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anysia: (Portrait 2009)

Listening to the Voices in My Head

Voices in the Dark, Musings from the edge.

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Birthdate:Nov 23
American Down Under. Born in Texas, moved all over the place. Got a degree in Graphic Arts, yeeha! Studied different forms of dancing, including Classical Egyptian bellydancing, and Medieval dances.
While studying Medieval dancing, I was thoroughly instructed on how to teach dancing in the US, by Lady Silva (bellydancer/Medieval Dancer/Teacher)and Random Ap Hobart (Dance Master) from '90 to '94.
Moved to Australia in May 2000, started dancing again, and never looked back. About 7 months after I arrived, I began studying Egyptian bellydance again, the switched to American Tribal Style bellydance. Debuted as the first ATS performers in W.A. as part of a duo Sept 5th, 2002. Studied ATS a bit further with student group from local studio, then continued studying, and practicing as part of a duo. Started teaching ATS around May 2003.

Co-director of The Black Swan TribeĀ© in Western Australia. Instructor/performer/costume creator.

After a 24 yr old injury caught up with me, I have taken a hiatus from the dance world, and have reapplied myself to photograph, and graphics work. I have sold artworks online, at art shows and stock photo sites.

My Photography and Graphic Works

Buy my art

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Astrophotography: Equipment, one Newtonian EQ,
900-130mm, and a DSE Webcam adapted for astrophotograpy.

Jupiter and 3 Moons

Jupiter and Three Moons

Crescent Moon Viewed from Southern Hemisphere

Crescent Moon Viewed from Southern Hemisphere

Moon, red filter, 3x Barlow, low exposure, medium contrast.

Mars, light blue filter, 1.5 Barlow. Sofware used:IRIS, RegiStax, and Photoshop.

I am also an astronomy buff/astronomer. I do it because I love it,and watching the march of the seasons through the changes in the night sky are amazing. The southern skies make for easier planet viewing as there are fewer stars than in the northern hemisphere,but I do miss the starry northern skies.

Barebow archery: No sights, no balances. Just me, pointy sticks, bendy stick and a string.

Anysia, Sagitarian Archer

Plinking targets at the Bowmen of Melville Archery Club.


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LJBook (gads_ljbook)

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