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We had some nasty storms a few weeks ago, with strong winds, and driving rain. It overloaded the gutters, shorted out two lights, fried a fuse on the electrical panel, and caused some gyp-board damage. We have never made a claim before.

We have to pay the $200 excess, but are getting more than 1k of cost of the electrical repairs back. AND we won't have our rates raised.

Waiting to hear about repairs to where the gutters overflowed and damaged the gyp-boards.
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The on suite cistern wasn't filling fast enough. So, being my fussbudgety self, I took apart the cistern valve assembly.. again. I checked the large silicon gasket and made sure it was flush (no pun intended) on the intake. Then I checked the gasket that fit onto the pressure lever. I took off my glasses so I could get a close look, and there was no discerning marks, so lined it up and placed it on top of the large gasket.

I then took the collar and made sure the threads lined up, and starting to twist it back on. That's when I noticed that a small lip on the intake wasn't tucked under it. I unscrewed it, and carefully lined it up, and I noticed it tightened down further than it had done previously. Reattached the anchor collar, put the ballcock back on, and turned the water back on full, prepared to shut it off should I get the fountain effect again.

No fountain, just pouring out from under the screw on collar, as it should be, and no longer leaking from the pressure lever.

Damn, I'm good!
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When Wing got home, we headed to Bunnings and picked up a 1981-2000 Coroma cistern valve gasket set. Don't get me wrong, my rigging worked perfectly, but it probably wouldn't have lasted as long as a proper set of gaskets/washers.

Dismantled the cistern valve, removed all the old rubber gaskets/washers, replaced them with new silicone ones, reassembled the valve, once again, forgetting to put the anchor collar on.

Turned the water on, and I had fountain! In my hurry to get the job done, I forgot Number 1 rule when replacing gaskets/washers:  turn the water on slowly to allow the water pressure to properly seat the gaskets. *sheepish grin* 

It's all working. But boy is my back stiff and sore from staying slouched over the cistern.

DYI Repairs

May. 1st, 2017 11:23 am
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The cistern of our on suite toilet kept running.

I typed in "Caroma Cistern Valve" in YouTube search bar, and watched.

I then, armed with grips, pliers and scissors (yes, scissors. Reason will become apparent) and took apart the cistern valve (removed float, arm, adjustedment screw, level, anchor collar). Lo and behold, the gasket on the threaded pipe was disintergrated, and the rubber washer on the valve stop was no longer 'springy' enough to lift the floatation arm to the shut off point.

Hmm, I didn't have any washers or gaskets handy, so this is where the scissors come in. I got a rubber band, the same thickness as what was left of the original gasket on the threaded pipe. Bevel cut, so the cut ends would rest against each other. Then I got waterproof bandaging tape, and cut about a 1cm piece. Folded it in half, so the sticky sides faced each other. Then cut it to the size of the rubber washer on the valve stop, tucked it over the original washer.

Reassembled valve. Replaced floatation arm. Turned the water on. Waited until the water got to the level line and adjusted the screw until the water stopped filling. And it stopped filling without continuously running. Then I noticed I forgot the anchor collar. I will put it back only if I see there is a problem without it. On a nifty aside, I probably saved the household $300 in parts and labor getting a plumber in here to do it.
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Went for bike ride today. Wing seemed a bit surprised, but I prefer to do it before it gets too hot, or the traffic too heavy.

I went into the park, rode the bike path up to North Lake Road. Then turned around, and headed to Samson Primary. I ended up not turning on the left part of the bike path to Samson Primary, and headed to McCombe Ave. Then turned up to head to the school, then up the hill to Anglesey, then home. I am much more comfortable with the gear shifting, and how to turn the motor assist off and just pedal, and when to flick it back on to get me up steep hills.

Right leg: muscles are a bit annoyed and complaining. Silver lining: Left leg is probably complaining too, but I just can't feel it. :D

Have spoken to Mark from Hire-A-Hubby to get a small wedge ramp for the shed. This way, I can get wheeled things (branch mulcher, electric scooter, bike) in and out easier.
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Mark brought a helper today, and work progressed exponentially!

It's not finished yet. Cement has to be put between some of them, and the stairs have to be done, but they had been here since 7:30, working almost non-stop. Time to call it a day for now.
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We had reverse cycle (aka Central Heat/Air) installed. We were hoping for at least same amount of heating bill, but with more rooms being warmed instead of using those small portable electric heaters.

What I found is our electric bill is 25% lower than during the same billing time last year. And this is with keeping comfortable.

On a totally different tack, I just saw the new "Charlie's Angels" TV ad.. and it looks like a commercial for ummm "Feminine Products" than a tv show.
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Had a deluge first thing this morning. I went out to bring the birds under the pergola only to see water pouring over the bedroom window. Turns out it was on the inside of the window. I toss a box of books onto the bed, preventing them from getting soaked. Just the bottom of the box was wet, books fine. I tell Wing to bring me a towel. He brings me the smallest one in the bathroom. I raised my voice. "Get me a damned towel!" expecting him to get me the thick terry cloth bath sheet.. again a small towel! I push past him, grab my terry cloth bathrobe and shove it onto the windowsill, staunching the flow, and soaking up what was there.

I managed to get a few photos of the streaming water, and sent them to Mark at Hire a Hubby. He came right over, weather be damned! Turned out that one of the downpipes, even though it looked ok from the top, it was rotted underneath, so any water going in there was just flooding under the eaves. It's been fixed. Chances are we will be replacing other downpipes en masse so we don't have to do it piecemeal. They are 25+ yrs old, and have served well.

Water also came into the guest bathroom, and the gyprock is sagging. That repair we can claim back on homeowners insurance.
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Artwork for the show is ready. I still thank last years GOH's for his advice, and follow it.

Clothes washed and ready, cameras (that means batteries, flash cards etc) all ready.

External house repairs and maintenance (some of it long overdue) are rolling right along.

Ziggy was a bit overenthusiastic about head rubbing and head planting, and poked herself in the eye. Of course it has to be the eye she had the corneal graft. Her eye keep tearing so we are going to take her to the vet to make sure it's just lid irritation.
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In my grandmother's kitchen:

Be careful of the words you say
Make them soft and sweet.
You never know from day to day
Which ones you'll have to eat.

Now, while I don't suffer fools gladly, I'm pretty decent about honest mistakes and miscues.

I emailed Mark about the work and money needed to repair the cat enclosure. I was polite about it, but I was firm about it, and backed up my issues with facts. He immediately offered to transfer the $200 back to our bank. Wing liked this idea of mine better. I called Mark and suggested this: work up an estimate for putting in a soakwell, and credit us the $200 on the job. He was amenable. :)

Today, I got my digital photography magazine in the mail. I went to the photo comp section only to find out I had received my magazine 2 days after the deadline. I emailed the company, telling the politely yet firmly that first it was my Feb/March issue that never arrived, and now my April/May issue arrived late, and this just will not do. After sending, I called the company too I explained the situation, told him what page it was on, my subscriber ID. I got apologies, a waiver on the deadline, and my photo was accepted.

So, politeness does still work. :)

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