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Spoke to the vet about all our cats demanding an extra feed as the weather is getting colder. And what to do regarding Keito. Seeing as he is on glargine (single daily dose, slow release insulin) and scheduled feeding, what do we do when he really wants more to eat because of the change of seasons.

Great news is this: as long as it's high quality protein, he can have more. So, we stocked up on small cans of store brand tuna in spring water, which the vet said was good to supplement his feeding as the weather gets colder. It's things with sugars/grains/carbs in it that has to be avoided.
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Today Keito spent the day at the vet for a Blood Glucose Levels curve test to make sure the insulin amount he is given is enough, and not too little or too much.

At the start of the day after his first feed, his BGL was 20. After insulin, it dropped to 15, then to 12, then to 8.3, then the last test was 7.6.

The 20 is normal after overnight and first feed. It would only be dangerous if that level was sustained for days or weeks. That he responds so well to Glargine (feline insulin) is a good thing. Also, how low it goes could mean his pancreas is making SOME insulin on its own.

When we brought him in on Feb 27, he weighed 4.92kgs. He now weighs 5.22kgs. This is a very good thing. I asked Dr D about Keito demanding a slightly larger feed in the afternoon. He said that with Keito's good BGL numbers, that would be fine.

As long as nothing untoward happens, he doesn't have to go back for 3 months. And that will be for a blood sample to go to the lab.

Keito enjoying his last feed for the day.
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Ziggy had to have two infected teeth removed. Since she is a raw meat eater, Dr Dinesh said that would be better for her, as he gums would be sore.... and asked if it was possible to warm it first. I looked at him and said "We always warm it." (Power level 3, 20 seconds in the microwave)

She's not overly happy with us, as we have to medicate her twice a day (One dose of anti-inflammatory, two doses of antibiotic). Wing does the morning dosages with me (anti inflammatory, one antibiotic) , and Alan helps me with the second antibiotic dose. Best thing is to swaddle her in a huge, thick towel right up to her ears so she can't squirm away. She fights longer than it takes to give her the damned doses!

Just have to remember to feed her warmed raw meat at least twice a day. Don't want her trying to eat kibble.
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Just sent Ziggy's filled out claim form to the vet for them to put in the info and forward it to PetPlan.

Many people have said "Why not just set up a savings account for pet expenses?" Yes, in a perfect world, when just normal things like check ups and vaccinations are the norm, this would be a good solid plan.

HOWEVER, when you have a seriously ill cat (Keito for instance) a small savings account isn't going to help. Keito was in Murdoch Emergency Vet for 9 days. Average cost was $1000 a day, because he needed 24/7, treatment, supervision, surgery and IVs etc etc. (pet haters, beware, I will delete your comments and block your sorry asses, capice?) Because we had pet insurance 65% of the bill was covered.

Ziggy's current bill is no where near that much, but getting $120 again back is good.(yes, again, because she has had this allergy problem a few times this year. $180 per visit.)

Each cat is about $300 a year to cover. That is the price of one emergency vet visit, NOT counting treatment, surgery, medications. $1200. About 1/8th of what Keito's vet bill added up to be. So yeah, definitely well worth it and cost effective.
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Ziggy liked the armrest I had gotten for my desk. She would sit on it when I wasn't using it, as she fit so perfectly. See?

Loki kept trying to do the same, but at twice her weight, I wouldn't let him get on it.

Ziggy used it one time too many for a springboard, and it broke. Me, being the type that thinks ahead, went into my bedroom, rummaged around the top of my wardrobe, and got the other one out (different style, so won't have the same structural weakness the previous one had.) and bonus, this one has a wrist rest built in.

Here's hoping the new one lasts a bit longer.
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Boo (named by a friend in the U.S., so I am exempt from the 'if you name stray, you have to keep it' rule), after almost 2 months of patience and caring, is now in the house. More specifically, in the large bathroom, with food, water, and as you can see, the Cubbycube.

Boo is a very lucky kitty, as he was abandoned. If I had called the council or animal control, since he is intact male, not microchipped, he would have been dubbed as 'feral' and put down, regardless of how friendly and loving he is. Does this look 'feral' to you?

He will be missed, but this little guy is a success story. Not every abandoned pet is given a new Forever Home, but this sweetie is.
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No, I am not 'refusing' to get the possibly abandoned kitty scanned for a microchip. I just don't think the poor mite would like to be caught, hogtied, and stuffed in my bike basket as I have made it abundantly clear I do NOT have a car, and Wing gets home after the vet is closed. And when he gets home it's between 9 and 10pm.

So, take to an after hours place? Sure, if you pay.

Yes, I know you are new there, but your phone skills leave much to be desired.

And you question my flyers lack of phone number? Sorry, but I don't post my phone number publicly anywhere, which is why I gave my gmail address.

Kitty in Question:

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I would say there is a special place in it for those who abandon pets.

*sigh* There is this very pretty, light light grey medium long haired cat, I think female, that used to come around last year, very friendly, chatty. In good condition, wearing a collar. So, she belonged to someone near by.

The past few weeks, we have noticed she no longer has a collar, and has been hanging around our back yard. She is also a bit timid. She appears to be a bit underweight, or just not in as good condition.

All of this leads us to believe her owners have abandoned her. She was at our side door, meowing in a very pitiful way. Yes, I know the rule, but I don't want a cat hunting in our back yard, so I gave her some kibble. She inhaled it. Have left water out there for her in a stainless steel bowl.

I will call CatHaven and RSPCA to see what can be done for her. I am hoping she just slipped her collar, and is a bit a mooch, but not holding out much hope for that.

Again, if I believed in hell, I would say there is a special place in it for those who abandon pets.

Vet called

Jul. 18th, 2015 11:54 am
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Keito is Genetically Male, but now in the peeing department, architecturally female. And he is peeing all on his own.. because he CAN.

Still has feeding tube in because he won't eat there, but he is getting all he needs to eat and all the fluids that way.

Barring meteor strikes, or alien invasions, Keito will come home on Monday.
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And he's feeling much better. Still not ready to be discharged and come home, but so much more active, smoochie, and alert. He snuggled with me and gave me such a hard headboop it hurt my forehead. I didn't mind in the least.

Came home and took off the hoodie I was wearing and gave it to the other purrkids to sniff and check out. Loki is now relaxed on top of the pet tower, and Trance is sleeping on the hoodie now. Ziggy is still Ziggy. :D

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