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It does get rather toasty during the days in Perth-ish W.A. (I say Perth-ish as I don't live in the capitol city of Perth, but I can see the skyline of it) That's called summer.

The evenings though, the refreshing "Fremantle Doctor" aka ocean breeze kicks in and cools things down. Wing and I went out with a group of local photographers to have a wander around the newly opened "Elizabeth Quay".

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For the next 5 days, we are going to be having 40c/105f degree or over temperatures. So, I have prepped as much as I can. Not just for me, but for the local wildlife/birds.

All the birdbaths have been scrubbed and refilled with fresh water. I will check on them a few times a day to make sure the water hasn't gotten hot in the sun. They are in shade most of the time, but planetary rotation and all that puts them in the sun for some of day.

Plants were well watered before the sun came up, with cool water from the garden hose.

The AC; I have it set at 27c. And if anyone thinks that is too hot, I will invite them to stand outside for a few minutes.
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But needed to be done. Got two bags of potting mix as I have two chili plants that need to be topped up. And one of the Geraldton Wax seedlings I rescued from a hole in a brick has more than tripled in size, so needed a new home. I used the pot I used to have my star jasmine in (before that got too large for it).

After I transplanted it, I gave it a dose of SeaSol, and then watered it. And when it's larger again, I'll get another large plastic pot, like the one the lime tree is in, and let it grow in that, trimming it to keep it short. Geraldton Wax Bonsai tree? Could be, could be.

Oh great

Feb. 20th, 2015 03:28 pm
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It rained just enough to turn the house into a freaking sauna.
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In this heat, what is left in the bird baths evaporate almost overnight. Scrubbed them all out and refilled with with fresh cool water. I could hear the birds in the Jacaranda, gum, bottlebrush and Geraldton Wax trees where it had just been silent a few seconds prior to the fill up.

Went into back yard, give the poor little orange tree a good 'soaker' watering while hanging up the laundry. Then did the same for the potted lime, chilli and catnip plants. Also gave the star jasmine a goodly drink. Really need to get that one into a larger pot.

Got the clippers out, climbed the steps, and trimmed back some 'tendrils' of the boxwood tree. Now the branches are even with the top of the pergola.

With all that done, I decided it was time to re-start doing my laps in the back yard. Got audio book player, and just got into it. Not too long, as it is rather hot out there. Wing said it's 20 meters from pergola post to pergola post. So 40 meters per lap. Will get up to a kilometer, and then start increasing speed without limping, keeping my steps even. As Wing knows, I can move fast but only if I allow myself to have a limp, and GP/Doc has told me to avoid doing that.

Time for some icewater, then go check to see if laundry is dry. In this heat, probably dry by the time I finish typing this out!
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Moved my potted plants into the shade of the pergola. Already have my thyme plants indoors, as last year, in almost identical weather, my thyme plant got scorched to the point it couldn't recover.

When I shifted the "Chili Tree", I spotted at least a dozen crickets of varying sizes. After I settled the planter they started hopping toward it. I guess any bit of shade

Got some laundry washed, and hung out. Was dry in under an hour. Now, I'm in a comfy cool house, not too cool, though. And if it feels warm inside, I have the perfect cure. I go stand outside for a few minutes.

Perspective is an amazing thing, yes?
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I scrubbed out the birdbaths, and refilled them with clean cool water. Bird invasion in 3..2..1... SPLASH! There should be less birdie bickering in a week or so, when the new hanging bird baths arrive.

Also brought some rust cleaning things out and proceeded to clean some rust that has built up on my bike. Even under cover, it can get rusty because of the humidity. All shiny polished again. Also wiped down/off the spiderwebs that seem to build up overnight on the handlebars.
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It was hot, and humid today. We brought the birds in, because there was no way I was going to let them possibly get heat exhaustion. Took a sheet of vinyl, covered the table with it, put newspaper over that, and placed the top parts of the cages on it. I didn't turn the AC on in that area of the house, because I didn't want them to go from a hot environment to a cool one. But once it got warmer in there, I did put the AC on, at 27c.

Proceeded to scrub out and refill both of the birdbaths. The birds were waiting in the trees for me to depart, and then they swooped in. Later in the afternoon, I refilled it with cool water. Didn't take long for the locals to visit it again.

Brought the bird cage bottoms on the upper level of the back yard, near two grevillea shrubs, and hosed them out, thereby not only cleaning the cages, but giving both the shrugs a good watering in the process.

I found hanging birdbaths on Amazon dot com, not very expensive. Only $14. Around here, the prices is (hold onto your privates, general) $38 plus shipping. Only problem is they don't ship to Australia. US Drop mail address to the rescue! Even with the cost of shipping them over, it's still two for the price of one.
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But no where near as bad as it was when I woke up. So much cooler today. It hit 42.2c (108 F) yesterday, but so far today, it's only gotten to 29.3c (85 F). Still warm, but not scorching hot. Might get to 33c (89 f) but kind of hope it doesn't quite get that high.

Either way, I think it's going to be a laid back, mellow sort of day.
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The new pool cover arrived yesterday and the filter pump arrived today. Turns out the cover isn't the right size, even though the order form says it is. I have informed the seller and he said he would send a replacement.

Filter pump was quick to set up, as I had Alan to help me out. Even with his assistance, we could only do some of the work, then had to take a break because of the heat. Shortly after, I went out and applied the pool scrubbing brush and a long handled sieve and removed most of, if not all, of the leaves and junk floating in the water because of not having a properly fitted pool cover.

Cats are great weather vanes. Keito and Loki keep sprawling out intermittently on the stone floors. Ziggy found a cool breezy spot on top of my wardrobe.

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