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So, another word that ends in the letter Y is early and laundry. Woke up early, saw what was the start of a great sunrise. But it fizzled to 'meh'. Decided to record the bird song instead. The melodious sounds are the reason we really don't need an alarm clock.

Laundry. Wing had a full suitcase of 'living out of suitcase' dirty clothes. Shall we say they were umm fragrant. Last load in the washer, now.

Updating my desktop wallpaper slide show. I am replacing some of the lunar photos I took with the 550D with ones taken more recently. Amazing what I thought was a cracking good shot 6 years ago, to now. Both skill and better photo gear played a part in the images. Still keeping the sunrise photo, and the ones I got from NASA.
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Wing has been away on a business conference for the past few days, and I have taken the opportunity to get some serious cleaning done. I don't mean vacuuming and dusting, I mean emptying closets, pulling things out of corners, sorting through it and throwing the majority of it away.

I feel if you keep things just for the sake of keeping them, you end up being a slave to them. Plus it clutters up your living area.

Have to stop because I filled the rubbish bin, which was emptied this morning and I have enough to fill it half way again. Have to leave space/room for regular household trash.
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Yesterday, I selected a corner of the bedroom (my night stand area) went through what was on it, near it, by it, sorting and tossing a lot of things away, and putting things back where they belong. I even vacuumed off camera bags that had cat fur on them. Got everything squared away.. neat. Tidy.

Today, one of the cats hurked up one hair ball too many. I sighed, cleaned up the hairball, and looked at the rug. With all the stone/slate flooring, she chose to hurk up on the carpet. Another spot on the rug.

So, into Domestic Goddess Mode. Moved as much off the floor as I could without moving furniture. (desk chair isn't furniture, the sofa and bookcases are). Thoroughly vacuumed the carpet twice. Looked at it, and gave it another once over just to be sure.

Got out the carpet shampooer. It works great, but my biggest bugbear about it is it doesn't hold enough shampoo/water mixture and you have to empty the catch tank too often. So, 4 refills and empties later, the carpet is a new shade of color. Clean.

Wonder how long it will stay that way.
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Did three loads of laundry, and the first one hung out on the line was dry before the 3rd load was washed.

Of course, I am waiting for people to start complaining that it's too hot. They will be the same people who complained about what passes for winter here.
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That calculates and correlates why when cleaning out a room or a closet, you make a bigger mess before it starts looking tidy.
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Would be great if Loki would stop deciding to make himself a 'nest'.

Still feeling "Con Hangover", mostly because Wing unwisely planned for activities the day after. My plans were get laundry washed, hung on the line, folded, put away, do some reading, some photo processing and general vegging out.

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I invite them to the 3 hour workout I just had. And I'm still not done. Problem is, I'm wincing when I take a deep breath, or try to sit up or pull my posture up straight.

Bonus: I still have more to do; and it needs to be done. Can't put it off.
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But my dreams has something else in mind. Woke up before 5am due to a nightmare. And here I thought I was too old for such things. *sigh* I did try to go back to sleep, but Keito had other ideas. Nibble Nibble, snog, nip, MEW! *again, sigh*

So, got up, stayed quiet so not to wake anyone else. Got dressed in shorts, baggy shirt, sneakers. Grabbed MP3 player, loaded an audio book on it, and did 30+ minutes of laps in the back yard. While I was doing it, I spotted Wing and Ziggy watching me. I don't think Ziggy understood what I was doing, because she looked very perplexed. (Human, are you lost or something?)

Waited until Wing went to work, then I went to work. Laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, pruning and feeding/watering potted plants.

Now, I feel like I need a nap.
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In this heat, what is left in the bird baths evaporate almost overnight. Scrubbed them all out and refilled with with fresh cool water. I could hear the birds in the Jacaranda, gum, bottlebrush and Geraldton Wax trees where it had just been silent a few seconds prior to the fill up.

Went into back yard, give the poor little orange tree a good 'soaker' watering while hanging up the laundry. Then did the same for the potted lime, chilli and catnip plants. Also gave the star jasmine a goodly drink. Really need to get that one into a larger pot.

Got the clippers out, climbed the steps, and trimmed back some 'tendrils' of the boxwood tree. Now the branches are even with the top of the pergola.

With all that done, I decided it was time to re-start doing my laps in the back yard. Got audio book player, and just got into it. Not too long, as it is rather hot out there. Wing said it's 20 meters from pergola post to pergola post. So 40 meters per lap. Will get up to a kilometer, and then start increasing speed without limping, keeping my steps even. As Wing knows, I can move fast but only if I allow myself to have a limp, and GP/Doc has told me to avoid doing that.

Time for some icewater, then go check to see if laundry is dry. In this heat, probably dry by the time I finish typing this out!
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The faulty 3tb Seagate drive arrived at Seagate repair yesterday. I have the email notification that it arrived and was signed for.

I just got an email from Seagate. My replacement drive is on its way back already. :)

Now, I haven't gone all hausfrau, but my steam mop (with accessories) arrived. It works great. That being said, I had to email them because:

1: The measuring cup was cracked in two places.

2: two of the 6 pads don't fit (yes, tried one, it kept slipping off, tried another, it kept slipping off. Tried the remaining ones, no problem.)

3: there was water already in the tank, and unless I find something or am told they're tested for leaks before shipping, this was supposed to be NEW.

Let's see how long it takes for them to get back to me on this.

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