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Would be great if Loki would stop deciding to make himself a 'nest'.

Still feeling "Con Hangover", mostly because Wing unwisely planned for activities the day after. My plans were get laundry washed, hung on the line, folded, put away, do some reading, some photo processing and general vegging out.

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Opening ceremonies were rousing, as usual. Coman is a great emCee.

Sat in on panel about using social media to keep a strong web presence. The pros and cons, and how we (collective we) each have a different way to handle the faceless trolls whose only claims to 'fame' are being able to type FIRST on a blog post or seem to enjoy just being nasty. Jim Butcher said it wonderfully: The first person who gets mad loses. That's pretty much what I live by.


Mar. 31st, 2013 08:48 pm
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Last night was my first 'I'm the pro photographer' convention. Got the back drop set up, two light stands, broke out the light meter, tested, set camera and had at it. It's amazing how fast and accurate the photography is after you've prepared. All I had to do was crop, maintaining original aspect, to make sure some people were centered in the image.

I printed out the orders for 8x10s, and criminy they look great. I will have to get another magenta tank, but thems the breaks! :D Will also have to get slip covers for prints for transport.

Right now, I'm so fekking tired it's all I can do to type this out in an almost upright position in my chair. I did manage to stay to see SwanCon 2014 launch. Boo yah! It was the funniest con launch I've ever seen.
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And I find a bunch of little things wrong. Good news, my computer is fine. Bad news is my default user account is wonky somehow. I am in the process of 'cloning' the account, without copying too much from the wonky one.

Then my Stakka drive decided to have an error, so I cracked it open only to find the small drive belt for spinning the carousel had broken. Need to take it somewhere to be repaired, as I have nothing to replace the drive belt, so it will have to be repaired. I will not just throw it away for the want of a small rubber drive belt.

Shifting the photos I took at SwanCon from laptop to external drive so I can edit them on the 'big screen'. I didn't realise I took 25 gigs worth. Of course many of them are dupes, or ones where the flash didn't cycle fast enough. Don't know what will end first, the transfer or the battery giving out.

Have so much laundry to get done.
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The packing up, getting ready to check out tomorrow. The clothes I plan to wear are ready, all other things packed in suitcase. Wing took most of the "Con Bags/Books" back with him tonight.

I had taken photos of all three guests (Brandon, Marianne, and Chris0 sitting at one table. As luck would have it, in each one, one of them was blinking, or blurry from moving. Have to schedule it tomorrow to get them again, preferably sitting comfortably somewhere.

This has probably been the best SwanCon I've ever attended. It was the only SwanCon I felt the urge to bid on something at the art show. And Bid I did! and won.

Isn't it lovely?

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That means Wing is going back to the dojo tonight. I can only imagine how stiff and sore he is going to be tomorrow morning. It's been three months since his last training session, as he had knee surgery. Then he goofed a few times, making the knee very sore, setting himself back a few weeks. Also, I made him wait until we came back from Hamilton Island. Last thing I wanted was to having him limping around.

On an aside, I did manage to catch the cold Wing had. At least the worst of it waited until I got home. Silver lining and all that. :)

Have about 100 photos of "Canon Island" up on Flickr set "Canon Island 2012"

Still have the videos to go through. Fun fun!

Good news is I did manage to get a room at the Pan Pacific for "DoomCon". Not at SwanCon block rates, as I wasn't planning on taking a room until last week. Negotiated good rates though, seeing as Wing won't be there every night.
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have been going through the photos taken at Natcon50/SwanCon 2011. Working my way through the award photos now. Blurry, out, flash back from something in the way of the subject, out. I have no problem if photo is a wee bit too dark, because that can be fixed. Over exposed, out.

Also have the Rebel Alliance workshop photos, and the Sword fighting workshop, and some more con-guest/goers photos to work through. Smartest thing I have been doing is 'rating' the photos. 5 star are the ones I have worked on, 4 stars to be worked on, 3 star to be considered. The rest, delete.

On an aside: it's been 4 days since the con, and I am still beat to shit. Actually fell asleep this afternoon for about an hour.

Light Show

Apr. 29th, 2011 11:21 am
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Light Show01Light Show02Light Show03Light Show05Light Show06Light Show04
Light Show07Light Show08Light Show10Light Show11Light Show09Light Show12
Light Show13

Light Show, a set on Flickr.

Long Exposures using Speedlite and 2nd curtain shutter. Light Poi and Light Sabers used.

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1st batch of Swancon 2011 Masquerade photos. Feel free to identify yourself or others!

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And after uploading them, I will put a link to them. Reason is I can't remember everyone's name! (I blame it on age, levels of exhaustion, and only seeing many of the subjects once a year!)

Photos with children in them are only going be uploaded if they are accompanied by an adult (ie parent or guardian) unless I am given express permission. There was a youngster in a costume that had an extra eye on the forehead. If this rings a bell, please pass it along, because I would like to put the photo up, but not without parental permission.

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