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I scrubbed out the birdbaths, and refilled them with clean cool water. Bird invasion in 3..2..1... SPLASH! There should be less birdie bickering in a week or so, when the new hanging bird baths arrive.

Also brought some rust cleaning things out and proceeded to clean some rust that has built up on my bike. Even under cover, it can get rusty because of the humidity. All shiny polished again. Also wiped down/off the spiderwebs that seem to build up overnight on the handlebars.
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My left calf/quad areas are stiff, not sore as I have limited sensation in them, but still. So I know the left leg got good work out. Unfortunately, today is going to jump 10 degrees (forecast says 38c today) and with everything we have to get done today I don't see another ride today.

Finally remembered to get a large padded bag mailer, it's all addressed, item inside, just have to get it to a post office. Here's hoping that Monday morning doesn't get too hot too fast.
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Today it was much cooler than it's been for over a week, so I went out for a bike ride. Yes, it was to the local shops to pick up some items we kept forgetting to get. On they way back, I took the 'scenic' route with a basket with about 10kgs of items. Talk about a work out. I made sure I hit most of the hills on the way back.

Of course, now that I'm not moving, not in a cooling breeze, feel rather warm right now. :D
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I know it's coming. I checked the tracking and it's 'at the Perth Courier', and has been since 8am this morning. But I have things that need to be done, so Alan manned the waiting room (living room) while I got some errands done.

Hopped on my bike, first stop, Kardinya shops. Got new battery for my pendant watch, and repaired the broken chain. Then went into store and picked up a few needed items. Went to the pharmacy to see if I could wrangle up another wrist splint that didn't have the velcro digging into my arm. No joy. So got back on the bike, and headed to the South Street Pharmacy. The only one that was empty in the display was the one I was looking for. I discussed it with the pharmacist and she said that there's a good chance the reason I can't find the one I've been looking for for the past 2 weeks is that it was discontinued. So, I got it's replacement. Supposedly it's 'breathable'. What I want it for is when one splint is all sweaty from bike trip or other reason, I can take it off, put on another and wash it.

Came home to a slightly worried Alan. Because I decided to head to South Street Pharmacy, I was out longer than he expected. You have to remember, he has anxiety issues concerning bike riding. So, I've promised him that the next time I head to one place, and decide to go somewhere else, I will send him text message so there will be no panic involved. :)
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Went for a bike ride today. Wasn't a very long one, not compared to what I typically do, but I decided to go the road more uphill. Felt good, but having to ride in a strong constant headwind is tiring. had my Helmetcam on and running.

I have three "Spaghetti" candidates for Canon Photo5. In one day I will tally the comments and upload the one that was chosen and/or commented on the most.
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A few months ago, I updated the firmware on my Canon 5DMkIII. Before the update, battery life was great. After the update, if I put a fully charged battery in the camera, and then put it in my gear back, when I went back to use it a week later, the battery was flat/dead. I found this odd, seeing as my 7D has been in the same gear bag for a month, with the batteries charged to full, and after a month, they were still at full strength.

I've charged the batteries, and left them out of the camera for a week, and they remain at full strength. Leave them in the camera, and they drain. Tried a brand new battery, same thing. I did find out there was a new firmware updated, so I flashed my camera's firmware to the new version, in hopes the problem had been rectified. No joy. *sigh*

So, I took my preciousssss to Camera Electronic, to have it shipped to Canon repair. Hoping I get a 4 week turn around, instead of the 6 week.

While I was at Camera Electronic, I got a video camera to use while riding my bike. I got it for two reasons. One, to give friends a 'tour' of my bike rides, and to record any problems I might have. Twice in as many months, when I've been out riding, I've had problems with dogs not on their leashes, or just now under their owner's control. I've been bitten, forced off a bike path, and the owners of said dogs just think it's cute. Now, I know there are bike riders out there who are rude, but I follow biking rules, stay on designated cycle lanes, and still almost get pasted by cars. So, I will have a video camera either on my bike helmet, or on handlebars.
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About 2 months ago, on my way back from the dentist office, my bike and I took a fall due to uneven pavement (undermined from the torrential rains we had had for almost a week).

Today, the weather was nice, warm, and clear so I got my bike out, dusted it off, checked the tires and chain, grabbed my bike helmet and went for a ride. I didn't go far or for too long, just a few meandering laps of the neighborhood. Was I nervous about it? Oh hell yes. And that little idiot who decided to turn in front of me while he was driving his little ramped up 4 cylinder car didn't make things any less nerve-wracking.

I was able to work the hand brakes, and shift gears, so this is good. Was worried that the carpal tunnel would make it difficult or too painful to squeeze the calipers, but no problem. So, this means I can get back on my bike riding regimen. Yay!
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Rode my bike to dental exam/cleaning appointment. Hygienist very pleased with the progress. Go back for check up in 3 months.

On the way home.. let's just say I met with a slight accident. Part of a sidewalk/bike path I take to get back home had been undermined, and the soil on the left side of it had dropped about 2 inches (6 or 7 cms). This wasn't visible, and when I came up to it, I felt the jolt of the bike dropping down like off a curb, applied disc and drum brake, and put my left foot out to re-acquire balance. That's when the soil erosion came into play. I was overbalanced, felt the bike falling. Was almost at a standstill, so I let go, tried to clear it and not let the bike crash too hard to the ground. I took a bit of a tumble, landing on left hip, leg and hand. I think I was more surprised than hurt. This is the first time in decades that I have had a tumble from a bike.

Anyhow, I got back on.Rrode away with nothing more than a foot sized patch of damp soil on my left leg, a bit of dirt on the brake handle, and I managed to scoop some of the dirt into my carry basket.

Who said going to the dentist can't be exciting?
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I rode my bike to Bunnings. This is what I sent to "Customer Feedback" on the net.

I don't drive, I ride a bike. Today was the first time I rode my bike to Bunnings to pick up some tools needed for household improvement (a pipe wrench and adjustable pliers).

There was no place to securely lock my bike. The bollards, which prevent theft are too big to chain a bike to, and a persistent thief would just lift the a bike up off of it if you could chain it to it.

Locking the bike to the trolley bay? Not unless you want it scratched or crushed by cars or trolleys. I have a $1600 electric bike. I need a secure place to lock them. I have discussed this with other bike riders and they agree, some sort of 'bicycle' bay is needed. Just a couple of upside down U metal pipes cemented into the ground would do it. It would increase sales as people won't have to wait to get a ride, or go to the K-Mart to get tools.

Who knows? Might actually get some results. Can't hurt to ask!
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Wing forgot my appointment was at 8:30 this morning. I reminded him that I do have my bike, and the reason I have it is to get to nearby places. He went on and on about how far away it was. It took me a whopping 13 minutes to get to Dr T's office. I actually ended up getting there early. Tooth worked on, root canal taken care of. In 2 weeks, head off to the dentist for a permanent filling and then a crown.

Stopped by the shops on the way home to pick up a few things. Headed home, and was almost there when the bike threw the chain. I remembered from my teen years how to re-mount the chain on the sprockets. fixed it, and finished riding home.

The ride to the endo's office was longest trip so far. And the good news is my right knee is doing pretty well. A bit sore, but not too bad.

Now waiting to see how my jaw feels. There's a camera club meeting tonight, and I really don't want to sit through one if my jaw/tooth are giving me grief.

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