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In hopes to get some colorful sunset shots, but the storm clouds rolled. So, Lemons, lemonade.

Canon 5D4, Sigma 12-24

Oh great

Feb. 20th, 2015 03:28 pm
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It rained just enough to turn the house into a freaking sauna.
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Have some stormy weather, with very strong gusty winds heading our way. Wind's already here. Have tucked things into the shed, other things up against the gate and house. Filled watering can to weigh it down. Made sure the lime tree was off the wheeled dolly (can't have that fall over again)

As I have this quirk of typically sleeping through, or getting drowsy during them. (yawn) and this incoming storm is having the usual affect.
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It was two cats who were spooked by the weather and demanded a snuggle, meeping and meowing, head snogging, pawing, trying to hide under the blankets.

Normally, I just sleep through stormy weather. I guess the winds were more intense than usual, and it made them skittish.

OH well, I can always get a nap in later... (pauses for incredulous laughter here) Yeah, right.
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Dayam, who set the humidity so damned high? I actually have the AC on, set to dehumidify. Feels like I could wring water out of my clothes! I did try using small fan, but that didn't do a thing.
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I scrubbed out the birdbaths, and refilled them with clean cool water. Bird invasion in 3..2..1... SPLASH! There should be less birdie bickering in a week or so, when the new hanging bird baths arrive.

Also brought some rust cleaning things out and proceeded to clean some rust that has built up on my bike. Even under cover, it can get rusty because of the humidity. All shiny polished again. Also wiped down/off the spiderwebs that seem to build up overnight on the handlebars.
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It was hot, and humid today. We brought the birds in, because there was no way I was going to let them possibly get heat exhaustion. Took a sheet of vinyl, covered the table with it, put newspaper over that, and placed the top parts of the cages on it. I didn't turn the AC on in that area of the house, because I didn't want them to go from a hot environment to a cool one. But once it got warmer in there, I did put the AC on, at 27c.

Proceeded to scrub out and refill both of the birdbaths. The birds were waiting in the trees for me to depart, and then they swooped in. Later in the afternoon, I refilled it with cool water. Didn't take long for the locals to visit it again.

Brought the bird cage bottoms on the upper level of the back yard, near two grevillea shrubs, and hosed them out, thereby not only cleaning the cages, but giving both the shrugs a good watering in the process.

I found hanging birdbaths on Amazon dot com, not very expensive. Only $14. Around here, the prices is (hold onto your privates, general) $38 plus shipping. Only problem is they don't ship to Australia. US Drop mail address to the rescue! Even with the cost of shipping them over, it's still two for the price of one.
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Last night, I started having pain in my joints, my left arm especially. Woke up up at 1am, and I couldn't get back to sleep. Ended up taking some Mersyndol, and after 30 minutes, the pain was lessened enough for me to fall asleep. Next thing I'm being pestered by Loki around 8am. I guess he wasn't used to his human sleeping in so late. He even pulled the hair comb I had my hair bound up in to sleep in.

Got up, arm and other joints still sore, and I was still queasy, signally I was still dehydrated. Been drinking more than usual water, and the aches are easing.

Bets I had a bit of heat stroke yesterday?
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Might have to do with both the weather and the nice long walk through Perth Zoo yesterday. Jean did notice I was limping a bit but I didn't let it stop me from enjoying the day. So, all snugged up in freshly made up bed, under warm blankets. Have a DVD at the ready.

Ziggy is doing much better now. Doesn't seem to be compulsively licking her foot bald. Today, with Wing helping, Ziggy was 'supervising' us making the bed. That means with every different layer of sheet/blanket, we had to pick her up and put her on top of it. She was purring and seemed to be enjoying herself. Maybe Wing not waiting until she is yowling for his attention is working. :) She has always been a high maintenance cat, and she doesn't like to be ignored.
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Currently it's 39.3c. Been hanging clothing out on the line to day, and one load is pretty much dry when the next one is ready to go out. After three loads out there, I'm feeling the heat. And that's with going out with a big floppy straw hat and sunglasses. Portable shade.

Can't use the pool yet, needs one more day of algae treatment (only the slightest bit of green,) so, staying indoors. Not really a hardship. 27c feels so cool and comfy when it 40c outside. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

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