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I still use IRC program. I have friends in the U.S. that we have 'conversations' just about once a day, unless either of us has early morning (me) or going to be out working late, or going to crash early (them). Also use Skype

It's an inexpensive way to keep in contact, and not have to worry about being in my jammies, or mussy hair.
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Maybe something we should remind families about photographs of family gatherings. Most of us, when taking photos at birthday parties, New Years, Christmas, etc etc pretty much want a chronicle of the day, when family and friends are with us. We don't get in their faces, like paparazzi do (well, I'm sure some do, but most of us don't).

The value of having someone do this chronicling of family events came home. The mother of dear friend of mine was ill, melanoma that went to the brain. for what seemed like an eternity to the family, but was really a very short time, she passed away.

The family was, as you can imagine, devastated. And the saddest thing was they could only remember what she looked like during her passing.

Although it ripped me apart, because Sue was my "Mommy Down Under", I went through each and every birthday, Christmas, etc etc, and got photos of Sue happy, healthy, being silly, wearing a funny hat. I sent them to her kids.

You have no idea how much that helped.

So, keep politely sneaking those photos, discarding the bad/embarrassing ones, because you're not just pestering them. You're treasuring them forever. And just maybe giving solace to someone who needs it.
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Just back home from dinner out with Jean-Paul and Angela. (Massive hat tip to Ju for suggesting/recommending "The Cavern". Great server, great noshing!)

Was wonderful to catch up with JP. Angela is always good company. After 'zert', I asked to be excuse to visit "The To Whom It May Concern Room", only to have sneaked off to pay the bill. :) JP was in our back yard, so he felt more 'guesty' than dutch. :D

Been a long day, compliments of Loki pouncing on me before sun up. *sigh* Time to brush, floss and head off to sneepyrand.
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Got through both Wing 's and my photos of the wedding. The biggest problem I had was keeping them in order. Turns out that Wing didn't have the time or date set right on either of the cameras he was using. Imagine how much fun I had going through and fixing that. Want the photos to tell a story, and also want it to be easier for the person making the photobook to put them in sequence.

I also impressed with with my "Mad Editing Skillz!". I don't mean "Photoshopping' as in smoothing skin, making men more muscular or thinner, or that, but seamless edits. One of the children at the wedding (as well as a few others) had hay fever and her nose kept running. So, I had to umm tidy that one up. Also, for some odd reason, Wing took the practice shot of an archway (with me in it describing to people how to stand to face Wing) perfectly, but when it came to the family portrait shots in there, he kept lopping off the top of the arch. Well, all the family portrait shots are in a nice arch. There were other things.

So, then I sat back and loaded them up as a slide show. I cast a very critical eye on them. Wow... impressive. Wing did question a few of my choices concerning his photos, until he saw that the ones that he thought were ok were blurry, or had a very unflattering look on one or more of the peoples faces.

Total count: 156 photos.

Note to self, ask Bob for some of his photos for the bride and groom. :)
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It was one of the happiest wedding ceremonies in a church I have seen in ages. Very upbeat, no doom and gloom passages, but those with love and light. Wing was rather unsure of himself, although many have told him he could do this, but with my 'permission', we had Bob Litchfield (one helluva master photographer, and a good friend. My deepest thanks for all your support and advice. Muchly appreciated) ride shotgun. A bit of pre-game light tests, and we were ready to rock and roll.

Derek and Alexander were smiling so large, if it had been any wider, it would have met on the backs of their heads! Margaret was stunning. I know most people say that about brides, but she was just stunning. Julia was a beautiful bridesmaid and Anabelle.. seriously, she had to be cute, adorable and she was. Got many excellent photos in the church. I was complimented on my "Ninja Skills" of getting close in photos, but not being obtrusive.

Between Wing, Bob, and myself, I think we captured the moment, and moments, wonderfully.

No rest for the wicked, and we were off to the reception. Wing and I worked the room, getting photos of the beautifully decked out tables, the lovely flower arrangements, and then the guest seated at the tables. I managed to get some pretty good 'crowd reactions' from some of the speeches (Sorry, Alexander, that one of you is a keeper), and the wedding cake.

We kind of crawled into the house close to midnight, exhausted, but happy.

Now, the hard work begins.. in the process of transferring all the photos to the hard drive, to starts going through them. :)
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Got up early-ish to meet up with Bob Litchfield to meet him at Saint George's College. Some friends of Wing and I are getting married in September and would like us to take photographs of the wedding. We all went there to scope out the area, and pick where the best place would be for taking good and great photos of the wedding party. Was a day well spent, and we went away with lots of info.

Afterward, I called 'D' and asked him about the wedding party, if we could get permission from the priest to photograph the wedding inside the church, and photograph the wedding party on the grounds afterward, so we don't have to take them hither and yon, as their day will be stressful enough! Also asked important info, like what color dress the bride will be wearing, what the colors the bridal party will be sporting too. Got it all. :) And, there is going to be a rehearsal, so we can give the photography a 'dry run'. 'M' was almost in tears when she heard what we were doing to make sure their day will be THEIR day.
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Went up to Gary and Emily's place for a BBQ. Good friends getting together one more time before the end of the year.

We need to get the back yard cleaned of leaves, then get the house clean, and host one of these ourselves. But with Wing 's knee right now, and my back, there is no way we could get the grunt work done.

Oy vey

Sep. 23rd, 2011 03:42 pm
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Usually any and all package deliveries arrive at my home during the early part of the day. I have been waiting for a clothing delivery. I knew that I would want to launder it prior to wearing, and also wanted to wear it tonight at a dinner party with Meegan and Daggles.

So, what happens today? Delivery guy, for some reason I can't fathom, decided to do his route backwards. I managed to get articles unpacked, washed. Put one on heated indoor drying rack, one on wooden indoor drying rack and placed it just outside the side door, and then hung one up on the clothesline. Will wear which ever dries first. Hopefully one of them will be dry in time.
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Was happy to hear that family and friends weathered the hurricane Irene unscathed. A bit soggy, but ok.

Caversham yesterday was a mixed bag. Was great seeing friends, was fun walking about. But as usual, I overdid it just a wee bit. Not as bad off as I used to get after a 6 hr walk about didn't totally lame me. I guess it's a sort of progress. Got some great photos of itty bitty birds, and some other larger critters. :)

Still plugging away at getting computer set up. I won't do it all at once, due to frustration that can build from install, reboot, swap disc or search for file, repeat as necessary over and over again. This shit gets old fast, as does rebuilding a system.

Right now, coffee is not a beverage... it's a necessity.
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Dropped by Japester and Dormant Dragon's for a Final (in Perth) get together. Coffee, and friends. It's sad and happy at the same time, the definition of ambivalence. I am happy for them for the move, as it will be great for them, but sad because the opportunities to get together on a moments notice, or with almost no pre-planning.

Wing made me bring and use my walking stick, as I have been slouching over to the right, favoring one side. It kind of hurts to stand up straight, but I need to do so.

Alan has that nasty cold I had a while ago. It's a nasty bug, but at least we have all the medications for it.

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