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Archery was good yesterday. I loved watching the people with their full recurve kits (sights, stabilizers etc etc) walk past the target I was shooting at, look at all the arrows in the 9 and 10 scores. Did I mention I was shooting a long bow? >:) Noticed this morning when I was brushing my teeth that my face was a bit red. Time to break out the sunscreen!

Tonight is Tai Chi. I'm going but not overly enthusiastic about it. I feel a bit off (stiffness mostly). I'll just do what I feel up to doing, and sit out the rest should I feel the need.

Ordered Boxed set of DVDs, and was not happy with its condition when it arrived. The corners of the box are split, as is the corners of the lid. To say 'shop worn' would be polite. I sent photographs to the place where I had ordered them.
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Here's hoping the rain holds off. Bringing laminated recurves, not horsebows, just in case.
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Eyes are better, but still a bit twitchy. Last thing I need is a dose of pollen and fine dust.

Star Trek 11, that movie just rocked the house! )
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Evrything was set up for the clout shoot. I feel as if I sort of cheated as I am the only barebow/longbow user, so will take first place again. On the down side, some moron wasn't listening when he was told to LOOK DOWN when walking, and snapped one of my arrows. I shot quite well, at 125 meters.
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Seems the reason the clout shoot keeps getting canceled is they can't find the clout equipment. Of course, they have only had 3 or 4 months to get everything ready. *sigh*

Went to Foo Gwai for light lunch. Pork Bun Sacrifice was performed to Aki-God . Picked up some squid 'to go' for Alan.
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Not too sure why this time, but getting annoyed. Ended up bringing the wrong bow as I was planning on shooting clout not target shooting.


Apr. 26th, 2009 08:01 am
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Clout shoot today. I don't know how long it will go on, but I typically can't do an entire 'official' competition without being racked and ruined for about 2 weeks afterward. There is no adjustments for physical problems.

I will do what I can, but I am not going to run myself into the ground doing it.
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Today, our archery club was hosting a state competition. Aikidomayland , being the Vice President of the club, assisted with the set up and whatever else was needed. He got up at OMIGOD Hundred hour, and quietly got ready to go, so I expected a nice sleep in and slow awakening.

Uhh no. He let Loki in, and within minutes, Loki was bugging me to get up. *sigh*

Got hot, so the pool and I had a standing date. The top part, due to the very strong Aussie sun, has become rather air permeable now. If I try to fill it to firmness the air just leeches out. But I did find out is that it will take a 'soft fill' of air which is enough to keep the water in. And have also found out that the bike pump, if you remove the small bit that clips over a tire valve, fits into the smaller of the two pool air valves, so I can fill it up as needed. I might not be able to rest my back on the sides of the pool but I do have the built in seats that I can still rest my head on and float, which is just fine. It's a splash pool, not a swimming pool.

An hour of floating, fresh air and sunshine, and cooling off meant I was smacked upside the head with the sleepies. Crashed for about an hour or so.
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For the past two days, it has been hot and humid.

Went to dinner in a 'hawkers cafe' style restaurant with Mom In Law. Pleasant enough company, but the place was like a sauna. We all bailed as soon as we were done eating, An to head off for a shower, and me for my pool! Immediate relief from the heat. Floated around for at least an hour.

Archery today. There was another club competition, but it was so hot many of the participants left before the end of it. Went to Foo Gwai, where we sacrificed two pork buns to Aki-God. *urp*

When we got home, Aikidomayland took a cool shower. I, on the other hand, visited the pool again. Blessed relief again. I will be going back out there again before the day is through.
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We got up before the sun to get ready for archery today. We wanted to get our rounds in before it got too stinkin' hot. Shot with the longbow and new string. Still had vibration. Chris was there today, and he shot the longbow, and told aikidomayland there was most definitely vibration, and the new string didn't fix the problem.

Chris unwound his flemish twist, removed his string silencers and put them on my bowstring. What a difference. No more hand feeling as if I had been handling a power drill for an hour.

Went to Foo Gwai with Discordia13 and Delicious Irony . Pork Buns were duly sacrificed to Akire-yta .

Came home, and floated and cooled off in the pool. Totally knackered now, want to sleep.

Must.... find.... coffee.

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