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Apr. 13th, 2019 06:28 pm
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He's resorting to sleeping on my foot. Since I had the total knee replacement, I can't cross my left ankle to the top of my right knee, because the right knee hurts when I do that. And I can't flex the right knee enough to rest my right ankle on my left knee.

He used to sleep on my lap, using my dress as a hammock, but now he has to resort to sleeping on my foot. And now my foot is asleep, but I'm not going to move him.
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For our 19 year old refrigerator. Luckily I noticed it before everything in the freezer thawed. It was the the small turkey I got last weekend that was frozen that kept most of what was in the freezer frozen.

Measured the how wide and deep the now dead fridge was, then headed out to Fridge and Washer City. This time, I was in the market for one with the freezer on the bottom. Armed with measuring tape, and reading labels, I selected on that was exactly what I wanted. I asked if it could be delivered today, as I had insulin and other medications in need of refrigeration (I put them in a small insulated lunch box, with some semi thawed ice packs to keep them cool). Was told it could be, and they would take the old one. Worked for me! Made the credit card temporarily smoke by paying for it.

Alan and I went home, and started offloading what was in the freezer into an 'esky' aka cooler. We packed everything we could around the turkey. Then we went to the fridge. Yuck. The smell of things that went off combined to create a really nasty smell. While we were cleaning that out, the new fridge arrived. We weren't done yet, so we busted out butts getting everything out, sorted, packed or tossed.

Talk about an intense 30 minute work out! I am sore... Tramadol sore. This is the first time in months Wing said he would cook tonight. Gawd, I Love that man. He's also bringing home some 3M sticky tabs so we can re-hang the cooking utensils on the side of the fridge.I have needed the prescription pain meds.

Did I mention I was sore? Oh yeah, I did.
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Slogging through all the Windows 7 "Cumulative Updates" I passed on installing so I could keep using one my favorite Blu-Ray players. But it's come to the time that I just uninstalled it, and have installing the rather backed up Cumulative updates. There are quite a few, but they take so long to download, and then to install, just going to do two a day.

Have to say, not happy about having to do this, but seeing as Micro$oft is going to be ending official support in 2020, it behooved me to get the updates installed, regardless how many programs Micro$oft suddenly deemed unworthy or out of date.
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We discussed the blurry vision when trying to focus on something (like reading books) and it is a normal side effect of Lyrica. It *should* settle itself after a while.

Discussed the Lorazepam. I told him I was taking half of what he proscribed. I had tried with the two tabs, three times a day, but I was just too wonked out. I told him I discovered that a sharp, loud, sudden sound would start to trigger a seizure. Even watching a car accident on TV would make my leg and arm start twitching. Discovering one seizure trigger is a good thing.

Got my flu shot, and my arm is already sore, but it was something I expected. Ordered vaccination for shingles, which is currently in my fridge, as I have to wait a few weeks between vaccinations.

Oh, yes, forgot, told him about doing 30 minutes a day on my stationary bike, and how it makes the tendons in my leg feel very stiff and sore. He suggested I get an elliptical trainer. It will be discussed with Wing, and I will try one out first. If my leg can't handle the elliptical treadmill/trainer, I can still keep using the stationary bike.
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Before dawn, I felt a nip on the back of my upper arm. This isn't anything unusual, as it's something Keito has done for years. But when he didn't get the response he wanted, he *bit* me. Hard enough to bruise and break the skin, but not hard enough to bleed.

I yelled at him, swatted at him, and told Wing to put him outside.

My upper arm looks like I have a healed miniature vampire bite.
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Skylum has come out with Luminar Flex, which as far as I can tell, is Luminar 3 but without the system crashing 'cataloging' feature.

It claims to support Lightroom (classic) and Photoshop, but the plugin didn't install in Photoshop CS6, even though there was nothing about what VERSION of Photoshop as in it had to be "Creative Cloud" (aka Rent me Forever) As I have typed before, I have an older version of CC on my computer, and it just sits there for issues like this. I installed Luminar Flex, then went into Programs\Common Files\Adobe\PhotoshopCC\ and copied it over to the Photoshop CS6 (and CS5)directory, and it works without a problem.

Skylum claimed it was a freebie for those who purchased that disaterous Luminar 3, but I had to use one of my Luminar 3 license activations to use it (I will be emailing them regarding that). As for Flex's functionality, it's much better than Luminar 3. As I am old school, and make my own catalogs of photos, and events, the cataloging feature was of no use to me, so having Flex as a straight up plugin works much better for my work flow. I still use On1PhotoRaw for developing and the majority of the 'heavy lifting', but sometimes, I have to add a little something from other photo processing programs that On1 lacks. (Sorry, On1, you know I'm a big fan, but even well known On1 photographers use Lightroom for other tweaks).

If your system can handle Luminar 3 (mine is no slouch, but even with this beast, Luminar 3 would grind things to a glacial crawl) there's no real need for Flex. But for me, personally, Flex is a much better fit than Luminar 3 in my Photoshop workflow.
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Just when I was getting close to.. appreciating Windows 10.

Shut everything down as normal, and when I booted back into Windows 10, it all seemed to go ok. Tried to start my browser. It wouldn't start. I tried to start compatibility mode to see if that was the issue, and that wouldn't start for it. Next step, reinstall and reinstall. Nope, didn't work. Searched the web. Why isn't it the only solution Windows Tech comes up with is either : a clean boot, or reinstall of the OS. Well, the clean boot didn't do diddly squat, and a reinstall is like killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer.

And for some bizarre reason, both Windows 7 and 10 want to run chkdsk on all the drives. Why? I have no idea. I can see running it if the system drive shut down unexpectedly, but this wanting to scan external data drives?

So, booted into Windows, and everything is running just fine. Browser started without any problems.

I think the next time I boot into Windows 10, I will make a back up of my browser profiles, deactivate programs, and just f**king reinstall windows 10. There's something wrong with it. Maybe start fresh. I cringe at all the time I'm going to have to waste reinstalling program, and begging one software maker (Panolapse) to please give me a new key for my program, and just reinstall.
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I was so so when I went to bed last night. I have no idea why, but all I know is I couldn't get to sleep because of it. Got up, took some ibuprofen/paracetamol tablets. Must have worked because the next thing I knew, we were being annoyed by three of the cats to get up and feed them.

Picked up a Canon 1DmkIV in immaculate condition, looks brand new, for cheap cheap.  Tested it out and it's ok, and although it does focus faster than the 7DmkII, and has a larger sensor, it's not better than then 7DmkII.  So, plan b: bundle them both together for a trade in. 


Mar. 28th, 2019 12:50 pm
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I updated my tablet driver, as the Wacom Desktop Center instructed.  Rebooted and wow, color me so not surprised, Windows 10 no longer detected my tablet.  I did all the at home trouble shooting, uninstalling everything, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting.. nada, bupkiss.

Called Wacom help center, and a very nice young man named Jay, who was very grateful I could give him concise details on what I had done, we were able to figure it out. It seems the driver the WDC had was glitchy, and he had me download a new one. While it was downloading, I uninstall all things Wacom.  After the download, when through the inevitable cycle of reboot, install, reboot.

Plugged tablet in, and Tada! All I had to do was remap all my stylus/pens.
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Now I know why some animals gnaw their own feet off to escape.  I have done EVERYTHING short wiping the hdd (or throwing it out the frigging door) to fix whatever the MS Tech support did to 'help', and nothing is working. Cumulative updates will NOT install.  Bluetooth that worked perfectly, and is a signed drive, will NOT INSTALL! Microsoft says it's an Asus problem, Asus says it's a Microsoft problem. Both companies are quick to fix the blame than fix the f*cking problem!  I managed to fix the Taskmanager not working all by my lonesome. Seeing as my surface pro had the same build of Windows 10 as my desktop did, I copied the exe file from it, to my desktop, copied it to the proper directory, and TADA!

Please, don't offer advice, I don't need it. 

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