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Ok. people must have noticed (yeah, right) how strongly I have come out against Donald Trump's sexually assaulting women by groping their genitals (aka grabbing their pussy). Many of his supporters think it's because of the language, but fuck that, I have a potty mouth, and words don't make me go all a'flutter.

I cringed when I heard the un-bleeped audio on he video of his bragging about grabbing women by the pussy and saying he can (not might, or would but CAN) get away with hit because he is a 'star'. I then flinched when I read the statement from one woman, then another, then another came forward with their own stories of being groped (Trump supporters, groped is 'nice' term for being sexually assaulted) by Donald Trump.

Why? Well, there is a reason my Ex is my Ex. The 'straw' was when I wasn't paying attention to him as I was writing an email to someone, he CRAMMED his hand/fingers under my clothing, into my crotch, bruising my genitals to the point it took close to two weeks for be to be able to sit comfortable or to wear jeans/shorts.

Now, I know there will be right wing nuts that will say it was my 'duty' to submit to my husband, or say I am bitter, but fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Bitter? No, I just don't want any other women being subjected to this treatment, and have the abuse dismissed because the man doing it is 'a star' or for ANY FUCKING REASON!

Yes, I believe these women. I believed the woman who came out in the 1990s, and I believe the others coming forward now. And I think now that the floodgate is opened, there will be more.
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and those suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome;

I see you are recycling the NRA memes meant to instill fear in your ignorant hateful hearts. Mrs Obama is NOT doing diddly squat in regards to taking your guns. This has been ongoing bullshit for 8 fucking years! Y'all still have your BOOM STICKS, don't you?

The NRA and it's GOP sycophants have been filling your heads (not that it takes much to fill them) with the EEEEVIL BLACKS IN THE *WHITE* HOUSE are after your guns! And you have responded exactly as the NRA and gun manufacturers have wanted you to, like Pavlovian dogs. You scurried out and bought even MORE guns.

Now that the Obama administration is winding down, the NRA and RWNJs and sycophants have been at it again. They are counting on your being so ignorant (which you are) that you won't know that Ms Clinton (or any president) CAN NOT REPEAL AN AMENDMENT! It has to be done by Senate/House vote and then ratified.

And BTW, Mr Trump is about as qualified to be President as an amoeba is to be an astronaut. Great business man? 6 bankruptcies. Honest and trustworthy? Really? Serial adulterer, steals from companies that work for him (what else do you can getting goods and services, then not paying for them?).

You say he's a "Good Christian"? Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Thou shalt not steal, Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. His diplomatic skills are non-existent, and he confuses temperament with his temper tantrums. He thinks bombing for someone flipping the bird is a good idea? Really? Shall we get started with his hard on for using nukes?

He will be good for American Jobs? Only if you can convince him to bring HIS manufacturing jobs/companies from China and Mexico (you know, the same countries he said were 1: Creators of the Global Warming (climate change) Hoax, and 2: Sending rapists and murderers.
How about his not paying taxes, letting y'all foot his share? That doesn't make him 'smart'. It makes him a Draft Dodging Tax Evader.

I don't give two shits about email, I really don't. The servers weren't hacked, and almost all of the supposed classified emails were classified months after they were forwarded inter-office. The ones that weren't properly marked.. nuff said. And the only people that saw the classified ones were the ones who were supposed to. It was and is a sound bite, and a weak one at that.

Dishonest, untrustworthy? Of course, after being spoon fed those sound bites with every conversation from Republicans for 30 years, again..Pavlovian response.

Benghazi, you say? Darlin', when she was Sec State, she asked for more funding for more security and your precious GOP not only voted NO, they slashed the budget year after year. You should be angry with them, not her.

And if your responses to this are idiotic, already thrice debunked links, and memes, I will ignore them. If you start with insults and browbeating, that is what the DELETE function is for.
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About return mailing of Absentee Ballots. Oh hello! I haven't even received mine yet, so I sent an email to the registrar in the state I am registered to vote in as to when I will be receiving it.

They aren't being mailed out until Sept 24th. Whohuhwha? Let's do a little math here.

Absentee ballots get mass mailed out Saturday September 24th. Takes two to three weeks to get here. I get it filled out, and it will take another two to three weeks to get back there.

That is cutting it too fine, too close. What if the ballot doesn't get here, gets lost in the mail?

I am going to suggest to them, that next Federal election, after the primaries are over send the absentee ballots out! There are places to put in write in candidates. Because waiting until the last week in September? Oh hell no!
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I have to say the current political and social behavior of 'conservatives'/Republicans/TeaPublicans is horrible. Xenophobia, bigotry, violence seem to be their bread and butter.

Trump incites his followers to violence, and one sucker punches (ok, sucker elbows) a peaceful protester as he is leaving (protester gets tackled to the ground by deputies hired as security) all the while the old white man boasts about how good it felt to hit the young man for not "Behaving like an American" (completely ignoring the 'right of peaceful assembly the young man was following, which is in the U.S. Constitution). Not only bragging about hitting him, but says the next time he might have to kill him. Acts of violence at Trump rallies are escalating, and sooner or later, someone is going to get killed. Bets that Trump, even with all the provoking he has been doing, his inciting his followers to violence, will claim he bears NO responsibility? Anyone... anyone?

Let's move on to Sen Rafael Cruz Jr. He claimed that "Atheists and Gays have no place in HIS American", and the constitution makes that clear. Please, do tell, which clause/phrase states that, you ignorant asswipe? Maybe you meant SOUTH America?

The worst thing about being a U.S. Citizen in Australia, is that people think I am as stupid, ignorant, bigoted, gun loving, xenophobic as the current crop of Repubs/Teapubs/Conservatives. I keep getting asked about it, as if I have ANY influence on what is going on with the Clown Car that is the Republican Party and their followers. Embarrassed? You're damned right I am. I'm god-damned fed up with the insinuations that I must be like those assholes, being from the same country and all. Not only no, but HELL NO!

I'm waiting for those old white fossils err men to go the way of the dinosaur. The hidebound, the ones that seem to think a book of bronze age fables is the answer to everything, who only offer 'thoughts and prayers' after the slaughter of little children instead of DOING something to stop the next one from every happening again. Do NOT give me "2nd amendment" bullshit, because the entire clause mentions "A well regulated militia".. NOT every fuqnut with a few hundred bucks.

Think I am like them?

1: Science, whether I believe in it or not, is true. Yes, humans are mucking up the climate with clear felling forests, polluting the oceans and atmosphere. Sheer folly to say that the billions of tons of shit dumped and spewed by HUMANS isn't having an affect.

2: Homosexuality is just another state of human being. Born that way, not made/turned/forced. Just because a man is gay, does NOT mean he is a pedophile. 95% or more of pedophiles are Heterosexual males, typically a relative of the molested child. Same sex marriage should be legal as a HUMAN right.

3: The planet is 4.6 +/- billion years old. The Universe is expanding, and there is no way life on earth is a cosmic freak. There are others out there, but chances are, unless there is some miracle breakthrough in physics, I won't know in my lifetime.

4: Women should have clear access to womens' health clinics, and this includes to right to a safe pregnancy terminations. Everyone should have health care, as a healthy population is an economically sound one. No one should die or go bankrupt because of no access medical treatment.

5: President Obama is an outstanding president, he isn't my boyfriend so I do NOT expect him to make me happy 100% of the time. He has repaired just about all the damaged done by GW Bush, and would have had it all taken care of of those old white fossils called the Republican Party hadn't fought him on every friggin's issue, even ones they supported before the President said "Good idea, let's do it", then decided to filibuster on their OWN ^^$%#% bills!

Just the five statements above would be enough to get any Teapub/Repub pissed off, and you know something? I Don't give a damn.
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The idiotic BernieBro mentality (not to be mistaking with Sen Sanders supporters). Ms Clinton is not a slut, whore, piece of shit, and those are the politest terms I have seen them use.

And then you have the rabid Pro Hillary group (not to be mistaken with Clinton supporters), the ones that cherry pick phrases from an essay Sen Sanders wrote about sexism and say it proves he hates women. And no, women who support Sen Sanders aren't 'going to a special hell'.

Then on top of that, you get the ones that say, like pouting children, if THEIR Democrat doesn't get the nomination, they aren't going to vote. Or worse, attempt to split the ticket OR vote for Trump (yes, I have actually read someone say that.)

I so Want to take them and shake them and say "EITHER of the Dems on their WORST day will be better than any of the GOP choices". But no, like spoiled children, they would prefer to pout and sulk.
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I've been reading, and shaking my head at, commentary from people making excuses for the stunts the Republicans have been pulling. I don't mean the constant obstructionism they have been practicing since almost before President Elect Obama was sworn in, the 50+ APPEAL OBAMACARE even if it screws over millions of people.
I mean inviting the leader of one foreign country to speak on the floor of Congress, to dictate foreign policy, in an effort to undermine a twice duly elected president.
Then, this same group of fools write an open letter to the leader of yet another country, in blatant violation of the Logan Act... a FELONY. They tell the leader of a country to disarm nuclear weapons.. THAT THEY DON'T HAVE! And they insult him with a dose of condescension that made me grind my teeth. Are they TRYING to start a war? I know they are chickenhawks, and like to send OTHER people's children off to die for oil, but to do so so blatantly?

Next: they blame President Obama for their actions. Hello, Republicans.. I'm from Earth. Ever been there?

Do these people say to these Republicans what they have done is not only wrong, but illegal? No, they get annoyed when the word TREASON is applied to the writers of this letter, and inviters of Bibi. Not so much Bibi, but Republicans using his speaking in Congress to dictate policy.
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"If you are more outraged at poor plack folks in Missouri looking stores than rich whites on Wall Street looting your future, you have been duped." Pete Dominick @petedominick
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How many school kids, almost babies, need to be slaughtered before they stop taking money from a glorified gun club for political favors? Does it have to their own children and grand children before they wise up?

How many towns in Texas have to be almost blown off a map before the politicians stop trying to hide what dangerous chemicals are being stored/stockpiled in civilian neighborhoods?

Why did governor of North Carolina make is FELONY to disclose what chemicals are used in fracking other than preventing those poisoned from the toxins being able to trace it back to the source?

I know these politicians are lining their pockets, maybe not while their in office, but when they leave. It's their 'retirement perks', other than the full 'pensions' they get for being in the US government.

They're supposed to be working for the people... not screwing them over.
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I was going to link to the page, but I'm not going to give this asshole any net traffic. Minimum wage, had it kept pace with inflation, would and should be about $15 an hour if not more.

Here's my thought.
A US Army Sergeant, with 4 years military service makes $30,661.20 in annual salary.
That's $14.74 an hour if they ONLY worked as much as a standard 40 hour employee.

My opinion: Shut your damned mouth and fix my friggin milkshake!

1: Being in the military, if you are given a clothing allowance, have all health care covered, even have housing. If you live on base, you can even go to a messhall for your meals. And if you live off base, you get a housing allowance.

Actually, after 1 there is no other reason. If any Fast Food Worker didn't have to pay for food, clothing shelter, and medical expenses or need, $30k a year would be fine.
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Many TeaPublicans (TeaParty/Republicans) like to heap tons of disrespect upon the office of the President, and the current holder of that office, even though he was duly elected... twice. He wasn't appointed in a shady Supreme Court decision.

I didn't like Mr G.W. Bush. He wasn't elected to the office in 2000. The Supreme Court gave him the office. And we know what that lead to. But I respected the office. When he was elected 2004, I still didn't like him, as he was inept, and totally unfit for holding the office, but I still respected the Office of the President, and when I spoke about him, I used his name, when I posted photos, they weren't defaced or covered with foul language.

This is where the TeaPublicans lose their high moral ground. When they use terms like "The Kenyan" or "Obummer", or "Barry" (or even worse extremely bigoted terms) they are disrespecting the Presidential office. They they openly scream "YOU LIE!" during a presidential address (if anyone should have been censured, it should have been Joe Wilson.). During last night SOTU address, you had rabid TeaParty members calling Mr President vile terms. They also kept calling him a 'tyrant' and a 'dictator'. Sorry, guys, massive fail. If President Obama was the tyrannical dictator you claim, you would have been dragged out of there and shot. Another made a rude noise and gesture, and stormed out (personally, good riddance to bad rubbish).

And then today: revisionist TeaBorgs, called that because they sit around parroting RWNJ talking points as if they all shared a hive mind, nursing imaginary grievances, loathing the fact that a rich white man is NOT in the Oval Office. Flogging the birther screed, and screeching IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH although the president has done nothing impeachable. But that little fact doesn't stop them from shouting IMPEACH to the rafters.

So now, after 5 solid years of GOP obstructionism, President Obama had laid it down, that he will use his Constitutionally Legal Executive powers to cut through the bullshit. Of course he didn't use the word bullshit, I did. And now, once again, screams of TYRANT, DICTATOR, UNCONSTITUTIONAL (totally disregarding that President Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer) that such RWNJ luminaries as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc etc, keep throwing out there. And if you call them their parroting FAUX News talking points, they get all up in arms, call you a "libtard" or othersuch insult, and they double down if you give them leads to factual data that debunk FAUX and cohorts comments.

Is President Obama perfect? Oh hell no. There's a lot he should have done, that he didn't, some that he shouldn't have done, but did. Caving in to TeaPublican 'negotiating' (Do it our way or we will wreck the country is Teapublican negotiations), and not backing his own plans because he hoped for bipartisanship.

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