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From the Leeming Rec Center to home, and it's easily gotten to and from on my e-scooter.
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Of therapeutic corsetting.

I have been wearing the back brace on a daily basis. When I take it off, the area on my back corresponding 12th rib on my right side is reddened. Proof that the brace is preventing the muscle in the hip area from pulling the rib down. I have noticed less pain and stiffness in the hip/back area too. I think that is because instead of twisting my lower torso to walk I am actually using my glutes. Also because of not having constant pain in that area when I sit and stand up straight, my posture has improved. Legs also getting stronger. Still have (and probably always will) that phantom pain in my left calf muscle. Was told that was a false nerve signal due to nerve damage. If that is all that is left from this, hells bells I will count myself lucky.

This means I will be getting back into our dance business (classes, performing, etc), and the timing couldn't be better. We have been invited to be part of the entertainment at the Relay For Life 2008. 5th year in a row. :)
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In an attempt to 'retrain' a muscle group on my right side, it was suggested that a rib corset would help stop the hip muscle from pulling the 12th rib down all the time, thereby causing pain, shortness of breath, and an assortment of not so great feelings.

I can feel the muscle group trying to pull the rib down, and it's just not going. This issue has really made my posture go all to hell. That changed within seconds of putting the brace/corset on. And I can feel the difference already.

Of course, Loki is having a blast with the bubblewrap and box it came in.
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Well, it has been decided by both me and my new Physio Leslie (I keep breaking them and they need replacing) that I have probably gone as far as possible using the pool for therapy, and it's now time for 'land based' work. I go in Friday for twist/wring/torture re-assessment. Joy of joys.
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Well, I have good news, and I news.

Good news is that there has been heaps of improvement. Sensory loss is less. Instead of running from hip to toes, it's from mid calf to outside of foot. Quad strength has really gotten up there. And still have not hit the end of the improvements. There will be more.

The 'news': It seems the reason I keep getting a swollen ankle/foot is because since I don't quite have all sensation back in leg/foot, I am not aware of straining or over extending the foot. Rolling outwards and putting too much strain on the ankle and tendons, causing 'micro sprains'. Have a new ankle support to wear when I am doing any athletic activities or long time standing. Also have this inflatable disk for strengthening the small muscles in the ankle and foot.
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Had a helluva session today. Made appointment to see Damien on Monday, to see if I am ready to use gym equipment under supervision. I hope so.

Have changed my mind a few times on what I will be wearing tomorrow. Was going to wear one of my tribal headpieces, but with as hot as it's going to be tomorrow, I think turban would be better to prevent sweat from pouring onto face, and into eyes. A most unlovely side effect of performing in such hot weather.
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Oy... rode bike to PT today. kinda felt the dance practice in my right leg the entire trip up, but managed to do my own pedaling, not relying on the motor, most of the way. Unfortunately, the adrenaline rush I got from some leadfoot hauling a lawn equipment trailer missing me my 8 inches wore off before I got to the pool.

Stretches and exercises in the pool unwound stiff muscles, but still felt it in my right gluts and quad. I have been working like a fiend getting my left leg strong, that I have sort of ignored the right leg, as it was 'ok'. *sigh* The trip back was ... onerous is the only word I can think of. It's more going uphill than down on the way back. It didn't help that I had worked up a goodly bit of speed to get up the next hill when some dimwit decided to stand in the middle of the bike path and just stare.
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I finally get to rest, sort of.

Helaciously busy weekend. Went to Hoddywell, and did the archery trail.3+hrs of walking up and down hills, with 16 targets at different angles and distances. Was lots of fun, and I shot pretty damned well (also the Damascus glove experiment worked wonderfully). I was pretty tapped out by the time we loaded everything back into the car and headed home.

Today, I needed the hydrotherapy pool. It took a full 30 minutes before I was moving in any semblance of a non robotic hominid. A few places went POP and SNAP. No crackle or that would have been breakfast.

Came home and rested, ate breakfast, and then noticed thyroxine was allllll gone.Got a 2nd wind, and loaded up bike, backpack and me, and headed down to the Kardinya shops. Also brought AcerClone to Netways to have the bluetooth module installed,and a bigger harddrive put in. Not going to wait for a full on harddrive crash like I did with AcerBeast.

Had some sashimi and a few sushi for lunch, and rode back home. To say I am exhausted is understatement.
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I am back at the hydro therapy pool. I could not believe just how stiff I was, and how much loss of strength in such a short period of time. After 40 minutes of hard work, the flexibility was back if not all the strength. *heh*

Was hoping for cloud free day. I would really like to get a quick peek at Comet McNaught. I have been trying to, but as the Gods of clear skies have decreed, it's been cloudy or rainy. At least I am all prepped and ready for if or when the skies clear enough for a good view.
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Wasn't entirely sure I really needed it all that much. Not until I did a few of the side stretches, and sideways stretch of right leg.

Yesterday had its' amusements. Started raining heavily, and suddenly. I looked into the lounge room, and there was Bertie (cockatiel) posturing and fluffing as if he was the one being rained on. So, I obliged him by getting spray bottle and giving him a good soaking.

The front yard is looking amazing. Will take another picture of it when it's finished. I am so glad that aikidomayland finally came to the conclusion that I just can't do the upkeep. Not after over 8 months of growing wild.

Getting personalised licence plates for the Forester. Will post that later. *chuckle*

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