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It's as if the support just can't deviate from their script.

Acer TouchPortal - from day one, I couldn't get it to connect to Facebook or Flickr. I even did a factory reset to make sure it wasn't something I had installed blocking it. Still, nothing.

So after a long long time trying to get it work, I submitted a support ticket. It goes as follows:

I know this is a long time coming, but I have always had a problem with TouchPortal connecting to Facebook or Flickr. I keep getting "cannot access, try later". Touchportal is white listed, not being blocked, but I have yet to get it to connect to my Flickr or Facebook account. I have looked all over Windows 7 forums and acer forums, to no avail.

The reply (and just an FYI, it's almost verbatim for a different problem. Replace Video Drivers with TouchPortal):

Good day,
Thank you for contacting Acer Online Support. We apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused you.
Please make sure that you are connected to the internet.
By uninstalling and reinstalling the application, but before you uninstall Acer Touch Portal, kindly check in Acer eRecovery Management if it is available for download.
If it is, kindly uninstall and re-install it.

If the issue still persist, we may need to perform factory reset on the unit.
Note: During the process, all data stored on your computer will be overwritten. This means all your files, such as email and photos, will be erased.
Therefore, we recommend making a backup of all personal data before starting the recovery process.

Use the following steps to start the system recovery:

1. Restart the computer.

2. When the Acer logo appears on the screen, press the left Alt, and the F10 keys.

3. If you are prompted with a Microsoft Windows boot screen, press the Enter key.

4. After the Acer eRecovery Management application has loaded, select your restore type.

5. Read the notice, and then click Next when you are ready.

6. Click Next to begin the restore process. The restore can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to an hour.

7. Once the restore is complete your computer will load Windows and start installing your drivers and software. Your computer may reboot several times during this process.

After everything is complete your computer will be like it was when you first purchased it.

Please let me know if you have further questions.
If you need phone assistance, you may contact us at 1300 365 100 option 2 for Technical Support.

Thank you and have a nice day!
Regards, **** ********* ********** Acer Online Support

My rebuttal:

Resetting to factory default again would be a waste of time, as this has been happening since day one. I could never connect with Facebook.
Even with my resetting it to factory default it wouldn't connect to FB or Flickr.

I unistalled TouchPortal, and reinstalled it (yes, it was in Acer Recovery Management) but the problem persists.

Again, resetting to factory default again would be of no use, as I already tried that when I first got the computer, thinking that something I installed had blocked it.

I reset, went to set up connection to Facebook and Flickr, and got the same message. And that was with nothing new installed.

Let's see if that kicks her off her script.
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Well, the 2nd new one arrived. Would you believe the first one I brought back home had to go back to Harvey Norman because some bright sparks at Acer forgot to install the OS, and still shipped it to Harvey Norman. *headdesk*

Well, the guys at HN were great, while I was boxing up the No OS Brian was taking one down, and checked it, and even made recovery discs for me. He said if that didn't work, he would just give me a full cash refund and I could go shopping.

The good news is though, no more overheating, and this beast was actually designed to use an external 2nd monitor, and there is no problem with the video playing this time.

Unfortunately, those back ups I made won't work with the new one, so it will be a few weeks before I get everything set up even close to the way I had it.
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I decided that before I wipe the D:\DATA drive I would go through and compare the D:\Data to where I had the back up, and am so glad I did. Seems a few things didn't get moved over, like my music archive, and some other media. I for one am very glad I checked.

Things to do only because I don't trust Acer Repair:

Uninstall Roboform and purge data list
Remove profile from Firefox
Uninstall Chrome
Copy Forte Agent Data over, and then uninstall and purge.
Move mIRC and logs over, and delete from system.
Wipe data from the D:\Data drive

Reboot, and then remove my user profile from the computer.
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And so far, it's 50/50 yes or no.

My faulty computer is to be exchanged on Saturday. This is good. This particular model has been superseded, which is sort of good. I have a brand spanking new disc image that I want to restore to that new computer. There might be a few driver issues, but that is easily remedied.

Problem is I have been given exactly the same amount of Ayes as Nays as to whether I can restore MY Windows 7 to the new Windows 7 machine, as they aren't 'identical' computers.

Well, I'm going to try. If all goes well, 3 hrs of waiting and everything will be set to rights. If not, two weeks of installing, rebooting, installing rebooting. Right now, I am copying over installed programs to external hd. Not to run them, but to have a list of what I have installed. Have Belarc Advisor to help me keep track of things too. Each one that is installed gets removed from the copy drive. Oh joy.

I asked Acer (Non)Help desk why they couldn't have just done this at the outset, instead of 18 months of 'fixing'. The answer was beyond lame.

Good Afternoon Sandra,

I can imagine it is not the greatest feeling in the world and I do empathise with your situation.

It is Acer Computers Australia's policy to attempt to repair a computer until the machine is diagnosed as unrepairable by an Acer technician.

This is as we are usually able to fix the issue as we gain a better understanding of the faults and build up a case history of the individual scenario.

I do apologise for the time taken until the end result of a replacement, and I do wish you better luck in the future.

18 months of being on the fritz is 'attempts to repair'? Wow, how so precious of them.
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I just got off the phone with an Acer customer rep, one who actually did something other than try to bribe me with a crappy keyboard and mouse.

Ersan called Harvey Norman, and spoke to the senior/manager of the computer sales, and made arrangements for me to take faulty machine back, and exchange it, for a new model too, because this one isn't in stock anymore! I will be able to use my system image back up, but will have to update a few drivers. I can live with that! I have case #, direct phone numbers, and other contact details.

Why the Acer (non) Help Desk didn't do this after the third time this computer needed to be fixed is beyond me, but dayam I am very happy to know this has been fixed. Now just have to wait to get a ride down, or Saturday, whichever comes first
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I have decided on a multi pronged plan of action. I already have copies of all the repair tickets printed and ready to go out. I have used social media Twitter and Facebook and have asked "18 month old under warranty computer sent in for repairs 5x. Now needs a 6th.Why can't I get it replaced as it's obviously a lemon?".

I was able to go into more detail on Facebook, listing the Two Grey Screen of Death sessions, the two sessions with the video card/motherboard/USB card replacements, the overheating/them wiping my hd without my permission, and now with it overheating again.

They want me to ship it back again. I have enrolled in Canon Photo5, and can't have this computer being shipped out, maybe being 'repaired' yet again, then sitting in a shop bench testing for weeks. And it's not right for them to expect me to put up with this yet again.
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But I have requested that Acer replace my faulty computer, rather than repair it for the 6th time. The machine is obviously faulty, and I have been more than patient. And with all the aggravation and stress, to upgrade the unit to the next model (the i3 or i7 version).

But as the subject says, I won't hold my breath. I might look good in blue, but I don't think I would look good blue.
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A few weeks ago, I noticed my external USB drive I use for making back up system image was getting low space warning. So I decided to get an external USB drive that was the same size as the entire hard drive, including the partitioned "Data" drive.

Now, for the past month or so I have been fighting with my desktop using a 2nd monitor connected with a "Windows 7 compatible/approved" USB/DVI. As many knows, I've had mixed results. If whatever I am running is Aero compatible, Video plays perfectly on the 2nd monitor. But if I used any program that isn't Aero Compatible and Aero shuts off, video stops, but audio keeps playing. Turns out this also affects graphic editing programs if I try to run them on the 2nd monitor too.

BUT.. I installed Windows XP Virtual machine. I noticed that when Aero shut down, video did keep playing, albeit a bit choppily due to lack of assignable resources. This was an issue with WVM rather than the desktop. So, I installed Oracle Virtual Box, tweaked and adjusted memory allocation and system resources, and video runs great.

Then an old issue raised it's ugly head: computer running warm (not hot) and suddenly shutting down. I got CPUID HW Monitor and took screen cap and sent it to (drum roll) Acer Support! Yes, I decided to delve into the madness that is Acer support yet again! I got a reply fairly quick.
Thank you for contacting Acer Online Support.
In regards to the CPUID screen you have forwarded to me, is that your Z5610 in idle, or was it running multiple programs at the time?

Generally, based on the data you have provided, I would suggest that your CPU is running 'Warm' i.e on the hotter side of normal but not yet in the 'Overheating' spectrum.

However, having a look at your repair history, I can see that we have repaired your machine previously on a number of occasions for similar issues and I believe it would be best to bring your unit in for diagnosis and or repair.

In this case, I would suggest that the unit's motherboard should be tested for faults, thermal paste applied onto the CPU and the heat sink tested and replaced.

Please advise me if you would like me to arrange such a repair.

I kindly await your reply

Is it time for me to just demand a total replacement and be done with it?

As for the serendipity... I now have an external drive to do a brand spanking new, fully up to date drivers and all, system image. Oh joy!
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Or in this case, a ray of sunshine.

Restored the back up dates May 1st, 2011. Considering the computer was picked up on May 11th, the data loss was mitigated. Thank goodness my nerd self is set up to do automatic disc image back ups.

It worked.

I have to install some updates, but all seems to be functioning without the machine trying to self destruct.

(paused for phone call)

Acer just called, and you could pretty much dust my ass for lip prints. They are not only extending my warranty (again) they are sending me bribes errr hardware.

I'm still going to have a computer built, and probably shelve this one, or make it a back up system. Sad thing is, when this machine is running right, it's great. But 5 services in 18 months? Not so great.
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I unboxed the Lemon err Acer and booted it up. Reason is that some of the photo software I have (kudos to the makers of it, once I explained what happened, they put my activations to 0/2, so I can reinstall if I have to) just bogs down my poor faithful laptop to the point of it being unresponsive.

So, plugged in wireless USB keyboard/mouse, and started it up. back to the fugly Acer default desktop. I decided to check the D drive, where the majority of data was stored.

My jaw almost hit the desk. It was still intact. I started up the "restore Windows from disk image" but canceled. I am backing up the data on the D drive first. All the tech forums say I don't have to, but at this point, I'm not taking any chances.

The image I have is dated May 1st 2011. That is just 10 days before they picked up my machine to "only apply thermal paste".

Do these fortuitous events absolve them of performing an unnecessary disk wipe on my computer, and lying about informing me they were going to do so, or the fact that computer is a lemon? Hell no. But until DiscWorld builds me one, I will use it.

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