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Redbubble now offers iPad and iPhone cases, so I decided to dust off some of my digital and fractal artwork, and make them for said objects.

I do wish they had cases for other items, like Galaxy SII or SIII. Oh well. I don't want a case bad enough to jump to the 'i' brand.
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After some 'gentle' prodding from ShadoutCarver , I posted this on the Pixarra site for the chance to will a perpetual license for TwistedBrush.

Yes, 'gentle', because she couldn't smack me upside the head. Distance and all that.
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This is a composition of two photographs. I had taken a photograph of the Archaeopteryx in a display that was nothing more than a solid grey open faced cube. I then took photograph of "Dinos in the Rain forest" display.

I think the Archaeopteryx looks much better in a proper setting. heh

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At the none to gentle insistence of family and friends, I applied to enter some artwork for NatCon50. I submitted a few pieces as my 'job application' and they were accepted.

Now, I am going through all of my digital work. The titles of the ones in the running for submission so far are:

String Theory Rose, Proxima Station 2 ,Anime Mask Graphic Design, Objects May Appear to be Closer, Kneeling Moon Child, Contagion, Seed of Life and Helios Flaring.

Next, will have to check photographs, or maybe even start a project specifically for NatCon50
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TwistedBrush Pro Studio is available at a special reduced price of only $89 until May 31st!

Visit the Pixarra order page at to take advantage of this special.

You can still download it and try it for 90 days (first 30 days, then ask Ken Carlino for a special extended trial key.)

No, I don't work for them but I do like this painting program. And with the latest program updates makes it a photo editor on par with many of the big guns.
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Panda gazes back over its shoulder at onlookers.

Created with TwistedBrush Pro Studio, Art Pro Oil Pastel brushes.
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After a time of it being idle, I am artistically inspired again. h.t. to Ken Carlino for the inspiration.

Geosynchronous Orbit

Using thrusters, a city sized space liner closes in to orbit over a small Jovian planet.

Proxima Station 2

A domed city, built on an asteroid, floats above an alien planet in the Proxima Centauri System, humans ever curious explore further into the reaches of space.

I still hope that some miracle of physics is discovered and such travel becomes reality.

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I have always found it difficult to make something simple. Took a few trial and errors, but the end result was worth it.

Minimalist scenic made with the Art Pro watercolor set from TwistedBrush 16.11
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Redbubble is giving us starving artists a bit of a pre-holiday bonus.

For the next 3 days, double commissions at no extra cost to the buyers. This ends Nov 12th.

Light's, Camera, Still Shots, and Action

*holds hat in hand with most beseeching look*
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Came out fan-fuqing-tastic!

Light's, Camera, Still Shots, and Action

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