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Went for my daily walk today, managed to go over 2k. I know this isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but let me 'splain.

The first time I started walking around the park, I had to stop and sit on a low wall twice on the outbound trip, and twice on the way back due to back pain. Maybe 30 minutes, if that, the first go. Over the past few months, I have had to stop less and less, and walking further. Today,an hour in the park, and another 40 minutes just puttering around.

So, I will stay at the hour, but see about going further. I don't want to walk too fast, because if I do, I will start limping, and that would cause other problems.
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Many times, when I go visit people, I smile, have a great time. What people don't see is the next day when I am almost in tears from back and leg pain. I swallow pain killers when make me lethargic, but at least keep me functional.

I didn't ask or plan for a disc to calcify in my spine, and then collapse. I also didn't expect 6 weeks after the surgery for someone to make me walk, using a cane, for 2 kilometers. It set back my recovery at least two weeks. Then, SOMEONE not learning from what happened to me, two weeks later, we go to a cinema with horrible seats (not going to mention the hobbling walk to the cinema and back), and THEN to a cafe with even worse ones. Did I mention the low to the ground sports car, where I was pretty my folded up in the seat, knees up at a 70 degree angle? It was all I could do not to sob uncontrollably in pain. It took me 3 weeks to recover from that movie/cafe combo.

Too often, chairs and sofas are too low (I'm supposed to sit with my knees at an angle UNDER my hips). Getting out of them after sitting for a while is, no joke, white hot agony. But I smile, and never let on.

Of course the next day, I am a case of "Better Living Through Chemistry".

I can't walk faster, but I'm not 'lazy'. Many have seen me doing yardwork, go on all day photowalks, go for long hikes in the woods, or over rocky terrain. Stalking birds for hour after hour.

So, when we go for a walk through the city, I have two choices. Get left way behind, or limp to walk faster and schedule the eating of pain meds the next day. Ain't that a hoot?
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Sorted out and washed, hung out, took down, fluff and folded 4 loads of laundry.

Broke out the vacuum cleaner and the carpets got its tender attentions. Amazing how much crud a bagless machine gets out of the rug. Emptied it, swapped out dust mite filter for a clean one. Cleaned the 'dirty' filter, then noticed how grungy the utility sink was. Scrubbed that out. New shade of color now... clean.

Attacked a 'clutter corner' in our bedroom, and have irritated Ziggy because of it. I removed a stack of book from there, and put them in the bookcase, thereby filling in Ziggy's bolt hole behind the scratch post.

Now I have the not so much fun part, as pain and nausea have arrived in equal measure.
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Right at the back of my spine. I got some things done today (laundry, vacuuming, cooking dinner) but no where near as much as I wanted to. Pain got to the point I wanted to vomit. I really wish Wing and Alan would actually see it, instead of seeing the after effects. Maybe if they actually saw it...

Oh well, not going to hold my breath. I might look good in blue, but I wouldn't look good cadaver blue.
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I tried to get comfortable, tried to find a position to sleep where it didn't feel as if someone was shoving an icepick into the small of my back. But alas, it wasn't to be. Part of it's due to weather, but I know the majority is because I overdid yesterday.

Just wish the Purr Kids would understand that one of their humans (well, two, because Wing 's back is bugging him, also) will be a bit slow today.
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I tried to tell Wing several times yesterday, that there was no need to do and get everything yesterday.

But did he listen to me? No

Is he now in a great deal of pain because of 6+ hours of walking around? Yes.

And on a slightly 'now he gets a clue' side, now he knows how I felt when he 'walks me into the ground' , especially after I had been recovering from two different surgeries. Ain't karma a bitch?

Oh yeah, and my legs still feel like lead. But unlike him, I praise the discovery of ibuprofen in its many incarnation and will use it. So, I will be fine for the hectic-ish day ahead. (Can't wait for Monday/Tuesday. It's my weekend)
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Still didn't get to sleep in, as the purrkids woke me up. I swear they take notes on what the other does. Keito was never one to traipse up and down our bodies until we get up, but after watching Loki do it.. oh yeah.

3 loads of laundry washed and hanging on the line, one currently in the washer. Amazing how just doing the laundry has tidied up the bedroom. it's so hot and dry outside, even the layered dress, are just about dry already.

Knee is feeling much better today, and back is happy for the warm weather. I should be fine for photo gig this Saturday. It's not an all day event, thank goodness. Evening fundraiser. Should be fun. The phto workshop we did this Sunday was a great refresher for me. Will be using off camera flash and flash stands. Wing is a bit nail biting nervous about this, but I have no idea why. He knows what to do and how, so he will be fine. But it's in his nature to worry and mull. :)
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I have been going for a walk before lunch, but today I wanted so see how the lower back pain started. It was actualy rather interesting. )
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I think makers of household cleaning appliances (mops, vacuum cleaners etc) have got to get it thru their heads that not all people who are using these products are but 5'4" tall. Right now, it feels as if someone has their knee in the middle of my back, and that's only from vacuuming one room! Ouch. I either need a chiropractor, a physio-terrorist, or therapeutic massage.

Much thanks to Alan and Un-son, Robin for moving my potted avocado tree into the shade. Turns out they need to be kept shaded until they are about my height. At least it was moved before the sun damaged it too badly.

Aikidomayland will be back home in a few days. I swear I have spoken to him more on the phone while he's been in Zambia, than I did when he was home! I keep telling him there is no need to call every day, I'm not going to melt or fall apart while he is away. If there is a problem I will send a text message. Oh well.
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Other than getting photographs of Aikidomayland for my Confetti//Motion entry.

I discovered that I can run on the dojo mats, the tatami. This is something I haven't been able to do for almost 6 years, since I had the spinal surgery. So, I was kind of stupid (in the glorious words of my son) and ran 8 laps around it.

My legs are paying for it now, but wow, it felt great at the time!

I wonder if Fredi would let me do that three or four times a week?

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