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Happy Birthday to TheRealStanLee !
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Went to dinner with Wing , Alan and An for an 'After Wing's Birthday" dinner. It's amazing to see An eat.

She is built like this: |

But she eats like this: l.

She is up to 43kgs now (durring her illness, she was down to almost 35kgs), and she looks marvelous. She smiles, laughs and engages with people. She has become a social butterfly, which we go "YES!" when we hear about another date/luncheon/coffee klatch.
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Too bad it was a U-Turn. :)

Ah well, time marches on. People have asked "What's it feel like?"

Seeing as the problems I have now originated when I was in my early 20s, I really don't feel any different.

Went out for a micro wine crawl with Wing , Meegan and Daryl after a nice pasta dinner with Wing.

Heading out today to pick up new contact lenses, different 'script, as my myopia has improved, and current lenses are just too strong.

Will also be putting in order at the butchers' for Giftmus Turkey. I have to be a bit more careful in the kitchen this year, as it seems every year someone has some dietary no no (no lactose, no gluten, or other food allergies). It's no hardship to do this, I just have to make sure to keep cooking/mixing implements separate.

Well, heading off to order a pteranodon for December, of which I will cook to perfection again. :)
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It was Wing 's Mumble-ty Mumble-ty birthday yesterday. He tried to let it sneak by, but I announced to family and friends that it was, and it resulted in a flood of birthday wishes.

After he went to work, Alan and I wrapped his present, and I prepared ingredients to make a lime/coconut cheese cake. Picked limes off the tree, grated the lime peel, squeezed the limes and proceeded to use my birthday present, Sunbeam Stand Mixer, and got busy making this:

I had jokingly asked him what did he want for dinner. "Satay chicken of SahTAY chicken?". He said "Surprise me!". Far be it from me not to 'obey', I called a local Chinese restaurant and ordered some home delivered take out.

Wng came home, and found the dining room table all decked out with a luscious meal, a gift, and we indulged him for the evening. :) All in all, it was a great night.
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There was a clap of thunder so close to the house, that it shook the globe from a light fixture right off the ceiling, sending it to smash on the stone floor. Took a while to get all the shattered crystal pieces off the floor.

Then there was Ziggy, whose exit was so fast, I think we felt the vacuum/pop of her exit as she dashed into the closet. Then she yowled in complaint.

Wing thought he was going have his birthday slide by without any notice. I disabused him of that by bringing one Tim Tam on a plate, and singing "Happy Birthday" to him.
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I feel as if I need at least 10 hrs sleep, but will settle for 6 to 8. Daggles B-day party was a lot of fun, but I was definitely not up to my usual 'last one to leave the party' person. I didn't even stay for cake. I did manage to get about 65 really good photos of guests and family. Also got a bit of snark from someone who wasn't happy that Wing and I were there taking pics for Daggles. Too bad, we were there for PIC and Daggles and had two thumbs up from them.

Processed, cropped and saved all the pics as JPGs. Will be burning them onto a CD for them.. but doing that tomorrow. Time for some Zzzzzzzs.
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My sister would have been 52 years old today.

I still miss her, and always will.


May. 6th, 2009 12:41 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] prk!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] cassie_o!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] shadoutcarver!

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