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In bed for 8hrs 45 mins. Actual sleep time, 8 hrs 11 mins. I haven't felt THIS rested in weeks.

Got up at 5:51, did the usual morning waking routines, and got into my rehab exercises right away. Was able to do over 20 of each one. Not bad seeing as I was lucky if I got 10 before muscle failure.

Still wish I could inform Samsung Gear that "No, I can't step it up.".. not for a while, yet.
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My knee has been bothering me almost a week. Regardless, I went for a walk, albeit slightly slower than usual trying to make sure I didn't limp, and kept my steps even. I still lurch a bit, because of the leg bit lazy.

As usual, I brought camera with me to take photos of birds, flowers, things of interest to me.

I had just gotten to the turn to back onto my street, and I hear a voice behind me.

"Can I help you?

I look around, and spot a young man, tradesman by the look of his vehicle, in front of the house that has two beautiful German Shepherds.

"Oh, hello there!"

He repeated "Can I help you?" very polite.

I replied "Oh, I live here. Just taking a walk, getting photos of birds, flowers and other odds and ends, but thank you for asking." and continued on my way.

He waited until I was at the 2nd left turn, or as I call it "into the homestretch" because I can see my house, and followed me. I walked up my driveway, up to front door, inserted key and opened the door. I smiled and waved at him, he smiled and toodled off.

I think he was making sure I was ok, as I was in some obvious discomfort. What a nice young man.
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Now that I found an 'anti-gravity device' I can wear (exercise bra, with straps that X across the back, missing the healing surgical wound) tt seems my 8 weeks recovering from shoulder surgery has pretty much set my fitness level back to almost where it was when I first started my daily walks. Maybe not that bad, because I was still able to do the entire route, but I was plodding like and old horse the last 100 meters or so.

*sigh* So, not at square one... maybe square 3?
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Went for my daily walk today, managed to go over 2k. I know this isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but let me 'splain.

The first time I started walking around the park, I had to stop and sit on a low wall twice on the outbound trip, and twice on the way back due to back pain. Maybe 30 minutes, if that, the first go. Over the past few months, I have had to stop less and less, and walking further. Today,an hour in the park, and another 40 minutes just puttering around.

So, I will stay at the hour, but see about going further. I don't want to walk too fast, because if I do, I will start limping, and that would cause other problems.
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Although I have been 'lapping' the back yard, I had no way of keeping track of what I was doing, or progress, so installed a pedometer app on my phone. I also have audio books installed so I don't get bored and stop too soon.

The only problem is this: I don't always keep my phone on me, so making sure I get X number in each day, not just during when I do the laps is a bit problematical. Now, I do the laps at a quick clip, to increase heart rate and respiration and to maintain the elevated rate. I will slow down if I find my left leg going all 'jelly' on me, and when it stops feeling as if I am dragging, the speed goes back up. When I find that slowing down doesn't stop the jelly leg feeling, I walk slowly to cool down, and then come back in.

Still find it funny that I can feel the muscles in my right quads twitch when I'm done, but nothing in the left leg.
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I have been back to doing laps, walking as briskly as possible without limping, in the back yard. I do bring a camera outside with me, just in case the locals fly in for a visit. When I'm done (typically 3 to 5 chapters of audio book) I will water plants that need it, and pull some of the grass growing between bricks.

Such a glamorous life. heh
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But my dreams has something else in mind. Woke up before 5am due to a nightmare. And here I thought I was too old for such things. *sigh* I did try to go back to sleep, but Keito had other ideas. Nibble Nibble, snog, nip, MEW! *again, sigh*

So, got up, stayed quiet so not to wake anyone else. Got dressed in shorts, baggy shirt, sneakers. Grabbed MP3 player, loaded an audio book on it, and did 30+ minutes of laps in the back yard. While I was doing it, I spotted Wing and Ziggy watching me. I don't think Ziggy understood what I was doing, because she looked very perplexed. (Human, are you lost or something?)

Waited until Wing went to work, then I went to work. Laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, pruning and feeding/watering potted plants.

Now, I feel like I need a nap.
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In this heat, what is left in the bird baths evaporate almost overnight. Scrubbed them all out and refilled with with fresh cool water. I could hear the birds in the Jacaranda, gum, bottlebrush and Geraldton Wax trees where it had just been silent a few seconds prior to the fill up.

Went into back yard, give the poor little orange tree a good 'soaker' watering while hanging up the laundry. Then did the same for the potted lime, chilli and catnip plants. Also gave the star jasmine a goodly drink. Really need to get that one into a larger pot.

Got the clippers out, climbed the steps, and trimmed back some 'tendrils' of the boxwood tree. Now the branches are even with the top of the pergola.

With all that done, I decided it was time to re-start doing my laps in the back yard. Got audio book player, and just got into it. Not too long, as it is rather hot out there. Wing said it's 20 meters from pergola post to pergola post. So 40 meters per lap. Will get up to a kilometer, and then start increasing speed without limping, keeping my steps even. As Wing knows, I can move fast but only if I allow myself to have a limp, and GP/Doc has told me to avoid doing that.

Time for some icewater, then go check to see if laundry is dry. In this heat, probably dry by the time I finish typing this out!
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Keep walking. I did 25 laps, and then just kept going until my left leg started getting wobbly and the limp started in. Now I have the twitching thigh muscles. :) Feels good to have a routine where I don't have to worry about sniggering or rude comments.

The two hard to find books I ordered arrived, and in perfect condition, too! Might have to tag team read them with Wing . Ahh, that brings back memories. :)
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And due to the new-ish pergola, I did 25 laps today. I think the next few times, I'll keep it at 25, and then increase it again by another 5.

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