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Here today, gone tomorrow. But luckily, I photographed them before they were destroyed/covered up.

"Heartless Winker" - New take on the Tin-Man

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It goes up and is quickly removed/covered up by painting crews.

"Naked Arrogance - When the emperor first realizes that he has no clothes.

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I fully understand "Intellectual Property Rights" and copyright. Kind of have to.

So, the 1st time I was accused via Redbubble Email of IP violation, it shocked the beejeebus out of me, and pissed me off, as I was 'guilty until I proved myself innocent". (UBISOFT claiming my "Assassin's Guild" photo series, the one that predates their games by over a year was an IP violation. I shuffled through all the legals and hoops, proved myself innocent, my work was reinstated, as UBISOFT does NOT own copyright of the word "Assassin".

Last month, I get hit with another one. For an original artwork. Fighting this one too, because:

1: It's an original artwork. A digitally created portrait, using an art program.
2: Song titles themselves are not copyrightable
3: There is no music involved, no audio, no video (see #1)
4: There are literally HUNDREDS of other portraits of the same person on the same site.

What really gets me burning is the "Guilty before you prove yourself innocent" bullshit.

Oh Em Gee!

Mar. 6th, 2012 12:15 pm
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Wing poses behind one of the more amusing sculptures on Cottesloe Beach

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A friends big Five Oh, and then we went to see a lovely lady, Mrs T. :) She is such good company, any time with her is great.

Then Wing and I went to the Sculpture By the Sea at Cottesloe Beach. Amazing works there. What annoyed me is that even with the very obvious DO NOT TOUCH PLEASE signs, there were adults doing just that. There was one sculpture where I saw a woman try to bend part of it to see what it was made from. I said "Umm the sign says DO NOT TOUCH.. probably because the thing is fragile." She harumphed at me, but left it alone.

Surprizingly, Wing was.. irked that I spoke up. I then quoted the line that Mrs T said to us earlier the same day. "If you stand by and watch something wrong being done, you are just as guilty as the wrong-doer."

This was the sculpture being pawed, and no, it wasn't any of the people in the photo doing so.

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Redbubble is giving us starving artists a bit of a pre-holiday bonus.

For the next 3 days, double commissions at no extra cost to the buyers. This ends Nov 12th.

Light's, Camera, Still Shots, and Action

*holds hat in hand with most beseeching look*
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I am already in the process of creating artwork in keeping with next year's SwanCon theme "Contagion". It's getting there, and I like it.
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After the subtle, and not so subtle, prodding of Aikidomayland and about 8 others, I am looking through my digital artwork to see which ones I will have printed out to enter in the SwanCon artshow.
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All art looks great on canvas so RedBubble has taken 20% off the price to help spread the word about the amazing quality of RedBubble canvas prints

They also guarantee that your canvas print(s) will ship in two business days or they're on them!

No code is needed, simply checkout with canvas in your cart. This event ends Sunday, March 29 at 11:59 p.m. US PT. Discount on canvas base prices.

My Gallery
Light's, Camera, Still Shots, and Action

Thinking about getting this one on canvas.

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