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His BGL curve test results weren't as great as we would have liked (it tends to drop too much after 2pm) but instead of trying different insulin, we will try feeding 4 small meals a day (1/2 tin of food 4 times a day). Instead of morning, midday, evening, he will be on a slightly "Hobbitized" feeding schedule. Morning, Midday, afternoon snack, evening meal.

Dr D did say that even if these numbers don't change or he doesn't go into remission, as he is alert, active, eating, drinking, uhh visiting the litterbox regularly, and being ‘more 'Keito', and isn't in any sort of insulin shock, we can stay with this treatment. He *is* 14, so making his twilight years comfy is more important than the perfect BGL curve.

He is back home, and I just wish you could hear the purring. :)

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Went to the vet for an in house pet visit. We weren't even all the way into the room before Keito started meowing.. LOUDLY. Demanded to be pet and patted NOW. Considering the limp dishrag that we brought in Sunday, this is one helluva improvement.


It seems that Keito might be able to get by with only having one small dose of insulin a day. Three feeds a day (half a tin of food three times a day), one insulin injection, as two makes his BGL drop too low. Also, the dose he needs is smallish. This augurs well for him going into diabetic remission, as low dosage of insulin needed is one of the criteria.

Plan of action today: Morning feed, small dose of insulin 30 minutes later. Afternoon feed, fresh water. BGL test. Evening feed. 30 minutes another BGL test. See what the 'curve' is. Don't mind a wavy line, just do NOT want peaks and valleys.
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When we entered the kennel area, Keito whipped his head around, looked at us, half blinked his eyes (cat version of a smile), and started purring his bones apart. No longer a limp bit of fur!

We brought in some tins of his favorite food. Popped one open. He immediately got up and started meeping at us. Put half of it in a small dish, and he proceeded to inhale it. Remember, he didn't eat Sunday, had to be force fed via a syringe Monday, and Tuesday morning. The fact that he is eating with a hearty appetite is a good sign.

Diabetes: BGL up again over night, that is normal. BGL was 12, not 19 or 21 this time. And this is on a smaller dosage of insulin.Now that he has eaten, they will wait, test blood, then give appropriate even smaller dose of insulin.

Dr M was thrilled at how well Keito is responding, that it's "One of the best responses she's ever seen."

After we latched the cubby door shut, Keito immediate started meowing, meeping and whining to be let out. Another good sign. So, today, hoping to get gentle curve of BGL instead of peaks and valleys.

I know he's 14.. and that our time with him is limited. Probably another 4 to 5 years, but I want those years.
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Sunday morning, Wing found Keito laying on the floor, not moving or reacting to being spoken to. This is very unusual for Keito, as he is a very chatty moggie. He had been fine the night before.

Called South Street Vet, and managed to get him seen too immediately. He was so limp, he just laid across Wing's arms on the exam table, unmoving. He was dehydrated. So, he was admitted, had an IV hooked up, and his blood tested. His Blood Glucose Levels were 8x of what they were supposed to be. He went from type 2 diabetes that could be controlled by diet, to type 1, the kind that needs insulin injections.

Monday report: Two low doses of insulin after being fed, and now it's 3.1. They still have to syringe feed him, as he tends to not eat when he is at the Vet, even if it's for a day.

No kidney, no liver, no heart or lung damage and his BGL is down. He is still a bit lethargic, but not to the point he was yesterday or this morning. Of course part of that could be because he is AT the vet, and not at home.

Tuesday aka today; we went in to see him, and to bring in some food from home. He was alert, awake, and got up to walk over to us. Then the "Purrminator" (his nickname) started.

Had a quick chat with Dr D. Keito's BGLs went up overnight, but I think that is to be expected. Insulin given, will be tested, then fed.

Discussed his treatment, and Dr D did say they were going for remission. Believe it or not, Keito NOT being obese lowers the chances, however his general good health boosts it back up. He has up to a 67% chance of going into diabetes remission after treatment. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday PM: Dr M called. It seems our visit perked Keito up. He really enjoyed the tin of food we brought in, so we will bring in some more tomorrow morning.

Diabetes: it seems that the low dose of insulin needs to be even lower as his BGL was 2.8. It needs to be a bit higher than that, so he needs lower dose of insulin after he eats. He also has a mild bladder infection, which is normal when there is glucose in the urine. All good, being treated.

Vet 'fessed up that it was very touch and go Sunday when we brought him in. His current status is damned good.
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Ziggy is at the vet as we are trying to figure out why her left nostril is a 'snot rocket'. I can use a Nehti pot to flush my sinuses out, but one can't do that do a conscious cat. Not unless one wants a lot of scratches and other injuries. So, anesthesia, X-Ray, flush sinuses, swab detritis for tests, blood tests to see if there is any underlying viral issue causing the recurring infection.

I get a phone call from the vet, that Ziggy has two infected back teeth and they have to come out (and yes, I think that might be the reason for the sinus infection, but will see later when we talk to the vet.

So, hit with "This will add another $350 on the vet bill for dental extraction." *sigh* Give the ok because we do have pet insurance, and if we have the vet put that it was an oral infection, not dental scaling for cosmetic reasons, there is a good chance at least part of it might be covered for rebate, but we still have to pay it out first.

What do I find in the mail box today? A refund check for Ziggy's LAST vet visit for $206. At least that will mitigate some of the pay out.

Vet called

Jul. 18th, 2015 11:54 am
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Keito is Genetically Male, but now in the peeing department, architecturally female. And he is peeing all on his own.. because he CAN.

Still has feeding tube in because he won't eat there, but he is getting all he needs to eat and all the fluids that way.

Barring meteor strikes, or alien invasions, Keito will come home on Monday.
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And he's feeling much better. Still not ready to be discharged and come home, but so much more active, smoochie, and alert. He snuggled with me and gave me such a hard headboop it hurt my forehead. I didn't mind in the least.

Came home and took off the hoodie I was wearing and gave it to the other purrkids to sniff and check out. Loki is now relaxed on top of the pet tower, and Trance is sleeping on the hoodie now. Ziggy is still Ziggy. :D
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Here's hoping I get a reply.

One of our cats is currently in the Veterinary Hospital. The reason I am writing this isn't about coverage, as we have it, but the payment arrangements.

Now I know that too often veterinary practices get stiffed on what they are owed, and that there are unscrupulous people making false claims. however, I am not one of those.

I don't want to skip on necessary treatment my moggie needs, but the credit card is having fits.

Then after he comes home, I get to submit the claim, and then wait.

I have had great experience with your claims department, so please do not view this as complaint on that. But is there some way that PetPlan could come up with something like HBF or Medicare card? That we pay the gap, and PetPlan pays directly to the vet instead of this 4 step method of paying the vet, submitting the claim, waiting, and the you processing it?

Thank you

Sandra Chung

No go :(

Jul. 14th, 2015 10:36 am
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Vet called... Keito's bladder re-obstructed, although not as severely as the catheter went in much easier. It was a mucus blockage rather than the hard one, meaning the left over of infection combined with inflammation.

Also, since he hasn't eaten since Friday, feeding tube will be necessary to prevent him from losing condition.

The good news is when cath re-inserted, urine totally clear of blood.

He was given a bath, a blowdry and brushing which he seemed to enjoy.

The bill is making me wince. Yes, we will get a goodly amount of it rebated, but we have to pay it first.
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Wing and I just got back from Murdoch Emergency Vet Centre where we visited Keito. He is up, alert, bright eyed, smoochie, but still won't eat. Vet said not to worry about that because it's not unusual for cats to go on a 'hunger strike' when they are at the vet. He is being hydrated with an I.V. and there is no worry about him starving.

The catheter is out, and as long as he 'umm errs' tonight and in the morning, he comes home tomorrow

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