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He might be gone, but not forgotten

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Quite a bit lately, I have been reading about people losing their pets due to age, illness, or accident.

I have had a few cats in my life. And every time I have been adopted by a cat or kitten, it is always tinged with sorrow. We live so much longer than they do. And as much happiness and joy the kitten/cat will bring, I know that one day, I will have to say goodbye. When I got Keito, and even when I looked into Loki's kitten face and my heart melted, part of me said "One day you are going to break my heart." Didn't stop me from bringing them home. Didn't stop me from being wrapped about their little paws, answering every mew.

Affy was adopted from Cat Haven by us at the age of 2 to 3 yrs. He wasn't well treated by his previous humans, and was very afraid of our feet. From the chipped fang, and the healed split in his tongue, I can only surmise he had been kicked in the face. It took lots of patience, and time, but he came to trust us. Then he came to love us. Someone forgot to tell him he was a cat, and he would growl at anyone he didn't know coming up our driveway. Fierce Panther! He became very affectionate, and had a habit of drooling when he was brushed, or petted. He loved to sleep with aikidomayland, and to watch him while he was working.

Affy disappeared 7 months ago. I passed out flyers all over the neighborhood. For weeks I held out hope he would come home. What no one saw was me mourning the loss of my big black pookah. I missed him, and I still do. Even now part of me hold out a dim hope that he will come to the back door and demand to be let in, even though the logical part of me knows that won't happen.

Even though we are devastated with the loss of a pet who becomes so entwined in our lives, it doesn't stop us from opening our homes to a foundling, or even that purebred in the shop. Even though we know it will cause us to weep and mourn at their passing, we still bring them into our lives. Why? Nonjudgmental love and affection. They don't care if we don't make megabux. They don't care if we don't wear the latest in fashion. They don't care if we are one of the beautiful people or not. They accept us, and love us unconditionally. All they ask for is something to munch on, a place to sleep, and return of affections.

"Affy - 1997(?)- May 2007(?)"
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Printed out 60 color LOST CAT flyers. Stuffed them in all the mailboxes on our street, and the street behind us. Here's hoping.
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And suprisingly, Keito is very interested in the little hairball.

EDIT!: Kitten is no longer Unnamed. Say howdy to Loki! )

Have a stack of "Lost Cat" flyers to hand out tomorrow. I am still hopeful that we will find our wandering Affy.
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It was marvelous to watch a master barrista at work. Coffee was plentiful, varied and extremely yummy. I think I am going to adopt him (and all of his extended family). Yes, the coffee was that good. And pretty, yes?

I brought a 'coffee cake' still warm from the oven. Was yummy and descended upon.

Japster found out the down side of getting chocolate on his hands, as delicious_irony and his lady decided to clean the 'offending' chocolate off of his hands.
What friends are for? )

Went back to Cat Haven for a few reasons. To donate some catfood, and to pick up a new friend for Keito. We took Keito to our vet, and he was just so disconnected and apathetic... until he saw the Abyssinian we were considering adopting. Keito tried to hide in a 2 inch gab behind the counter. But it snapped him out of his stupor, and he finally ate. Vet suggested that we get him a younger companion, and we have. It's a crappy picture, because the little mite refused to stand still. Kitten pic spam )

He is being de-sexed tomorrow morning, and will be here tomorrow late afternoon. aikidomayland thinks that this means I am saying Affy is gone forever. Not true. Should Affy come ambling up the drive way, it will mean we have a bouncing houseful, and a very pissed off Affy. Hey, that will be what he gets for pulling a disappearing act.

Archery today was touch and go, due to threatening rain. I managed to get some great rounds in preparation for next weeks Bare bow shoot next Sunday. aikidomayland was most impressed by my groupings and consistency. Just hope I don't choke next Sunday.
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Had first session with new physio, Leslie. Discovered some interesting things. My side to side rotation is beyond expectations, as is my ability to bend backwards,and to bend side to side. Bending to touch the floor in front of me, my back stiffens. Could be that my left foot is still 'unsure' and weak, so I unconsciously tense up.

But it is official. I am 'weird' )
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Ever had a cat play 'hide and seek'? Just hanging a blanket out to dry, and was calling the cats in for the night. Keito ran up to me, but someone decided to play it cute.

Affy actually thinks he was 'invisible' here. )
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I tried sneaking out, but they do have good ears. Fort Hood Detente, of the feline variety )
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Affy has managed to lose yet another collar and ident tag. This one was a studded dog collar, as he kept tearing off the lightweight kitty collars.

Going to have to go get another one, with ident tag, and maybe this time staple it to him! grrrrrrrrr
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Affy decided that aikidomayland makes a great chaise lounge )

Not to be outdone in the "I'm Cute" department, Keito decides to lay claim to my footstool. )

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