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There are people out there doing something called 'bitcoin mining'. They have found some sort of way to use specific graphics cards to make this easier.

Because of them, just about all computer stores that have these cards have deliberately jacked up the prices of what the have in stock to increase their profits. I'm not saying higher prices on new stock because the manufacturers/suppliers are pushing up their prices, but on already in house stock.

I had one company try that bullshit with me.

The card was, with shipping and 3% PayPal surchage, $311. They had 5 in stock. Order one, and when I checked back, their counter said 4 in stock, meaning I had successfully purchased one.

I get email this morning from the store. "Unfortunately, the cards you are after are not currently in stock and there is a major shortage Aust wide as everyone is after these cards for bit coin mining. We expect a shipment in this morning"

Anyone surprised that they're charging $90 more?

I have said it before, and I will say it again... next time you try to screw me, kiss me first.

Found the same card on ebay for $30 less than what they were charging, NO paypal surcharge, AND free shipping


Dec. 6th, 2016 08:20 am
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Get up this morning, get the the purrkids fed, get the coffee started, take care of feline toileting receptacles.

Boot up computer.... or should I say press power button. *Click* nothing. Check to see if Ziggy managed to unplug something. Shut off master switch, depress power button for 30 seconds, discharging any residual electricity. Press power button. *Click*

My bet (and hope) is that the same thing that took out the motherboard/cpu a while back, weakened the power supply and it just went.

Will have Alan test it out when he gets up. Using Sony VAIO with all USB hubs plugged in. Will have to do the 'Dance of the HDs" on occasion, but I can deal with that.
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My old Samsung Galaxy 5, which had Navigon by Garmin on it, took a fall and starting having issues.

So, I got a new Samsung S7 and used SmartSwitch to import all my apps.

I started up Navigon, and got message that "This service is no longer a available" and to head to Google Play.

Ok, I did and discovered that I would have to shell out $40 if I wanted it to work. I charged up my S5, and even without a SIM chip, Navigon works on it. This is the only app I have been told I have to 're-buy' to use it on new device.

So, yes, Garmin, you suck.
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How I have missed you! Let's try not to have another meltdown, ok?

Had a bit of a panic when I got NTLDR is missing when I first booted up. Then I remembered, just go into the BIOS and change the boot order. Yay! No more NTLDR... but then I got UEIF error in regards to the OS. Ok, reboot, back into the BIOS, go into the advanced settings, change the Security to OTHER OS. That problem solved.

Booted into Windows. Well, once again, one program says my left monitor is #1 Primary, but another says the OTHER one is. I can live with that.

Connected the two powered USB hubs. A USB3 and a USB2. Then I added one device at a time. Once the drivers were installed for it, connect another. Rinse, and repeat as necessary. The only thing I can't get connected is the replacement replacement Seagate drive. The USB3 Sata Bridge on it just won't play nice. Fine. Alan can have it.

After two months down there was gbs worth of updates. Yikes.

Alan knows what I'm like when I start working on computers. I don't eat. I drink coffee, and water and just keep working until things are done. He all but sat me down with a lunch in front of me.
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Have my Sony Vaio laptop running Windows 8 with two USB hubs. And I have both 23" monitors, HDMI port, and DVI to USB set up. I have the laptop lid closed, so only the two external monitors are visible.

Using old Acer wireless keyboard and right handed Acer wireless mouse, and my lefty mouse. Have my graphics tablet on top of the closed laptop.

As I said, it ain't pretty, but it works.
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No where in any of my correspondence with you did I ask you, request from you, financial assistance in the costs of the data recovery of the faulty drive you sent to me to replace the faulty drive I sent to you.

What I did send you was my displeasure and disgust with the level of quality of goods and services. But as I have had to select slowest service, because I can't afford $4k for a quick service, I emailed to let YOU know you have to wait for ME, for a change.

Now, shut the fuck up with your excuses, with the use of using an 8pt font so I didn't know I was getting a refurb instead of a new replacement drive for your faulty one, you cheap SOBs. And if or when I actually do get another refurb from you, I'm sure it will make a great paperweight as I would not trust to put any data on it, especially after 3 Seagate failures in 5 years.
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Screw you.

Yes, I know you replaced the faulty drive 2 years ago, but I have something I need to say.
When I sent my faulty drive back to you, and you sent one back after your tests showed what mine did, that the drive failed, I presumed you had sent me a new drive with the normal 3 year warranty.

Well, the replacement drive you sent started having failure issues of the same sort. So, I take photograph of the Part number and serial number that is printed on the underside of the drive. Imagine my shock and anger to find out that you did NOT send me a new drive, but a 'recertifed' aka refurbished drive, but also not covered under warranty! I am taking the drive to PAYAM data recovery, HOPING they can recover the data.

This is the 3rd Seagate drive I have had fail. You man now figure the odds of my getting another one.. ever.
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Ah, will the fun of tech ever stop?

I have been swapping out charge cords for USB devices. I did have a USB2 multiport hub, but it's not very efficient for USB3 devices.

You would think the solution would be to get USB3 hub or hubs (depending on the number of ports per hub). Well, yes.. sort of.

Powered down computer, unplugged devices from USB2 hub. Set up the two USB3 hubs. Plugged in the devices, started up the computer and waited.

The portable USB hd didn't get recognized. Swapped port on the hub, drive is found. Applied proper drive letter.

Naga Hex gaming mouse not recognized. Tried swapping ports, and waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting. No joy. Computer only recognized it when plugged into port on the computer, not the hub. Same with the HD Webcam.

Then, suddenly, my keyboard wasn't working except for a few keys and the media controllers. Unplugged and replugged it in. Nope. Rebooted. Ta da! Keyboard working again.

Had to juggle the Wacom tablet port assignment. It has its' own unique quirk. The tablet seems to need to have the wireless dongle in even if I want to use the cable, or else the tablet 'isn't there'.

As of now, I no longer have a USB cords in the front ports of the computer that the arm of my chair kept catching on.
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And annoyances...

Some update to Firefox and Waterfox caused a pretty serious glitch. Both Mozilla browsers would 'forget' what addons were installed, they would vanish from the "Add-Ons Manager" list. They would still be visible on tool bars, though. After a few restarts, though, both browsers would have all the addons open in a new tab and ask if I wanted to install them.

I did all the troubleshooting, even ripping out every little bit and piece of firefox/waterfox including profiles and plugins. I had made a list of what utilities and addons I had, and then spent 2 hours reinstalling the browsers, and the addons... only to have the freaking problem persist.

I threw my hands up, and installed Cyberfox. Yes, AIRoboform doesn't automatically load a page once the login information is place where it needs to be, but it's not getting amnesia about its settings and addons.

And in other news, France caught the mad man who plotted the mass murder of Parisians. He's dead. And as much as I don't celebrate the death of another human being, the world is a better place without someone so enamored with death, and the killing of others.
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Because I wasn't paying attention while Wing was getting ready for work, I chose the wrong delete option when clearing off a CF card. I chose DELETE ALL instead of DELETE SELECTED. And of course I couldn't stop the deletion while in progress.

I immediately started SD Card Recovery Pro... effing USELESS. It found 74 files. Some of which were from 2012! Too bad I had deleted over 300 images.

Then came EaseUS File Recovery. It found over 900 files. YAY! Unfortunately it recovered them as unopenable TIF and ICO files. Yes, I tried every graphics program I had on the computer trying, and searched for others. No Joy!

Iolo Search and Recover - Ok, this found more of them, but only two of this mornings photos. In total about 150.

Just about read to give up, I searched and found one called "R-Undelete". Not expecting much but hoping for the best, I installed it and ran it.

it found over 900 images/files, and I recovered all the sunrise photos I took this morning, and then some. All in their proper format. All readable, openable, not corruptions. And the best part, is R-Undelete is free for home user.

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