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Last year, Trance went into total panic mode when we brought her into for physical and vaccinations. So, to save her the panic, we scheduled to have the vets come out here for her. They said "Well, we can do all the cats' exams at the same time."

They just left. Vaccinations given, exams given, Keito's blood drawn for testing. Trance did panic a bit, but no where near as much as she did at the Vets' office. She settled down and just voiced her complaint.

Ziggy was her usual. Sat there there until done. Healthy moggie.

Loki is a bit overweight, but that is because he keeps sneaking up behind the others and finishing what the left in their dishes, the oinker.
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Got a letter for Allianz insurance. Turns out that due to miscommunication we were charged too much or not rebated back enough of the excess we paid for Keito last year.

They sent us a check, with the amount we were overcharged, and 94 cents interest. :D
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I got an o2 Hurricane canless air system because the cost of canned air, with 3 desktops was very expensive. Especially if you have to do sustained blasts with it. Have to admit after a few months of cleaning keyboards, desktops, my Skyrim dragon statue, it has more than paid for itself.

It's just a bonus that it works great on removing dust motes and cat fur from lens filters and from the front elements. Don't have to brush or use a cloth.

The last few days have been interesting with the purr kids. We have installed 'knife proof/cat proof' screen doors in place of the hollow wooden ones. There have been very umm 'vocal' arguments between Ziggy and Trance with each on one side of the door. The good news is that since Ziggy knows Trance can't just attack her, she doesn't back down... and she can outshout Trance. And afterward, Trance heads to her private sulking corner. :)

Groceries ordered, will arrive tomorrow before noon. Now, I just have to figure out what to cook for dinner tonight. :)
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Just sent Ziggy's filled out claim form to the vet for them to put in the info and forward it to PetPlan.

Many people have said "Why not just set up a savings account for pet expenses?" Yes, in a perfect world, when just normal things like check ups and vaccinations are the norm, this would be a good solid plan.

HOWEVER, when you have a seriously ill cat (Keito for instance) a small savings account isn't going to help. Keito was in Murdoch Emergency Vet for 9 days. Average cost was $1000 a day, because he needed 24/7, treatment, supervision, surgery and IVs etc etc. (pet haters, beware, I will delete your comments and block your sorry asses, capice?) Because we had pet insurance 65% of the bill was covered.

Ziggy's current bill is no where near that much, but getting $120 again back is good.(yes, again, because she has had this allergy problem a few times this year. $180 per visit.)

Each cat is about $300 a year to cover. That is the price of one emergency vet visit, NOT counting treatment, surgery, medications. $1200. About 1/8th of what Keito's vet bill added up to be. So yeah, definitely well worth it and cost effective.
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I came up with the idea of how to stop Ziggy and Trance (the two very territorial Bengals) from getting into knock down, drag out fights.

Replace wooden doors with security screen doors, so they can see each other, yowl and hiss to their hearts content, but NO INJURIES! It will cost less to have two doors (one on my office, one on Wing 's office) with security screens, than one vet visits to take care of fight injuries.
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I was contacted by a CatMax representative. She said she was going to refund my credit card $400. Funny thing is I was overcharged $450.07.

Hello ********;

when you called today to get my credit card details, you said I was being refunded $400.

According to P*** C*****, I was overcharge $450.07. I hope there was no miscommunication between he and yourself about the amount to be refunded.

> On 2/06/2015 2:14:25 PM, p*** c***** (*********** wrote:
> > Hi Sandra
> yes you are correct on this being over charged. the problem is is should
> have just been a call out fee plus materials. but was done as a quote of
> pictures and spread sheet.
> so here is what you should have been charged
> 3 hours @ $76.00 = $228.00
> clearnet @$21.22
> cable ties@$12.00
> GST @ $26.12
> *TOTAL = $ 261.22*
> CHARGED $ 711.29
> Sandra, sorry about the mix up I do apologise. you have credit for $450 .
> if it is any conciliation we can send you a new three teer pethouse nomally
> $475.00 plus $75 freight. we would send as exchange no freight charge. no
> more to pay.

According to Australian Consumer Laws, as they admitted to overcharging me, and even by what amount, they are LEGALLY obligated to give me a refund of the full amount of the overcharge.
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You have never seen me do exactly that.

Ziggy has habit of licking a spot on a foot until it's lost the fur (stress thing like a human biting fingernails). She has learned that I will make her stop whether she wants to or not.

Next thing; get her to stop ‘power rubbing’ her chin raw.
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And is no longer hiding, it's time for her to learn the hierarchy. She has been stalking and attempting to bully Ziggy. Ziggy is the 'diva' here, and Trance has to learn it.

Whenever Trance stalks or harasses Ziggy, she gets a squirt of water from a spray bottle. All three of us have one close at hand. Ziggy will be allowed to growl, and if Trance doesn't retreat, squirt.

Bengals are intelligent, and I'm sure Trance will get the message/training quick enough. But this doesn't mean we will allow Ziggy to harass Trance. Should Ziggy start being the bully, a different chastisement (noise and voice). Again, Bengals are intelligent (for the most part) and I'm sure she will get it through her noggin. :)
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I have Feliway diffusers, but with the wide open floor plan, power outlet locations leave much to be desired.

Visited eBay seller, and got some Feliway spray. Two bottles to use in the heavy cat traffic areas.

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