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I emailed both Amazon Kindle and Amazon, asking why was a certain e-book 4 times the cost, and why was I being forced to use Amazon Australia? I would much rather pay US dollars for my e-books, even with the conversion prices than being forced to the Amazon Australia.

These are the duck/dodge/weave but don't answer replies from them (my messages are italic, Amazon's bold):

Other info:Being forced to use Amazon Australia
Comments:I'm angry. I spotted an ebook by Andy Borowitz, 18 page short story, for 99 cents. I went to go buy it, and when I logged in, the price almost quadrupled to $3.63 because I was forced to select Amazon Australia?  Oh HELL no.  I know what the exchange rate is, and this is way beyond appropriate pricing.

how to do I stop being automatically shunted to Amazon Australia for my ebook purchases? I would rather find "not available to your geographical location", and pay in US dollars than to be blatantly ripped off.

Message From Customer Service
I'm really sorry to hear that you are being charged higher than the conversion rate for the book by Andy Borowitz.
I wanted to help investigate this problem, and in-order to do so, I will need to know the title of the book by Andy Borowitz.
If you can provide the ASIN number of the book, please click on the link below:
We hope you can contact us soon so we can help solve this problem quickly.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Best regards,
S***** U. K.

Then this one: )
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I went to go purchase this 18 page short story, and thought, ok 99 cents...sure.

I login to my Amazon account, and get hit with this:

The price almost quadrupled.

A short story, 18 pages, on Amazon dot Com US is 99 cents. But once I login, it suddenly goes to $3.63. 4 times the cost.

So Amazon dot Com, the next time you try to f**k me, kiss me first.
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Adobe/Apple's excuses for grossly inflating the prices Aussies pay.

I opened my Adobe Account when I was living in the US. Little did I know I would end up at the receiving end of Adobe's price gouging geoblocking business model after moving to Australia.

It took a bit of effort on my part to bypass this, by way of a drop mail address, a really good trusted friend, and a proxy service that tells said geoblockers that I'm in their own back yard. And tech savvy people like me doing this is, in my opinion, why Adobe will no longer have boxed software for shipping, moving to downloads only. That's when having a good friend who you can give the money to pay for the software, then give you the serial number comes in handy. (did that twice, so far)

So, why do they charge such higher prices? There's only one answer. Because they can.

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