn't like the camera, and therefore deemed it not worth any of his time. And he pretty much treated Aikidomayland in that manner too.

I really wish I had been there. The nano his bull about cameras other than his precious worthies were useless, I would have said "Dude, your ass is sucking swamp water." If he had said to me that "Program mode is exactly like full Auto mode", I would have asked him if his head was up his ass.

Aikidomayland will be calling the consumer protection, as this course was advertised for BEGINNERS, and it was clearly for intermediate - advanced. It didn't say that three of the attendees would be the target of the MISTAKE's derision and ridicule, and then totally ignored. Example: his commenting about Aikidomayland not spending money on tattoo so he could 'afford' a better camera, berating another person for having a mint condition Canon Digital Rebel300 XT that was old and she should get rid of it, and picking on one woman because she was late in arrival because she wasn't from around there and she got lost.

Aikidomayland will also be calling to ask for a refund, even though the site says NO REFUNDS, he didn't get what he paid for, it wasn't as described, and the service was at the very least faulty. As many have pointed out, just because someone states NO REFUNDS doesn't mean he can get away with shoddy service and not expect his ripped off clients to not want or get their money back.

I wouldn't recommend this MISTAKE to anyone, whether for photo shoot, or for instructing, for in my own personal opinion (and a few others too) he is an asshat.
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I have a little less than a week left, to get my last two submissions in.

My biggest problem is Aikidomayland . He's trying to be too helpful. I want to submit the photo of my choice, not his.

I know he’s just trying to be helpful, but it’s causing sensory overload/too much information. Also, he keeps forgetting my computer is a touch screen. All I can say is thank goodness for CTRL-Z.

I have 'the contender'. Just making sure, because once submitted, it can't be changed.

Oh really?

Oct. 9th, 2010 07:24 am
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I just came back from shaking Aikidomayland's foot and telling him "Dear, you're snoring" and jokingly telling him he was disturbing Loki.

Of course, he said "I don't snore, I sleep loudly."

Then me "Ohhh I understand.. you're just trying to purr."
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Aikidomayland has been playing around with photography for about 3 months now. He more he does, the more he wants to learn.

Now, he will be the first one to tell you he doesn't have a creative bone in his body but since good photography can be broken down into numbers (F-Stops, Exposure times, ISO ratings) and he is an accountant, he will end up by the grace of his being an accountant do the formulas correctly and take good photographs.

He told me about a dream he had last night, about some images/photos he seemed to have taken, and when he described them, I told him it could be done. Instant panicky look on his face when he said "But I don't know how to do that!" I reminded him that is what he was taking crash course, and having me tutor him on how to use Photoshop was for. Now he can't get those dreamt images out of his mind.

And so it begins...

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