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Ripped out the dead catnip plants from the pot they were in. Fed the two lime trees and the orange tree with specialized plant food for citrus. Mixed up batch of regular plant food for all the other potted plants.

Pruned back the chili plants in the front yard, as it seems to be flagging a bit. Will see if it perks up after the feed and prune. If not, I'll take one of the chilies out of the freezer, thaw and germinate some of the seeds.

I did this without using knee support, but my left calf started cramping. It's those damned shoes! The nano I took them off and walked bare footed in the house, the cramping stopped.
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After treating my chili tree, successfully it seems, for woolly aphids, here are the first two ripe chilies from it. Don't let the small size of these fool you, one of these can boost a pot of chili from 2 burner to 3 burner.

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Gawd it's hot outside. I got my almost daily walk in and was wondering why I felt like I was sweltering. 'Official' temperature 31c? My bet, a bit warmer here.

Came in, got a drink, went back outside to tend to the gardening. In this case, watering plants in back yards, feeding potted plants in front yard, and harvesting more chilies.

Might have to pickle this batch. Thinking about adding a bit of soy sauce to the mix this time around.
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But needed to be done. Got two bags of potting mix as I have two chili plants that need to be topped up. And one of the Geraldton Wax seedlings I rescued from a hole in a brick has more than tripled in size, so needed a new home. I used the pot I used to have my star jasmine in (before that got too large for it).

After I transplanted it, I gave it a dose of SeaSol, and then watered it. And when it's larger again, I'll get another large plastic pot, like the one the lime tree is in, and let it grow in that, trimming it to keep it short. Geraldton Wax Bonsai tree? Could be, could be.
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The past few weeks, Sam (the gardener) has been doing a great job taming the wild growth. The past two weeks he's been working in the back yard, on the right side of the house. He did a great job (see below)

Problem is this: because the last person we hired to clear the yard didn't take the debris away, or even bag it for us to dispose of, but left it hidden in piles under trees or shrubs, which allowed the seeds to fall off and it just started the whole thing all over again. So, although Sam has thoroughly weeded, every morning I go outside, and I see grass sprouts at least 2 inches tall. I get the rake out, dig them up and expose their roots, and they do dry out. Later on the same day, I go outside, and I'll be damned if there isn't more of them, same height.

Looking into either burying the area in mulch, or find a pet safe weed killer. The only one I found the weeds need to be in the sun. Not happening back there. The fence casts shadows right to the bricks.
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Chili Tree #2 is now residing in what used to be the pot for the lime tree. I had tried to put it in a different pot but hadn't realized it was so pot bound and in need of more depth. Had I known, I would have transplanted it into the old lime tree pot, and put the sage seedlings in the hanging pot. Will wait until the sage is a bit recovered from one transplanting before moving them.
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And sage, too.

Got some sage seedlings to replace the one that was destroyed by woolly aphids. Dumped all the potting soil out of the old one (shame too, as it look fresh an usable, but not taking chances of aphid eggs/larva being in it), put some news paper in the bottom of the planter, and re potted the seedlings.

Did the same with the thyme, but have them in smaller pots, to be hung out of reach of snails.

Used some SeaSol in all three newly re potted planters, and sprinkled in some animal safe snail pellets. Will head off to Bunnings t get some hooks to hang the thyme plants up. And *this* summer, when it gets too hot, I will bring them indoors.
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Is an understatement.  Ziggy isn't allowed to roam free, but I do let her accompany me when I'm futzing around with my potted plants in the back yard.

She typically shadows me, meowing all the time as if announcing her presence to the world, and explores the back yard as I go along pruning, watering and feeding the plants.

When we came around to the gate area, Ziggy flopped down on a patch of sun-warmed bricks and started rolling around on them.  She was a little too close to the gate, and she ever so gently nudged it with her head. Of course, the metal gate rattled, startling her. She sprang to her feet, proceeded to inflate and dashed into the house.

I, of course, held off laughter until she was out of sight.
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What I thought was dirt on my sage plant,  tossed up by the recent rain, turned out to be white aphid type insects. The poor plant is infested with them. 

Just spent about an hour  rummaging around for plant pots, then clipping off healthy-ish parts of the sage plant, cleaning/removing as many of the insects as possible, spritzing them with an organic insecticide (watched the rest of the bugs just fall off YAY), rinsed them, dipped cut end into cutting powder and planted about a half dozen of them.

Might have to buy fresh sage for a while, but with luck I'll have another crop of sage in a while.
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Although I have been asking to go to Bunnings to get some new plant pots, and potting soil for 2 weeks, never seem to get there. So, found and repurposed one planter as a temporary home for my two new chili plants

A Hungarian Blue (mild) and a Hungarian Hot Carrot (hot hot hot)

And I already have a live in pest controller.

Still have to get a large pot for the chili plant that has now become a chili tree.

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