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I had taken the hamburger/beef mince out of the freezer early this morning. I wanted to start making my 3 burner Chili for dinner. I went out at 1pm, thinking the hamburger would be defrosted. *sigh* Nope, you can hammer nails into a wall with it. So, I guess it's not just me being cold, and that it's actually cold in the house.

So, have to decide what will be on the dinner menu tonight, as I don't like using microwave to defrost hamburger.
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I finally get to slow down and not having anything scheduled to do. But that doesn't mean I do nothing. Domestic chores wait for no one, and don't do themselves. Saw sunshine, and felt a warm wind, so stripped the bed to wash sheets and blankets and get them out on the line. No sooner was the washing machine finished, it was cloudy and drizzly. And of course as soon as everything is almost dry in the dryer, the sun comes back out. Such is life!

Making minestrone for dinner. With the smell of herbs, onions, and other ingredients, house smells like an good Italian restaurant. :D Luckily, I have Alan as my taste tester. After a few times of sipping broth, I need a 'fresh palette'
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One of the discs decided it didn't want to come out. Have no idea why. So, I unplugged it and look it over carefully, and spotted two screws. I loosened those, and went looking for more. Nada.

So, I very carefully lifted the section that had the screws and with the slightest bit of upward pressure, the top lifted off. So, I clicked on the EJECT and noticed the disc wasn't quite aligned with the gate. So, after I closed the error message, I clicked eject again, and then gave the disc a wee bit of assistance to exit. YAY! Removed the disc from the data base, which spun the carousel around. Then re-added it. Everything's back to working A-ok.

Today was a scorcher of a day. Wing and I went pillaging. Yeesh, felt like I was melting. He ended up not going out with his mom for coffee, as this hot weather really gets to her. So, he waited until later, after "the Fremantle Doctor" had kicked in. Then took her out for a few quick errands.

Wing fixed a delicious red curry tonight. I'm tempted to hand him my cooking apron... then I remember that I can also cook. heh
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Just picked more ripe limes from my tree. That makes close to 20 so far in the past 2 months.

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Leftover chicken vindaloo is even yummier on the 2nd night.
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Went for another 40 minute walk around the neighborhood. Didn't find anything of interest to photograph.

Feeling kind of tired tonight, but I don't think it's from the walk, but from my not getting to bed before 1am last night, and Loki, the furry alarm clock, wanting me up at Dark O'clock.

I know this isn't all that 'green', but I console myself with knowing I used paper towels made from recycled paper. Ziggy loves to savage paper towels. Takes her about a week to ten days to totally shred it. She also likes it if we use the tube of the roll as a 'den' for one of her toys. She hunts and drags it out. You should hear her yowl when she has decided that it's "The Hour of Scampering" :)
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Decided on garlic shrimp (prawns), spinach fettuccine and tomatoes, with parsley and pepper for dinner. Alan was helping to get things out of low areas. He was also helping me with garlic cloves.

He was separating them from the bulb. Then I would snick the ends off, give it a good whack on the counter, and easily remove the skin from the clove.

One of the cloves I smashed, decided to go squirting across the room instead of just squashing flat. I don't know the exact area in the kitchen, but as the laws of the universe would have it, the errant clove shot across the room, and with all that wide open space in the kitchen, it hit Alan in the groin. He folded.

I know I shouldn't laugh... but *snrk*
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And still tired, but not zombie tired.

Had to take Ziggy into the vet for final recheck on her eye. It's all better. The weeping of the other eye has been deemed allergy related. Vet said many cats have allergy problems this time of year (and around Springtime too). Ziggy isn't too happy with us right now, but am sure she will get over it.

Went pillaging. We noticed the prices of fresh veggies have creeped up. Not a lot, but when you get as many fresh ones as we do, the increase adds up.

Alan came back from his B-day vacation in Margaret River. As much fun as he had, he was glad to be back. Something about those fresh veggies. He said the junkfood diet of his friend made him feel rather ick after the first few days. No wonder he was IMing and texting me on how to cook certain things.

Tomorrow we have an early morning photo workshop. It's an all day shoot. Have backpack on the trolley. Should make it a lot easier than the Pinnacles trip, as I won't be lugging 20lbs of camera gear on my back.

Turns out that the instructor of the workshop had a bit of a kitchen disaster. He had tried to make some muffins so all those attending could have a cup of coffee or tea and a muffin. I guess he ended up with hockey pucks. So, I decided to make some muffins. "Apple Pie" muffins. Here they are, not quite done yet:

Wing and I sampled one each, just to make sure they came out ok. ;) Made a dozen for the Workshop.
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Or maybe not, but tonight I am taking one left over turkey drumstick and turning it into turkey 'n stars soup. Pot of water, seasonings, turkey, stars and veggies. Easy. and cheap.

Will be a nice surprise for Aikidomayland when he gets back from the dojo. Maybe I will make some more cornbread to go with it.

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