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Sunday morning, Wing found Keito laying on the floor, not moving or reacting to being spoken to. This is very unusual for Keito, as he is a very chatty moggie. He had been fine the night before.

Called South Street Vet, and managed to get him seen too immediately. He was so limp, he just laid across Wing's arms on the exam table, unmoving. He was dehydrated. So, he was admitted, had an IV hooked up, and his blood tested. His Blood Glucose Levels were 8x of what they were supposed to be. He went from type 2 diabetes that could be controlled by diet, to type 1, the kind that needs insulin injections.

Monday report: Two low doses of insulin after being fed, and now it's 3.1. They still have to syringe feed him, as he tends to not eat when he is at the Vet, even if it's for a day.

No kidney, no liver, no heart or lung damage and his BGL is down. He is still a bit lethargic, but not to the point he was yesterday or this morning. Of course part of that could be because he is AT the vet, and not at home.

Tuesday aka today; we went in to see him, and to bring in some food from home. He was alert, awake, and got up to walk over to us. Then the "Purrminator" (his nickname) started.

Had a quick chat with Dr D. Keito's BGLs went up overnight, but I think that is to be expected. Insulin given, will be tested, then fed.

Discussed his treatment, and Dr D did say they were going for remission. Believe it or not, Keito NOT being obese lowers the chances, however his general good health boosts it back up. He has up to a 67% chance of going into diabetes remission after treatment. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday PM: Dr M called. It seems our visit perked Keito up. He really enjoyed the tin of food we brought in, so we will bring in some more tomorrow morning.

Diabetes: it seems that the low dose of insulin needs to be even lower as his BGL was 2.8. It needs to be a bit higher than that, so he needs lower dose of insulin after he eats. He also has a mild bladder infection, which is normal when there is glucose in the urine. All good, being treated.

Vet 'fessed up that it was very touch and go Sunday when we brought him in. His current status is damned good.
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Wing is now in the process of going through the flu I had.

He has the aches and chills, along with the cough. I walked into the bedroom, he looked up at me and in a croaky voice asked "How did you survive this?"

I'm feeling better, but no where near the 'all better' stage. Keito is on the mend... miffed because we won't take the 'Cone of Shame' off, or let him outside. He'll get over it.
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This bug is really nailing my ass to the floor. Wing has it, too, but it doesn't seem as severe. Every part of my body that has had any trauma, or injury is throbbing like a bad tooth.

Note to self: no matter if Wing forgets, *I* will make sure we get flu jabs next year. I do NOT want to go through this again.
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Back to feeling cold and in a lot of pain (ribs, diaphragm, large joints). Got up, took some ibuprofen with codeine, and got into the shower. I normally take 4 min shower, with the occasional 10 min when I am washing my mop. Not this time. Lets just say I wasn't conservationally motivated this time.

Once the teeth stopped chattering, I shut the water off, pulled thick terry cloth robe into shower stall, and put it on. Dried off any parts not covered by robe. Draped a blanket over me.

Immediately went into kitchen and nuked a cup of water, added LEMSIP. Currently sipping it now.

Alan said I look like shit, and I am not going to gainsay him on that. He also said "You don't get sick often, but when you do, get hammered." He has been great, making sure I can rest during the day, making sure that I eat something even if I don't want to.

And now Wing thinks he might be coming down with it, too.
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Because here I am, over 50, with a bout of tonsillitis combined with ear infection.

My biggest problem with it right now is the painful swallowing. It's not just the tonsil/throat, it's the stabbing pain in the ear when I do from the pressure of the tonsil on the Eustachian tube. It's especially troublesome right about 3:30 am, when the pain medication wears off.

Fever, pain, and lack of sleep. Perfect recipe for being cranky, or having no filter and calling it like it is.
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I don't get sick often. And when I say sick, I don't mean allergies, or headache/migraine, but sick. Fever, chills, cough, body aches etc etc.

For the past week, I have been sick. Sicker than I have been in years. Part of the problem might be because I don't get sick often, that when I do, it knocks me right down.

I'm over the worst of it, I think. Yesterday, we went grocery shopping, only for about 90 mins, and I was depleted. I guess my energy reserves are bottomed out. Hopefully, tomorrow, it will be sunny, and just warm enough for me to take a short meander around neighborhood. Going to take it slow, maybe bring my 'slacker' camera with me. See if I can spark some inspiration.
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I caught Wing 's cold/flu, and it was really hammering me. I swear that even my hair hurt. A dry hacking cough caused by a throat tickle for 2 solid days have left my ribs extremely sore, to the point I wondered if you could break a rib coughing.

Yesterday, I had actually felt worse than I did the day before. Lethargic, feverish, pain. The day before, I had tried the sleep a lot but ended up tossing and turning, not very restful at all. So, yesterday, I stayed up until I just couldn't keep my eyes open, took a nap about 4pm, back up at 6pm. Ate a very small meal, and then back to bed. I slept through most of the night.

Got up this morning, feeling weak as a kitten, but not so lethargic, not trying to hack a lung across the room, and the fever appears to be gone now. Ribs still sore as all get out, but since I'm not coughing as much, it's more an annoyance now.

Still not too eager to meet edibles, though.
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Been up since 4:30ish am, because Wing felt it was necessary to tell me he wasn 't feeling well. And I'm the type of person, once I'm awake, I'm awake. On rare occasions I can get back to sleep, but that wasn't to happen today.

Got up, fed the two male Purr Kids (Ziggy wasn't interested in eating yet) Didn't do too much as I didn't want to disturb Wing. I swear, if a gnat burps, the noise of that would wake him up.

Waited for the mail to arrive. Photo5 box still hasn't arrived, so I decided to read up on the Canon Photo5 site to see what the brief was about. Flour, texture and contrast. Ok, then pillaged my own kitchen to find what I would need to set that up and do it.

Three 20 minute sets, 2 clean ups and three set ups, checking images, and then being satisfied with some images. Now, just have to figure out which crop/size I want.

Re-ordered coffee yesterday, and they arrived today. Not too shabby, but the deliveryman giave me the creeps. Car parked in the drive way, and he walks up and yells "ANYONE HOME?" To which I answer "Yes, be right with you."

Normal so far, yes? I open the door, and he looks me up and down a few times, asks my name, which I provided, then he stepped a bit closer looking down then up but this time his eyes didn't reach my face.

Hey, I'm no prize, but I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. I backed up and made sure the box of coffee was between him and myself. Wing, in the bedroom, coughed and this guys eyes darted over my left shoulder. I said "My husband is home, not feeling too well today." He handed me the thingamabob to scribble my signature and left with alacrity. I actually felt relieved.

Now, I'm starting to feel that early morning rising, compounded with going to bed rather late last night. Will try to make it until at least 9pm, then it's jammie time!
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Stopped in at K-Mart and got a two items for the "Wishing Tree". Went pillaging, but not too much, as I have a pteradon due to come in on Monday. What I did notice, though, is I'm not as over this cold as I thought I was. Just a few hours out and about, and it wiped me out.

Still have next to no appetite. Just having one small meal at the end of the day.

Managed to get all the Giftmuss presents wrapped and labeled.

So, I've tucked myself into bed, comfy pillows, laptop set up on 'bed tray' and disc 2 of Downton Abbey. (Oooo Miss O'Brien is such a bitch!)
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No one flung off the surface of the planet, no earth shattering kaboom, not even a spilled salt shaker. Just the celestial cycle starting over again after it's path being well charted by the Mayans.

But I do have one helluva nasty cold. Been fighting with sore throat, fever, and exhaustion. Exhaustion is mostly because I can't sleep. I tried to rest yesterday after getting up at 4am, but when Loki heard me get up and he was all purr purr headbump, meow. Found myself falling asleep sitting up and figured that was a good time to go lay down.

No sooner did I start dozing off the phone rings. It was Wing. *sigh* At least he was apologetic for waking me up. You would think that after 12 years marriage, he would remember "She's sick, she will be resting"

Forced myself to stay up late enough so I wouldn't wake up at 3am... didn't help. I woke up shortly after 3 am, still feeling like crap.

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