Feb. 22nd, 2017

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When we entered the kennel area, Keito whipped his head around, looked at us, half blinked his eyes (cat version of a smile), and started purring his bones apart. No longer a limp bit of fur!

We brought in some tins of his favorite food. Popped one open. He immediately got up and started meeping at us. Put half of it in a small dish, and he proceeded to inhale it. Remember, he didn't eat Sunday, had to be force fed via a syringe Monday, and Tuesday morning. The fact that he is eating with a hearty appetite is a good sign.

Diabetes: BGL up again over night, that is normal. BGL was 12, not 19 or 21 this time. And this is on a smaller dosage of insulin.Now that he has eaten, they will wait, test blood, then give appropriate even smaller dose of insulin.

Dr M was thrilled at how well Keito is responding, that it's "One of the best responses she's ever seen."

After we latched the cubby door shut, Keito immediate started meowing, meeping and whining to be let out. Another good sign. So, today, hoping to get gentle curve of BGL instead of peaks and valleys.

I know he's 14.. and that our time with him is limited. Probably another 4 to 5 years, but I want those years.

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