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After uninstalling, reinstalling, reactivating over and over again, I ended up getting error that I had exceeded the allotted number of activations, so I had to open a different support ticket, giving them the information regarding the above mentioned 'over and over' section.

Just shits and giggles, with version 3.1.2 installed, I decided to try to compatibility modes. I started at the top with Vista, V SP1, V SP2. No joy

Server 2008 and 2003. No joy

XP, XP SP1, XP SP2. No joy

Windows 2000. Nope

NT 4 with SP5. Nope.

I was ready to give up, but just for laughs, I tried Windows 95 compatibility mode. And holy crow, the UI opened! I was able to navigate all the menus, no problems. I tried Win 98/ME compatibility. It also worked. However I noticed that although the system tray icon says that Ransomware protection is on, the UI will say it's unavailable. Some online searches showed that it will do that because according to posts on the forums, there was no ransomware with Windows 95/98/ME or XP.

I thank my foresight for deciding to upgrade Windows 7 to Pro version, as the Home and Premium would have only had compatibility to XP and above only. 95/98/ME weren't included in Home or Premium.

So, I ended up figuring out how to get it to work, not their in house techs.

So, it's working now.. and Alan said "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"
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I have been instructed to run MBCleaner... again. And do another clean install.. again.

My response is as follows.

My eyelid just started twitching.. I have to ask, please don't take it personally, what is uninstalling MWBs with MWCleaner for the (checks) 21st time going to fix, that the first 20 times didn't?
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After Malwarebytes completed the scan, and I quarantined what I didn't really want or need running, I apprehensively shut it down.

Seems I was right to be apprehensive, because when I tried to start it again, it wouldn't. Tried rebooting to see if that would 'fix' it like it did last night.. nope.

Have sent info to tech support.


Silver lining? I actually got to do a full system scan, and all is good.
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In the ongoing saga that is Malwarebytes latest version not working right, I used their cleaner tool to un-install it yet again, rebooted yet again, and was greeted by "This Windows 7 installation isn't genuine"

WTF?? 2 years after I built this beast, and installed a freshly purchased LEGIT copy? (even MS Assure support gave me the thumbs up about it being genuine... although I can't understand why someone with a hacked and cracked version would be contacting MS support).

I sorta held my breath until Windows login was complete, and check my system... It was a futz message, because according to SYSTEM, it is a legit activated copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.
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1st off, absolutely EVERYTHING else works perfectly on my computers' current set up. Sure, there are occasional hardlocks (like when I'm processing a HUGE image in On1 and watching a DVD/BlueRay on the other monitor) but everything works.

Which takes me to the topic of the subject.

Malwarebytes: I had been using the Premium version 3.0.6. It started having problems with web protection layers shutting off and not going back on, AND you couldn't get rid of the notification that said layers were off so turn them back on.

Which lead me to update to version 3.1.2. Everything seemed ok... until I noticed I couldn't open the user interface. Double click desktop icon? No. How about the system tray icon? Nope. Run as administrator? nope. Run the the gamut of compatibility trouble shooting? Nope. Uninstall with MBCleaner/Reboot/Reinstall? Nope

Ok, let's make a new user account. Double click on desktop icon.. YAY, it worked! I enter my legit license and ID. Seems great! Tweak settings (exclusions, when to schedule a scan). Close the user window down. Log off that new user, go back to original user account, and start going through things I want to clone over. Shut down computer.

Start up next day, log in new user account. Double click MWB icon. Uhhh, not opening? Just to make sure I tried again. Not opening. Repeat all the above steps. Nothing.

I'm always one for keeping the PREVIOUS version of programs, just in case. So, I uninstall using MalwarebyteCleaner, reboot. Install version 3.0.6, and TA DA! It starts up. Enter ID and license, and immediately the web protection shuts off again, and can't turn it back on. Rebooted, and login to new user account, 3.0.6 starts up just fine, again, web layers not on (oh yeah, and MWBs said this was due THEIR server not communicating with the program last year) but everything works.

Restart computer. Login to my regular account. v3.0.6 works find, with same caveat. I install latest NON beta version. And once again, the user window will not open.

After doing all of this, I finally sent support ticket to MWBs. Waited two weeks, and didn't hear anything back. Just for giggles, a few days ago I restarted my computer in SAFE MODE. Login to my regular user account. Wait a while for everything to load and settle. I see the MWBs icon on system tray. I double click it. Imagine my surprise when the user interface opens without a problem! Restarted in safe mode again, logged into new user account. Same thing.

Rebooted, regular start up. Again, the user interface will not load. Off in search on google for this problem. And I found the exact same issue posted by someone else. So, I go through all the same steps, use some other tools and send them the reports. Yes, I know I am being 'naughty' by convincing a program or two to work. Why? Because I bought it years ago, and during reinstall on this machine, the license won't validate. It's no longer sold or supported, and it's the ONLY way I can get it to work is to 'convince it'. I didn't make the world, I just try to live in it.

So, I go through all his hoops. MBCleaner, MBCheck, FRST64, over and over. Even installed beta version of MBWs... and now, not only will it not start if I click on desktop icon, the SYSTEM tray icon has vanished, even though Task Manger says it's running. I reboot in safe mode, and it works. Restart normal mode, nope.

Here comes the "Are you f**king kidding me?" part.. one of the possible solutions is to format the the drive and reinstall everything.... Are you f**king kidding me?

Did I mention my son, who has Windows 10 Home version on his computer, is having the same problem? And Wing who has Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed on his HP is having same problem? Figure the god damned odds of me wiping my system to reinstall everything?
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And when I get that better tech support, I thank him/her for all their help.

Replacement start menu shell, been using it for years. My desktop user account was screwing up so I created a new one. Problem is I forgot how to input the license/serial number. I just could not find where.

I submitted a ticket. D gave me clear concise answer.

I said "Thank you, D."

D replied "You're welcome. I don't ofter get thanked."

Kind of sad, yes?
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Dear Sony; you #%@%$#&%#$ Suck, did you know that?

Yeah, yeah, I know you closed up your computer division a few years ago, but you did it on the sly, AFTER flooding the market with reasonably priced Sony Vaio laptops. You did this knowing you were closing up the computer division. Too bad that warning didn't come with the purchase, right?

Moving on; this is the same laptop that had the disastrous Windows 10 upgrade attempt. After a few months, and several hours online with Microsoft Assure remote help, I got the Windows 8.1 on it running correctly again. (deep sigh)

Moving on again; The preinstalled Sony software stopped working right. So, even though they no longer supported the Vaio, I emailed them anyway. Suggested I uninstall it, and reinstall it. Problem: this laptop came with Win 7 preinstalled, but Windows 8 ready. Good thing it was Win 8 ready, as it running Win 7 would cause hardware incompatibility BSODs. Tracking down the right Sony Vaio Care, and Sony Control Center was NOT easy. Too many versions, updates to version, backward compatible version, and naming the %#$$@$# files with nothing but numbers? Really? (downloaded and saved them with descriptive names).

FINALLY, for now, Sony Vaio, with Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit, and Sony utilities function as they should.
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I just ran Belarc Advisor on my computer. I didn't realise just how many programs I have installed. Strange thing, though. Even though I have Adobe CS6 Master Collection installed from a legally purchased copy, it says "Trial"? Hmm, odd.

Nevertheless, I am going to go through the list and programs I'm not using, well, out with them. Not going to go by Advisor's list, because it tagged something I used just yesterday as something I hadn't used in over a year.
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There is something boned with my user account on my computer, that causes problems like Malwarebytes user menu not wanting to show up (it's still running, though, I get the alerts). I was also having a problem with On1PhotoRaw crashing the computer.

So, I decided to make a new user account, and re-recreate my user profile. But what it did was totally bollux up my default user accounts' browser profile. I guess Cyberfox didn't like me cloning the profile?

Also, I can't get the mouse to be lefthanded in the new profile. Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard will not install. I think that is because I'm not using a microsoft mouse. After I get over the urge to bury my arm up to my elbow in the monitor. I will hook up MS mouse and see if that 'fixes' this problem.

The reason I don't just make a list of programs, serial/license/registrations is some of what I have installed is 'legacy'. A few of them aren't made anymore, so no longer supported. Or have new versions out that don't work as well (had that issue with piccure. It works better than Piccure+ on certain images, but they no longer support it, so can't get my serial/activations reset)

I do know that one day, I will have to do exactly that, wipe and reinstall everything, but I'm not looking forward to that.
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8 weeks ago, I purchased the full version of DFX Audio Enhancer. I really liked the plug-in I had gotten with DIVX years ago, and wanted to use its features with all my audio/video programs.

Turn the clock to 8 weeks later, they announce they have a NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION! And yes, was vastly improved. They offered a discount for those who registered previous versions.

My issue was this: 8 weeks after my initial purchase, they came out with this. 10 Days AFTER I could have gotten refund for buying the now defunct version, and repurchase the new one. Oh, they offered a discount, but for me, it wasn't a discount, it was paying double!

Their support staff agreed and gave me new license/key for the new version.

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