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Photos taken at 6:15 through to 8:10pm

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And I do wish I had checked on this sooner. The newer Canon L glass now works with it. Still no joy using any of the teleconverters, not at night for lunar or planetary photography. It doesn’t quite focus when using teleconverters at night. Will try again in the morning to see if brighter lighting conditions allow the use of them.

But here’s the results:

OMD EM1 with Kipon EF to MFT adapter. Lens mounted, Canon 100-400mk II L IS

OMD EM1 Kipon EF to MFT Adapter, Lens mounted Canon 70-300 L IS

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Handheld Canon 7DmkII, Sigma 150-500,  Kenko 1.4x extender.

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"Supermoon" May 25 2013 with a little cloud cover - Canon 5DMkIII, Kenko Pro 300 DGX 1.4x, EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM. Hand held. Not too shabby.

With a bit of cloud cover.

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Jupiter slides behind the moon.

Jupiter re-emerges from behind it.

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Before the "Great Disc Collapse", I was very much into astronomy. I would spray AeroGuard (bug repellent) on my legs and arms, then muscle my telescope with filters/tools, a small table and a laptop computer outside, and just study the stars, planets, comets, nebulae etc etc. I was just getting adept using the DSI when I landed in the ER due to disc collapse.

Well, although I am up and about, I can't get the telescope outside anymore. The motorized EQ5 mount is just too heavy for me to maneuver out the door. :(

So, I've been looking at telescope brocures. I've spotted two contenders. A Sky-Watcher 8 or 10inch Dobsonian, or a 6in Celectron Nextstar. They each have plus and minuses/.

The Dobs :
The Good: Easier to use, can be trundled around around as it's on a wheeled dolly. It's tall, so almost no stooping over to use the viewfinder.
The Bad: not too good for astrophotography, as long exposures mean with rotation of the earth, the 'scope can't track it. Yes, I know you can get a very expensive motorized dolly, but that negates the easy of use.

The Schmidt-Cassegrain:
The Good: Smaller barrel, easy dismantling, light weight construction, computerized tracking, so long exposures for stacking images will work. Can view deep space with more clarity
The Bad: more expensive, moving parts mean chances of breakdown, batteries needed.

I will be selling the telescope I can't use due to the weight of it. There's nothing wrong with it, other than it's too heavy for me since the back surgery. Barely used EQ5 Mount, all eyepieces. Would prefer to sell it locally, as shipping costs would be outrageous due to the weight!

Telescope Pics )

Might even throw in the Webcam I converted to be a CCD camera. :)
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I knew when the transit was supposed to occur, so I was set up and ready to go. There was about a 15 second break/thinness in the clouds, and I took 6 photos.

I really didn't think I had gotten anything.

Oh me of little faith.

This is cropped down and the itty bitty dot that is Venus is a bit difficult to discern, but it's on the bottom left curve of the sun.

Also, the reason the photo is bluish in color, is stack of filters to prevent my retina from being burned out. That's why I thought I hadn't gotten anything, the images on the screen looked like a bright spot on a dark background, with no details. Should have known to check on the big screens first.
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The moon will appear to 'tilt on occasion, but that is me repositioning the camera.
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When I took the photograph of the Occultation, I was concentrating on total image. Someone else, who had taken an almost identical photo pointed something out to me. I got more than just the "Smiley Face".

This is Jupiter and at least three of its moons showing. Not painted, not added, just cropped, pasted, and enlarged so details can been seen. This was taken with my Lumix DMC-FZ30.

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Taken shortly after full dark.

Taken at 10:26pm, when there was some high thin clouds/haze, dimming the moon just a little.

I have some that I took before full dark, too, but have to go through them, as the wind kicked up just enough to vibrate the tripod.

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