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Saw Matt today, and I told him what happened to my knee after the last visit. He looked a bit sheepish and said "I guess we were a bit over enthusiastic because of your progress." He listened to what I said happened, and how many days the pain and swelling laid me up. He said that chances are that most of the adhesions I had under the skin and scar had been released and broken, which led to the swelling.

The good news is, even though I couldn't do much in the way of rehab exercise sets for almost 4 days, I haven't 'relapsed'. I was able to bend my knee, unassisted, to 105 degrees, and after some massage therapy on the tight tendons, and on the scar, I was able to bend it back to 109.

Oh yeah, Matt said my scar is marvelous. :D

I get to go back next week.
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The swelling on my knee has gone way down, and the bruised coloring is fading. It's still more painful than it was prior to last Tuesday, but no where near as painful as it was Wednesday through Friday. I was able to do all of the rehab exercises, although I don't think I pulled my heel as far back as I had before Tuesday. And I slept better last night than I have for most of the week.
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It took a few days, but the bruise showed up on my knee. I really don't think it was Matt's intention to have my knee get swollen, sore, and bruised with that one manipulation, but I will request he not do that one again.

Have to go refill two prescriptions. Of course these two run out over a week after getting the OTHERS refilled. *sigh*
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But whatever Matt did to my knee on Tuesday, it still effin' hurts! I mean back to what it felt like 3 weeks post op. I slept for shit last night, and when I got up this morning, my knee was very painful and stiff. I've gone from doing 5 sets of exercises a day, to not being able to do them at all yesterday, to barely pushing through the pain to get 2 done today.

I think I'm going to request Matt not flex my knee to that point again. It doesn't do me any good if it sets me back half of my recovery time to date.

Ummm, ow

Oct. 10th, 2017 05:05 pm
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Physio appointment today. Did my knee bend, unassisted, to 104 degrees. Not bad, as I was told the mark we were aiming for was 100 degrees. After some massage, and acupressure treatment, I was able to bend it, unassisted to 108 degrees. I discussed the pain I get on top of my knee that comes and goes. Matt said that was probably due to adhesions that are being broken, but then reform, under the scar tissue. When the rest of the surgical sealing tape/bandage falls off, I can work on the scar to make it more pliable.

Then, Matt worked on my quads and hamstring muscles to loosen them up.

Of course now I am one hurting unit.

Go back next week at the same time.
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I have 11 Post knee replacement exercises to do every day. The optimum amount would be doing the set 5 times a day. I normally get at least 4 of them done.

I have noticed that the first set I do is more for working out the stiffness. It's rather surprising how stiff I get just from sleeping. Subsequent sets are achieving the necessary bends and stretches.

This morning, my knee was both stiff and a bit puffy, so I put on the thigh to ankle compression sock, and it does help. I've gotten two sets done so far today. Hoping to get all 5 sets done today.
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I went in at 4pm. As we were walking back I told him that I think I had been on my feet, without the crutches, a bit too much yesterday, as my knee felt thick and stiff around 6pm last night. After recounting everything I had done, it turns out I was on my feet for almost 3 hours without a break. Didn't do any damage, and I was still able to do the rehab exercises today, but my knee did feel thick.

I was asked to bend the knee back as far as I could. 95 degrees, unassisted. Matt gave it a massage to relieve the swelling in my foot (swelling is normal) and worked the knee joint and knee cap. He then asked me to bend it back again, as far as I could. Over 100 degrees of bend. For comparison, last week it was 85, then 94 degrees.

Was told to limit the amount of time I am standing without the crutches to 30 minutes, then take a break. Repeat as necessary.

Oh, and it turns out being able to put my own socks on actually is a milestone, as it shows more mobility in the knee. Who knew?

Go back next week, same bat time, same bat channel.
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Queen sized, lower than the double. I thought I would have difficulty sleeping in a new bed, but nope. It was so comfortable. I went to bed, pulled the blanket up, and next thing I knew, it was morning. I did have a brief wake up when Wing came back from his gaming session, but I slept almost 9 hours in total.

Wing and I went for a few short walks yesterday, which probably accounted for my good resting last night. Headed to City Farmers to get cat food for our 4 purr kids. They had a great sale going on, so we stocked up. I really like that they paid attention to what their customers were saying. I had been asked why I hadn't been around for a long time, and I told them honestly that it was less expensive to go to grocery stores, as one or more of what we used was on sale. I was told that was one of the reasons they brought the prices down. And because of that, we go there now, instead of the grocery store.

Then we headed to Coles, and walked around there for about a half hour. It's slow going on crutches, but at least it's going. When we got back, I was rather surprised at how tired I was. Had a light supper, and went to bed before 9.

The knee is still stiff, but the pain level is being managed with proper medications. I understand what Dr S said that the majority of the rehab is pain management, because if you can't do the bends/stretches/exercises because of pain, it would take even longer to recover. But I have learned to not over do it, and I learned the hard way by over doing it. So, this patient must be patient.
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Both Wing and Alan have been fantastic. I still tend to try to do more than I should, but Alan puts a stop to it quick fast and in a hurry.

Wing also is there whenever I need something. I can't bend my knee back far enough to put a sock on the right foot. Same applies to other articles of clothing. And he's there for me.

I kept apologizing to the both of them, because I go through moods (Nurse Practitioner and Dr S said it's due to pain meds) where I feel like nothing but a burden.

Alan kind of put it perspective by saying "Mom, the way you took care of us after we was sick, or hurt, and after surgery, let us do the same for you now."
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In bed for 8hrs 45 mins. Actual sleep time, 8 hrs 11 mins. I haven't felt THIS rested in weeks.

Got up at 5:51, did the usual morning waking routines, and got into my rehab exercises right away. Was able to do over 20 of each one. Not bad seeing as I was lucky if I got 10 before muscle failure.

Still wish I could inform Samsung Gear that "No, I can't step it up.".. not for a while, yet.

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