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Since I got whatever this bug is/was. Appetite/digestion still screwy. Eat so little, and feel as if I have gorged. Still get tired out easily. Doesn't help that Loki seems to be getting me up too damned early. He started in on my around before sun up. I put him off until about 7. Luckily for me, I went to bed sort of early.

Did some sweeping up around my potted plants on lime stone blocks. Also topped up the pool, added some bleach, and put the new pool cover on. First one I was sent was too small... this one is too big, but Alan and I managed to cinch in it night and tight. Tomorrow, I want to drag out the leaf blower/vacuum/mulcher out and clean up the back yard around the pet enclosure, and out around potted trees in the front. Also clean up the driveway, too. Might be planning more than I can get done. I can but try.
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The new pool cover arrived yesterday and the filter pump arrived today. Turns out the cover isn't the right size, even though the order form says it is. I have informed the seller and he said he would send a replacement.

Filter pump was quick to set up, as I had Alan to help me out. Even with his assistance, we could only do some of the work, then had to take a break because of the heat. Shortly after, I went out and applied the pool scrubbing brush and a long handled sieve and removed most of, if not all, of the leaves and junk floating in the water because of not having a properly fitted pool cover.

Cats are great weather vanes. Keito and Loki keep sprawling out intermittently on the stone floors. Ziggy found a cool breezy spot on top of my wardrobe.

Zoo trip

Mar. 18th, 2011 06:20 pm
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Might have been too hot of a day but did manage to get a few photos of critters. Lion, Lioness, some meerkats, and had a go at taking photos in the nocturnal house. yes, they are grainiy, but they are for me. Was amazing how many times we had to remind 'adults' to not use flash on their cameras and to speak softly while in the Nocturnal House. You would think the signs "Please do not use camera flash" and the "Shhhh, if you speak quietly, you will see the animals" would have been a big clue.

Came home, stripped out of Zoo clothes, got into swim suit, and into the pool. Nice way to cool down. Have to cook dinner, and right now, I am exhausted. Must find something easy.
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This is the new smaller pool, fully prepped, ready and in use for Summer Survival. It's big enough to cool off, small enough to be able to walk completely around it. It's big enough that when I rest my head on the front part, my feet don't reach the hose for the vacuum. Floaty bliss!

I did find that I have to remove the cover before the sun comes over the top of the house. The dark color of the cover absorbs heat, and heats the water up.

There is some amusement too, because when Loki is in the house, he will come out to the enclosure and YOWL at me. His human is trying to drown herself! Oh Noes!

Only down side is leaves tend to build up next to the house. Oh well, we do have leaf vacuum/Blower with a mulching feature. Just make sure we do that with the pool cover on!

Eye exam

Feb. 4th, 2011 06:04 pm
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The good news: my eyesight has stabilized. And found out the reason I have been having eye and headaches. The right contact lens was 10 degrees off axis. That will be remedied with different brand that has the right curve.

Came home, and started wilting. Decided to get acquainted with the pool. Uncovered it to find it crystal clear, and no signs of life in it. Cool bliss.

Also had my next QuickFlix DVDs. Tim Burtons "Alice in Wonderland". It was great.

Called "Hire A Hubby" to schedule the replacing of the rotted pergola with more sturdy materials. It's not going to be cheap, but if it's not done, the damage when (not if) it falls could pull part roof or wall down with it.
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Last night was good. Was nice, although a bit tense (due to her being anxious) it was good to have Wing's mom there with all of us.

Small lesson learned: no matter how tired, or how late we get home, the pool gets covered. I ended up spending about 2 hrs skimming the leaves/blossoms/twigs off the top, vacuuming the bottom, and cleaning out the water filters/pumps.

Loki almost ceased to exist this morning. After getting to bed at 1am, being woken up by persistent 9 kilo (20lb) of cat at 5am.. no. I ended out passing out around 6pm, although I didn't want to. Managed to get up in less than an hour. So now, I'm dog tired. Gonna drag my sorry self to bed. Night all!
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The pool vacuum I got didn't quite fit with the current pool fixtures. After about an hour of scrounging, and a bit of examination and inventive thinking, the pool vacuum works fine.

So, two water filters running side by side (two intakes, one outflow from a T Junction) and a rigged pool vacuum. Aikidomayland keeps asking me how I can do this. He is a linear thinking, whereas I'm a lateral thinker. I knew what was needed so created a reasonable fascimile. *takes a bow* Unfortunately, jumping to the solution is why I was really bad at having to do long form algebra in highschool. I looked at equation, knew the answer, but couldn't write it out. Oh well

Oh yeah, 90f (30c) is easier to deal with when you have a big cool puddle of crystal clear water. *contented sigh*
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Water pump for pool fliter almost neglible flow. Even with proper chemicals (chlorine) the water was getting dirty, mozzies, and a kinda algae on the bottom of the pool.

I never throw anything away if it still works. The old pool had a leak and we replaced it with this new one. But I kept all the hardware.

So, I rigged up something. I used the old water pump to run in tandem with the new one, so there is 2 intakes and one outflow Working great now, filters are actually ... well filtering.

Only down side.. will go through filters a bit faster, but if they are rinsed on daily basis, they will last a goodly time.
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When I heard how hot it was supposed to get, and knowing that yesterday got hotter than predicted, I decided it was time to break out the new pool and get it set up.

This one is smaller than last years. Note how we used the bottom of the old pool for a ground liner. >:) Recycling at its best!

Should be ready in another 20 mins or so.
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Said g'bye to the pool I was using last summer. It has a leak in it, and at 12ft across, it's larger than what I really need so, instead of patching it, I am replacing it with a smaller one. 8ft with matching cover. Will end up using less water, too.

Decided to get the matching swimming pool vacuum cleaner.

Now, it's a matter of cleaning the back yard, making sure the area is level, then setting up the pool when it arrives.

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