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Today it was much cooler than it's been for over a week, so I went out for a bike ride. Yes, it was to the local shops to pick up some items we kept forgetting to get. On they way back, I took the 'scenic' route with a basket with about 10kgs of items. Talk about a work out. I made sure I hit most of the hills on the way back.

Of course, now that I'm not moving, not in a cooling breeze, feel rather warm right now. :D
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Trip to the vet was a symphony of feline disharmony. Yowl, meow, YOWL! Longest 10 minute drive ever.

Examination results:

Loki; he has lost some weight, about a 1.5 kilos (from 8.9 to 7.5) , which is good, as he was getting a bit round. Ears, eyes, teeth, heart, lungs all clear. Normal temperature, vaccinations given. He didn't snarl and growl this time, but did make his displeasure known by meowing and not cooperating.

Keito; also lost some weight, about a kilo ( from 7.6 to 6.8. yes, both were put on a sneaky diet of lower calorie food mixed in with their usual) Everything ok, except he does need some dental cleaning, and one or possibly two teeth extracted. He is 9 yrs old, so this isn't something unusual. Scheduled it for October, as it's "Pet Senior" month, and discounted.

Ziggy: a wriggly examination, as she just doesn't sit still. Vet and assistant were amazing how how loud and strong such a small cat was. She still weighs in at 4.5 kilos, everything is good, but she also needs dental cleaning and possibly one tooth in the back extracted. Being 6 going on 7, and can't get her to nosh on dental cleaning items, not overly surprised she needs to have them cleaned.

Went pillaging. Now tired. Cats are a bit miffed at us, but that was to be expected.A bit of bribery and catnip should earn their forgiveness. :D
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In about an hour, Keito, Loki and Ziggy aren't going to peeved at us. They are due for check up at the Vee Eee Tee. Have all three pet carriers prepped and waiting to go. Of course the fun starts when we have to box them up. The first one is easy, but after the ruckus, trying to find the 2nd and 3d cat is amusing.. to them.

Then off to pillage.

The not so fun part is Wing has a bit of a sniffly cold. It's accompanied by a fever. He says he is feeling yuck because of it, but refuses to take anything to cut the fever or get rid of the sniffles. So, after listening to his whining (last night and again this morning0, I finally told him to either take something for the cold, or suffer in silence. I'm not heartless, or unfeeling, just tired of the whining.
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There is a cyclone (aka hurricane) heading our way. Should mostly just get wind and rain. Not much to worry about 'local flooding' as we are high on a hill area.

Today was last day of intermediate DSLR classes. I brushed up on my film to digital lingo and how tos, and Aikidomayland was amazed at how far he has progressed.

Went pillaging afterward. Dayam, the price of fresh veggies is really climbing. Goiing to try to talk Wing into getting part of the back yard renovated and set up for a built up garden.

Something laster on kind of shocked and pissed me off. Shocked me to see that another adult was just as backstabbingly bitchy to Wing as the old shrew crew was to Meegan and me. Said persons antics left me wanting to dump bucket of cold water over said persons head. Oh, if you hadn't noticed, I'm deliberately avoiding gender. It's called 'plausible deniablity'. If this blog post makes you squirm, then you are the one I am referring too, so suck it up !
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Not necessarily in that order.

Spent a goodly part of the day pulling 'as tall as me' weeds/grass from the front yard. Filled the wheelbarrow twice. Still more to do.

Then got tidied up and headed out to the Shops with Meegan for a bit of pillaging. Just clothing articles and some more vacuum food sealer bags. I like how they prevent freezer burn, and keep things fresh.

But I forgot to take something out for dinner, and since I don't want to eat at 10pm, I called Jojo's Pizza.
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Went to the Perth Zoo with Bunny M . Took many photographs, and brought Lumix FS42 to see how it would fare in very low lighting aka "The Nocturnal House". It has done pretty well. However, it would be better if I had used a tripod or the monopod.

Two Ghost Bats enjoying the warmth from a lamp.

Tomorrow, the cats go to the vet for their yearly check up, so prepping the carriers tonight. Will make for easier "Operation: feline insertion". I am quite sure the vet will be very pleased with the work Dr Sherry did on Ziggy's corneal graft. Then after we bring their angry selves back home, we will set off to PILLAGE!
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We picked up my shoes, and headed to City Farmers to pick up the organic cat food that we have been feeding all the Bengals. This particular food was instrumental in Simba and Lucy's recovery to full health.

I was looking around, and couldn't find it. A very nice salesperson came over and she said I was looking in the right place, but it wasn't there. She went to ask the manager.

Turns out that Iams discontinued it, no warning, nothing. The only way City Farmers found out about it was 2 weeks ago when they tried to reorder. I was a bit annoyed, as were they. Had I some notice I would have slowly weaned the cats from one brand of cat food to another gradually to prevent gastric problems.

I swear, the guys who work at City Farmers are my heroes. You see, City Farmers has this guarantee.. if you cat doesn't like a particular food, you can bring it back for a refund no questions asked, and the cat food is sent back to Iams. Well, they had some upstairs, unopened, that were part of 3 bags returned. They gave me both of the unopened bags, free of charge. Now, with the new brand, I can mix it 3 to 1, then half and half, and then 1 to 3 until they are eating only the new food.

After all this, Aikidomayland made a great dinner of perfectly seasoned salmon, oven roasted potato pieces, and a delish fresh salad.

I think I will keep him.
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Headed off to Ziggy's vet, to get the infernal pet insurance paperwork done. Bureaucracy is annoying. All Is dotted, all Ts crossed, all appropriate boxes ticked. Just have to write a letter to them about how 1: She didn't die, 2: We adopted her as an adult, she is no longer a show cat, and 3: a pet cat who just happens to be pedigreed.

Then went pillaging. Didn't need much seeing as 2 out of the 3 of us have been ill. Most of the supplies bought were household items, and sustenance for our furry and feathered cohabitants.

Stopped in at shoe store to get another pair of the shoes I am wearing now. I have learned the hard way, if I find comfortable shoes, get two pair because by the time I wear them both out, I might find another pair as comfortable. That particular store was all out of my size, but a store in Garden City has them in my size and is holding them for me. Will be getting those in about 30 mins or so.

Then, after we get back, I decide if I want to make a lime cheesecake, using the limes from my own tree.
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Loki began tromping around and around and around, across us, on us, sitting on my pillow, at 6am ish. So I got up, fed the furballs, got coffee started, got dressed for 8:30 Tai Chi session.
Tai Chi stuff )

Met up with Delicious Irony and Discordia12 for brunch. Much fun conversation, and excellent munchies. Didn't quite slip into a food coma, but definitely felt the urge to hibernate. (Not to self, do NOT skip breakfast before attending a 2 hr tai chi session). Will get to see many nifty pictures from their Paris/England jaunt.

Pillage was less than usual. Nifty side effect from making soups during the winter. Also got myself a new leather bag, kind of the shape of a small briefcase. My netbook fits perfectly inside it, as does all the other items I had in my backpack. The backpack is ok, but it can give me a helluva back ache sometimes. Also, sometimes need somehting a bit dressier. Only one problem with the new bag; shoulder strap was too thin. So, I appropriated a shoulder strap from one of our laptop bags. Problem solved! :D
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Got ready nice and early, care of Loki, the furry alarm clock. I was feeling a bit stiff and sore from cleaning the pool yesterday. Got to Tai Chi early, which was fine by me. I told Dave I didn't think I was going to go the entire distance, as my leg was feeling very heavy and unresponsive. I surprised myself by going from start to finish. There was one set of moves that I was certain was going to land me on my ass, but I managed to not fall over. Go me.

By the time the class was over, I was still sore, but not stiff. Again, go me.

Pillage was like usual. Headed off to Spotlight to get some leather clamps to make more cat feather tease toys. Scored the clamps, and then scooted over to JB HiFi to get a new set of earbuds, and ended up misbehaving. BattleStar Galactica, box set (Season 1-3) with the mini-series, and season 4. Will get 4.5 later this year.

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