Jul. 4th, 2017

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Called my mother. Step-father is still hanging in there. This really isn't what you can call a good thing, as there is no chance of recovery here. Do NOT give me any malarkey about miracles. They have jokingly saying he's waiting for the 4th of July. He's always loved fireworks.

No matter how much you know what's coming, there is no easy way to handle it, is there? I'm still having trouble processing it, as he was always such a strong force of nature. Seemed unstoppable.

Of all things, I am glad I mended fences years ago. As heartbreaking as what our family is going through now, regret would have just eaten away at me had I not just let go of anger and hurt, and just moved on.

Cancer still fucking sucks.
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I get an email from them, so they know I'm on Australia. The fact that my account says I am in Australia, and my email address ends in AU, and my default shipping address is Australia seems to be something they're missing.

Back to the email. I get email notice that I can get a new Kindle Paperwhite for $30 off. Ok, since my kindle is getting old, and I have noticed it needs charging more often, it's either get a new battery for it, or a new one, I think "Sure, sounds good to me."

So, I go to Amazon, order one, and case to keep the screen safe. Add it to shopping cart, go to check out.. and get hit with "DOES NOT SHIP TO AUSTRALIA".

Really? REALLY?

So, having it sent to drop address and to sent to me.

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