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Had the surgical dressing removed, and was told it was healing nicely. I had some problems with the medications, and those problems were addressed and taken care of. I have been told that rest, and pain management are paramount for my rehab. Since my liver is so efficient, it filters the medication out a bit quickly, leaving me in pain for an hour or more between pain med dosages. I have been given a different pain medication to take when that happens. Still have to take blood thinners, anti-inflammatory, and unfortunately something to ensure regularity. I'll just leave it at that. Took new dosing schedules and went to see the physio.

Pat is everything a physio can be. A nice sadist. He massaged, bent, pushed, pushed even more. I could take it. He said 'no higher than pain level 5'. I am very fortunate, that all tendons and ligaments are fine. It was just the bone/cartilage. My reward for all the torture was his massaging my foot, pushing up past my knee to reduce the swelling, then fit me with a mid-thigh to ankle compression stocking. He also reiterated the need for pain management being key to doing the exercises. So, no more 'toughing it out'.

Message assimilated. :)


Sep. 10th, 2017 08:48 pm
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Took antiseptic shower with the pre-op soap. Needed a bit of help reaching around my back, so called Wing for assistance. He obliged. Skin feels a bit tight now.

Necklace my grandmother gave me, rings, earrings, bracelet, and citrine in a box to keep them safe at home. Have my overnight bag packed.

My stomach is churning with stress/anxiety right now. I should go to bed now, and try to get some sleep, as I will be getting up around 4am to get to the hospital by 6:30am.
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More pre-op things. Visited a physio to get some pre-op exercises to help stretch, and to see what sort of mobility/stability my current joint can handle. Umm, ow?

Then off to the EKG. I have a heart! Who would have thunk it? Normal sinus rhythm.

Off to radiology. Enter the folding, bending, spindling. To get clear xrays (yes, plural) of my knee joint, my leg had to be twisted into position. To say that hurt would be understatement. Do this for about an hour. Then xrays of the spacer between my vertebrae (4, from different angles), and a chest xrays (two).

I'm quite sore now... and wonder if I'm going to glow in the dark!
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Blood drawn to check for Hep B and C (both will come back negative) HIV (also will come back negative), throat and nasal swabs (not fun) to test for MRSA, and one other liquid test in a little jar (I shall leave that to your imagination).

A few days off, then off for EKG, and Xrays.

Came home, cleaned and refilled the bird feeders. They don't wait for me to leave anymore, even the wattlebirds. :)

It's on

Aug. 18th, 2017 05:32 am
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I have been doing a lot of reading about my knee. It's not going to get any better. It might be a bit better than it was 4 weeks ago, but it's not going to get any better. If anything, it will degenerate and get worse. My knee hurts, I'm less active because it hurts. I'm less active, my weight goes up. Weight goes up, knee hurts worse, then I'm less active...round and round. Discussed things with Wing, bouncing the good, the bad and the ugly of knee replacement surgery. The risks, the benefits. My expectations aren't to be a marathon runner, just to be pain free.

Called the Nurse Practitioner from Dr S office , and she called me back today. I told her about how I read everything I could get my hands on, understood the risk/benefit. I go in for paperwork, blood tests and a few other test to make sure I am in reasonably good health. X-Rays to make sure which prosthetic will be put in.

I even have a tentative date for the surgery.

I told the NP that I was scared... she said that she would be worried if I wasn't.
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When I get up in the morning, before I get out of bed, I get one of my knee compression bandages and slip it on my right knee. It makes getting around a bit easier. However, wearing it all day seemed to cause my knee to hurt worse at the end of the day. I think it's because the compression bandage doesn't prevent the lower leg from going too far forward or too far back, but I digress.

Got up this morning, put on the compression bandage, got the moggies fed and watered, Keito given his insulin injection. Time for me to use all the hot water for a change aka got a shower. Walked around in terry robe, no knee compression bandage. After about an hour, I found myself holding doorways and leaning on a wall. Looked at my knee, and saw it was a bit puffy.

Back to the mid-thigh to mid-calf leg/knee brace. Yeah, knee feels better, but I feel a bit chilly, as the brace is worn over leggings. Leggings aren't the warmest thing to be wearing in cold rainy weather.

Now I know for sure. When at all possible, put the big rig on.
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Just to the shops to pick up a few items, then off to the pet store to get some grain free food for Keito. Wing went to the fish monger to get supplies for tonight.

I pit-stopped in K-Mart to pick up some cheapish leggings to wear. I have been wearing the hinged knee brace under my pants mostly to keep it out of sight, but the back of my leg itched like crazy. Wearing the brace over the leggings stops the itching and, as a bonus, seems to make people a bit more tolerant/sympathetic as to why I am walking slowing.

Knee still aches, but nothing like it did two days ago. That can be chalked up to 50mls of fluid drained, and pain killers. Don't think the SYNVISC has started working in just two days.

Still feel very tired, though. I zonked out reclining in my chair.
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Not just about the knee and how to treat it, but what this whole thing is doing to me.

9 years ago a calcified disc between two vertebrae collapsed, needed surgery to fix it. I adjusted to my limitations after the back surgery. I didn't like the fact that dancing, both teaching and performing, was no longer possible. It hurt, as I loved it. But I adjusted. I took up photography again, and could go out whenever and where ever.

But this. Even trying to type this out, I'm trying not to lose it again. I hate this. The not being able to do even what i used to do. I can't even go for a walk in the park because it just hurts too much (bone on bone grinding leaves me gasping in pain sometimes). More than once, I have finished cooking dinner by resting my elbows on the counter to hold myself up. I am so tired all the time. I also find myself crying, not just because the knee hurts, but from frustration, but because I feel I am a burden and a disappointment.

Dr S understood, was very compassionate, and told me that chronic pain/inability to do usual activities is very wearing on the body and spirit, and how I felt was normal.

Here's hoping the 2nd round of SYNVISC will give me longer good result.
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And it well and truly wasn't my fault. Each leg of the trip the terminal was at the furthest end of the fekking airport! From Perth, to Melbourne and then to Sydney. And of course the baggage collection was at the furthest spot from where we disembarked.

Ok, then to the hotel/apartment. Given slightly wrong directions as to which building was the hotel. So, turned around headed back to the right one. Then, headed to Darling Harbor to catch ferry to Circular Quay. Was given wrong directions as to which dock we were supposed to be at, and was sent the opposite direction. THEN we got correct directions and had to head waaaay the hell back the other way.

I broke out my google maps for pedestrians, and was able to find the Museum of Contemporary arts, and was only a little late. Photographer graciously allowed me to attend the 2nd session. Came back to hotel after a light dinner. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in strange place and didn't wake up until almost 8am.

The overdoing showed up today. Was able to visit the Sydney Aquarium. But dayam it was all I could do to NOT just plunk my ass down, with my leg stuck out.

Gonna take it easy for the rest of today. Process some photos, get dinner ready for Wing
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When I wear the compression bands, or the neoprene bands on my right, my left knee hurts. BUT if I wear the hinged knee brace on my right knee, the left knee doesn't hurt.

I think it's because I actually shift weight evenly between both legs, instead of leaning to the left most of the time.

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