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Out of the blue, my Windows 7 computer decided that the OS wasn't genuine... after 2 years. I tried reactivating, and no joy.

I headed to Microsoft Help, started a session with a tech. He rebooted the system with all by MS services disabled. After 2 hours of nothing he did working right, he left and had me continue a download to try later.

5 hours later, the download is still going, so I'm getting bored. I open up Control Panel, click on system. Sure enough, still saying not activated. I clicked on ACTIVATE and I got "Your copy of windows may be counterfeit. Go online to fix this." (got this with the tech, but he would just close it down) I clicked on it, opened the link in IE. I saw a button that said "VALIDATE". Clicked on that, and suddenly Windows 7 Ultimate is activated.

Maybe I should work for MS support?
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After 18, yes 18, things from Malwarebytes tech support that didn't work, and about the same from a MBWs forum, also didn't work, over the course of two weeks, with both places blaming OTHER software, and having me uninstall that OTHER software, for the problem of MWM 3.1.2 user interface not opening, both places offered the same solution.

To reboot in safe mode and turn off self protection. Any takers as to where that worked or not?

I tried to do that, but it would not switch off in safe mode. Even after stripping out all other security programs (CryptoPreventer, MSE) it would not start unless in safe mode.

That being typed, this was the solution for me.

1: Used MBCleaner to remove 3.1.2. Rebooted

2: After login, installed 3.0.6. Didn't check for updates. Put in license and ID, set up exclusions again, just in case. Went to Protections and was able to shut Self Protection off.

3: Updated to 3.1.2. Double Clicked desktop Icon, nothing. Nothing in system tray again.

4: Rebooted.

5: After login, system tray icon was there with red triangle (for never having run a scan). Double clicked desktop icon, and chewed on fingernail.

User interface loaded up.

I am a lateral thinker.. they are linear, or just can't be swayed from their checklist script, even when you have told them every step you took, including the ones that just told you to do.... again. But being a lateral thinker, I was able to come up with a solution.
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Anyone else other than myself find the timing of Facebook trying to foist their fake 'malicious software' scanner/malware on me, less than 6 hours after I removed CryptoPreventer and Microsoft Security Essentials as instructed by tech support at Malwarebytes just a wee bit more than a coincidence?
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In the ongoing saga that is Malwarebytes latest version not working right, I used their cleaner tool to un-install it yet again, rebooted yet again, and was greeted by "This Windows 7 installation isn't genuine"

WTF?? 2 years after I built this beast, and installed a freshly purchased LEGIT copy? (even MS Assure support gave me the thumbs up about it being genuine... although I can't understand why someone with a hacked and cracked version would be contacting MS support).

I sorta held my breath until Windows login was complete, and check my system... It was a futz message, because according to SYSTEM, it is a legit activated copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.
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I just ran Belarc Advisor on my computer. I didn't realise just how many programs I have installed. Strange thing, though. Even though I have Adobe CS6 Master Collection installed from a legally purchased copy, it says "Trial"? Hmm, odd.

Nevertheless, I am going to go through the list and programs I'm not using, well, out with them. Not going to go by Advisor's list, because it tagged something I used just yesterday as something I hadn't used in over a year.
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There is something boned with my user account on my computer, that causes problems like Malwarebytes user menu not wanting to show up (it's still running, though, I get the alerts). I was also having a problem with On1PhotoRaw crashing the computer.

So, I decided to make a new user account, and re-recreate my user profile. But what it did was totally bollux up my default user accounts' browser profile. I guess Cyberfox didn't like me cloning the profile?

Also, I can't get the mouse to be lefthanded in the new profile. Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard will not install. I think that is because I'm not using a microsoft mouse. After I get over the urge to bury my arm up to my elbow in the monitor. I will hook up MS mouse and see if that 'fixes' this problem.

The reason I don't just make a list of programs, serial/license/registrations is some of what I have installed is 'legacy'. A few of them aren't made anymore, so no longer supported. Or have new versions out that don't work as well (had that issue with piccure. It works better than Piccure+ on certain images, but they no longer support it, so can't get my serial/activations reset)

I do know that one day, I will have to do exactly that, wipe and reinstall everything, but I'm not looking forward to that.
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I updated Samsung Magician from 4.5 to 5.1, software for my SSD. Ever since then, I keep get "WMI is Disabled. Enable Y/N". I went to the Samsung site, only to find they don't archive older versions, even though there was a link to version 4.9. All it did was lead to their home page, not a download.

Clicked on "Everything" and searched for Samsung Magician on my computer. Woo hoo! I had saved the 4.5 zip file. Uninstalled 5.1, reinstalled 4.5 and ta da! No more WMI error.
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There are people out there doing something called 'bitcoin mining'. They have found some sort of way to use specific graphics cards to make this easier.

Because of them, just about all computer stores that have these cards have deliberately jacked up the prices of what the have in stock to increase their profits. I'm not saying higher prices on new stock because the manufacturers/suppliers are pushing up their prices, but on already in house stock.

I had one company try that bullshit with me.

The card was, with shipping and 3% PayPal surchage, $311. They had 5 in stock. Order one, and when I checked back, their counter said 4 in stock, meaning I had successfully purchased one.

I get email this morning from the store. "Unfortunately, the cards you are after are not currently in stock and there is a major shortage Aust wide as everyone is after these cards for bit coin mining. We expect a shipment in this morning"

Anyone surprised that they're charging $90 more?

I have said it before, and I will say it again... next time you try to screw me, kiss me first.

Found the same card on ebay for $30 less than what they were charging, NO paypal surcharge, AND free shipping
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But will wait until Friday.

After 6 hours with Microsoft support working on my laptop with little or no success, my problematic computer has been punted up to Tech Tier 2. More things will be tried, but I have sinking feeling that Alan is right, that it would take less time for me to just reinstall windows, and then the rest of the programs.
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I finally got a straight answer from MicroSoft in regards to getting my poor Vaio back to abby-normal Windows 8.1 after the disaster that was Win10 update. All I needed was a new Windows 8 license key, because the Windows 10 disaster invalidated my current one, even with the roll back. After almost frying my computer, JM had the audacity to tell me that a new License key would be $40... Excuse me?

So, I gave them my ASSURE info, then let my son Alan tell them the problem.So, Alan took over the keyboard and told them that the Win10 almost bricked my computer, took 3 hours to login to be able to roll it back, but I am still having persistent problems, and need a new OEM key to do a Repair Install (aka fixes specific issues without doing a factory reset) and that it was update to Win8 on the Vail was a digital download.

Ta Da! New OEM key provided, and dling Windows 8.1 Pro with Windows Media Center! (not so much I need Media Center itself, but I need specific DLLs that allows other programs to work.

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