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Ziggy had to have two infected teeth removed. Since she is a raw meat eater, Dr Dinesh said that would be better for her, as he gums would be sore.... and asked if it was possible to warm it first. I looked at him and said "We always warm it." (Power level 3, 20 seconds in the microwave)

She's not overly happy with us, as we have to medicate her twice a day (One dose of anti-inflammatory, two doses of antibiotic). Wing does the morning dosages with me (anti inflammatory, one antibiotic) , and Alan helps me with the second antibiotic dose. Best thing is to swaddle her in a huge, thick towel right up to her ears so she can't squirm away. She fights longer than it takes to give her the damned doses!

Just have to remember to feed her warmed raw meat at least twice a day. Don't want her trying to eat kibble.
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Ziggy is at the vet as we are trying to figure out why her left nostril is a 'snot rocket'. I can use a Nehti pot to flush my sinuses out, but one can't do that do a conscious cat. Not unless one wants a lot of scratches and other injuries. So, anesthesia, X-Ray, flush sinuses, swab detritis for tests, blood tests to see if there is any underlying viral issue causing the recurring infection.

I get a phone call from the vet, that Ziggy has two infected back teeth and they have to come out (and yes, I think that might be the reason for the sinus infection, but will see later when we talk to the vet.

So, hit with "This will add another $350 on the vet bill for dental extraction." *sigh* Give the ok because we do have pet insurance, and if we have the vet put that it was an oral infection, not dental scaling for cosmetic reasons, there is a good chance at least part of it might be covered for rebate, but we still have to pay it out first.

What do I find in the mail box today? A refund check for Ziggy's LAST vet visit for $206. At least that will mitigate some of the pay out.
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Ziggy, like I, have been hammered by allergies due to controlled burn-offs.

Problem is getting her medication into her. She is a small cat, but so so strong, it takes two of us to scruff her, hold her, open her mouth to get 1/4 of a pill into her.

As I don't like doing that way all the time, I hid her antihistamine in her meat.. a bit of a pill, about the size of a sesame seed. She ate all the meat all around it, avoiding it.


When she wasn't looking I squished the meat juice soaked piece of pill on my fingertip. Made a noise that made her look at me, then pointed at her, and when she went to sniff, I rubbed it on the inside of her gums.

*slurp slurp* Dirty look.

Mission accomplished!
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Last year, Trance went into total panic mode when we brought her into for physical and vaccinations. So, to save her the panic, we scheduled to have the vets come out here for her. They said "Well, we can do all the cats' exams at the same time."

They just left. Vaccinations given, exams given, Keito's blood drawn for testing. Trance did panic a bit, but no where near as much as she did at the Vets' office. She settled down and just voiced her complaint.

Ziggy was her usual. Sat there there until done. Healthy moggie.

Loki is a bit overweight, but that is because he keeps sneaking up behind the others and finishing what the left in their dishes, the oinker.
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Two paws on my shoulder, and a YOWL means "I need to use outdoor sandbox!"

Head snog/head boop on my shoulder means "Treats, please?"

Head snog/head boop on arm and should, combined with meow means "Hungry!"

Meow from the cushion on the sofa means "Cuddle/petting time, please."
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Just sent Ziggy's filled out claim form to the vet for them to put in the info and forward it to PetPlan.

Many people have said "Why not just set up a savings account for pet expenses?" Yes, in a perfect world, when just normal things like check ups and vaccinations are the norm, this would be a good solid plan.

HOWEVER, when you have a seriously ill cat (Keito for instance) a small savings account isn't going to help. Keito was in Murdoch Emergency Vet for 9 days. Average cost was $1000 a day, because he needed 24/7, treatment, supervision, surgery and IVs etc etc. (pet haters, beware, I will delete your comments and block your sorry asses, capice?) Because we had pet insurance 65% of the bill was covered.

Ziggy's current bill is no where near that much, but getting $120 again back is good.(yes, again, because she has had this allergy problem a few times this year. $180 per visit.)

Each cat is about $300 a year to cover. That is the price of one emergency vet visit, NOT counting treatment, surgery, medications. $1200. About 1/8th of what Keito's vet bill added up to be. So yeah, definitely well worth it and cost effective.
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Ziggy liked the armrest I had gotten for my desk. She would sit on it when I wasn't using it, as she fit so perfectly. See?

Loki kept trying to do the same, but at twice her weight, I wouldn't let him get on it.

Ziggy used it one time too many for a springboard, and it broke. Me, being the type that thinks ahead, went into my bedroom, rummaged around the top of my wardrobe, and got the other one out (different style, so won't have the same structural weakness the previous one had.) and bonus, this one has a wrist rest built in.

Here's hoping the new one lasts a bit longer.
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For now.

I went into my office area, and could hear the steady growling of an pissed off cat. Ziggy. Loki was about 3ft away from her, and she was letting out a steady stream of growling (and for such a tiny cat she sounds very fierce. had deep guttural growl).

Shooed Loki away and spotted Trance's collar on the floor, by the looks of it, torn off of her. In the short space of Wing feeding Ziggy and his ducking it to take a shower, Trance went after Ziggy and Ziggy handed her her ass.. again.

The "they get to live".... I spotted two of my external hds knocked to the floor, the small USB fan I keep going behind the computer to prevent overheating (not that it's really a problem, but why take chances) broken, and cords unplugged.

Took about 2 hours to get everything set up to test.

Other than the fan frame needing to be glued together, all seems to be in good working order.

Ziggy finally let me check her out (she was a bit umm smelly as Trance had, shall we say, bladder control issues when she decided to take Ziggy on again.) Ziggy is cleaned and groomed, and I checked her for wounds. Nada.

Now, I have to find Trance and do the same. I'm betting she is sporting some new scratches again.
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Ziggy, our older Bengal, has the habit of when she is stressed, she will lick an area on her leg until the fur fall out, and the skin is irritated. Then the vicious circle of her licking it because it itches , which makes it more raw and irritated, which makes it itchier starts. I put a "Cone of Shame on her and we took her to the vet.

Exam showed no sign of skin infection. Vet and assistant shaved and washed the area, put NeoCort (Combine NeoSporin and Hydrocortisone) ointment on the area, giving it almost immediate relief. Anti-biotic and cortisone injection to last the day. Came home with medications for her.

Unlike Loki, who just got on with life when he had to wear the CONE OF SHAME, Ziggy sulks. Right now, she is on the desk extension/armrest look out the window, dozing off. (yeah, I know, I really didn't want that armrest, did I?)

Did I mention how it's thrown my usual schedule into a tailspin? Get up, crush pill, hide in her food, feed other three, put 1 in bedroom, take CONE OF SHAME off Ziggy, let her 'do her business', put her in front of medicated food (limiting overnight eating ensures she chows down on whatever we give her).

Drink of water, give her a few minutes to groom face. CONE OF SHAME back on. Wing holds her up on 'show pose', while I put on rubber gloves, and apply NeoCort to her leg and upper thigh.

Then I have to babysit her because she is very graceless with the cone, and to make sure Trance (the younger Bengal) doesn't harass her. Can't leave Ziggy locked in a room all day, nor can we do that to Trance.

We get to repeat the ointment again in the evening. I have an antibiotic past to give her, but the first dose.. well lets just say I had to wash it off her face. Vets need to come up with a tuna flavored version. *sigh*

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