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While Wing and I were meandering back to the hotel after visiting the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. He would stop to take some street shots, I would do the same but elsewhere. To save some wear and tear on my right knee, I walked to the elevator to take it up to storys to the boardwalk.

Wing walked up the stairs, and he must have done it after I had gotten on the elevator and didn't see what i had done.

The doors silently opened, and I step out, silently, saw he was tapping out a text message. I knew it was a "Where B U?" to me.

Before he hit send, I said "I'm right here."

He said "OH JEEZUS!!" and jumped back.
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Wing is now in the process of going through the flu I had.

He has the aches and chills, along with the cough. I walked into the bedroom, he looked up at me and in a croaky voice asked "How did you survive this?"

I'm feeling better, but no where near the 'all better' stage. Keito is on the mend... miffed because we won't take the 'Cone of Shame' off, or let him outside. He'll get over it.
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Went to dinner with Wing , Alan and An for an 'After Wing's Birthday" dinner. It's amazing to see An eat.

She is built like this: |

But she eats like this: l.

She is up to 43kgs now (durring her illness, she was down to almost 35kgs), and she looks marvelous. She smiles, laughs and engages with people. She has become a social butterfly, which we go "YES!" when we hear about another date/luncheon/coffee klatch.
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Been up since 4:30ish am, because Wing felt it was necessary to tell me he wasn 't feeling well. And I'm the type of person, once I'm awake, I'm awake. On rare occasions I can get back to sleep, but that wasn't to happen today.

Got up, fed the two male Purr Kids (Ziggy wasn't interested in eating yet) Didn't do too much as I didn't want to disturb Wing. I swear, if a gnat burps, the noise of that would wake him up.

Waited for the mail to arrive. Photo5 box still hasn't arrived, so I decided to read up on the Canon Photo5 site to see what the brief was about. Flour, texture and contrast. Ok, then pillaged my own kitchen to find what I would need to set that up and do it.

Three 20 minute sets, 2 clean ups and three set ups, checking images, and then being satisfied with some images. Now, just have to figure out which crop/size I want.

Re-ordered coffee yesterday, and they arrived today. Not too shabby, but the deliveryman giave me the creeps. Car parked in the drive way, and he walks up and yells "ANYONE HOME?" To which I answer "Yes, be right with you."

Normal so far, yes? I open the door, and he looks me up and down a few times, asks my name, which I provided, then he stepped a bit closer looking down then up but this time his eyes didn't reach my face.

Hey, I'm no prize, but I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. I backed up and made sure the box of coffee was between him and myself. Wing, in the bedroom, coughed and this guys eyes darted over my left shoulder. I said "My husband is home, not feeling too well today." He handed me the thingamabob to scribble my signature and left with alacrity. I actually felt relieved.

Now, I'm starting to feel that early morning rising, compounded with going to bed rather late last night. Will try to make it until at least 9pm, then it's jammie time!
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Wing 's mom is truly suffering from depression. And couple that with anxiety it means she isn't sleeping, or eating, losing weight, having memory lapses.

She had an assessment from an "Active Care Giver" service, and pretty much said all the same things we have been saying for months and months. Severe depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, borderline malnutrition. She was offered "Meals On Wheels" but she said no. Fine. We are getting a vacuum food sealer that can seal wet and dry, and we will prepare food here, keeping in mind her dietary restrictions (no red meat or pork). And if needs be, I will hop on my trusty bike, and deliver them on a daily basis. Then I will sit there and wait until she has eaten whats been brought, and will only leave until I get the dishes cleaned. She can put them away.

I will keep doing thing until her signs of malnutrition start abating. I don't care if she whines, complains etc etc. Do not mess with the American Daughter In law. Her days of guilting Wing into doing things her way all the time are over. Enough. I don't do guilt, and if someone tries to guilt trip me, I don't cave in, I get pissed off and fight back.

If she tries to make it a game of choosing between giving in to her, or keeping Wing sane and healthy, it's Wing.
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While searching for Wing 's glasses, I spotted my old Lumix DMCFZ50. I decided to give it a try to see if all was well with it.

Not surprisingly, the batter in the camera was dead, but one of the extra ones was fully charged. Popped it in, turned on the camera. Oh dear, it had been unpowered for so long that I had to reset time and date. Did that. Then I took it for a mini test drive. Still works and works well. Of course that EVF, after using a DLSR, is a bit fiddly, but doable. I miss the light weight of it, too. Takes great photos:

Valentine's Day Bouquet. Colors are bright, and whites are true.

Ziggy, ever patient camera model/tester

I came across a wireless keyboard his previous job gave him, along with the laptop computer w/ its docking station. I decided to see if it was still functional. Opened up the battery compartment and spotted two old, starting to corrode batteries. Not good. So I removed them, and carefully cleaned the contact points inside the battery compartment.

Next step, finding the wireless hub for the mouse and keyboard. Found it, plugged it in. Then went in search of charged batteries. As it turns out, Energizer rechargeables are a bit too big for the battery compartment, so I grabbed a couple of my camera flash batteries. Fit in perfectly. By the time I did that, the drivers for the hub and keyboard had downloaded and installed.

Typing on the keyboard now, and it's not too shabby. The action is smooth, and it feels as if I'm actually typing. They space bar is a bit clunky by comparison to my other one, but it does the job. Will be taking the batteries out and putting the keyboard away for a 'just in case' (and if you've ever seen Wing's previous keyboard, you would know what I mean) a keyboard is needed.

I still haven't found Wing 's glasses yet, but haven't given up.

Back to the search!
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Went out for a planned photoshoot with Wing today. Slight hiccup in our communication, as I had said I wanted to go into Perth to get some city street photography, and he forgot.

Well, it was a lemons/lemonade situation, so I made the best of it. Met up with a fellow photog, and had a nice meander through Fremantle. I wanted to take my 100-400 lens out and give it a good try. Not just photographing the moon/Jupiter, or just the birds visiting the trees and birdbath (although I did work to make them get a bit used to my presence)

Todays "Keeper to delete" ratio: Took 27 photos. So far 12 are good. Almost 50%
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It was Wing 's Mumble-ty Mumble-ty birthday yesterday. He tried to let it sneak by, but I announced to family and friends that it was, and it resulted in a flood of birthday wishes.

After he went to work, Alan and I wrapped his present, and I prepared ingredients to make a lime/coconut cheese cake. Picked limes off the tree, grated the lime peel, squeezed the limes and proceeded to use my birthday present, Sunbeam Stand Mixer, and got busy making this:

I had jokingly asked him what did he want for dinner. "Satay chicken of SahTAY chicken?". He said "Surprise me!". Far be it from me not to 'obey', I called a local Chinese restaurant and ordered some home delivered take out.

Wng came home, and found the dining room table all decked out with a luscious meal, a gift, and we indulged him for the evening. :) All in all, it was a great night.
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Wing knows I'm a bit.. lamed from volunteering at SupaNova 2012. I know I'm not supposed to stand for hours on end, but ... that is what ended up happening. Was fun, not as good a con as I had hope, but ok. Too many new rules and regs for con goers, or just different. I got asked about it a lot, but hey.. I was just a willing con-slave.

My new bagless cyclonic 'sucky things' aka vacuum cleaners arrived. A Dyson hand held for small jobs, and a stand up one I just got from Catch of the Day. I used it on the runner in the front entry way, and the kitchen. Egads, the amount of crud .. I could have made a "Crud Puppy". heh.

Wing is sweetly cooking dinner. I did do the dishes and vacuumed, albeit rather stiltedly and slow. I'm sure I'll recover.. just a matter of how fast. :)
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Wing had another "Black and White Photography" lesson, and asked me if I wanted to go along. Was feeling kind of tired, so said no at first. Then I figured I would be tired at home doing nothing, or tired walking around Fremantle and doing something, so I opted for the something. Also, I could give my Canon G1X a serious test drive. It passed with, not with straight A's but with a solid B- to B+. The Minuses were the same issues I had with the G12, so it was a familiar issue. I don't use the Articulated live view screen for a view finder. I use it for light metering, and to set F Stop and Shutter speed. Then look through the diopter and take photo. It handles higher ISOs wonderfully, and even though it's only 4x zoom (the G12 was 5X) the larger sensor allowed for larger and sharper photos, so you can zoom in by cropping if you feel the need.

I pretty much went my merry, while Wing and the other students followed the teacher around. I did end up running into them, and even got to chat with the teacher. He told me that Wing takes great photographs. I told him I have said that to Wing several times, and he had my permission to convince Wing.

"Yes, Wing. You do know what you're doing."

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