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You know, everyone goes on and on ad nauseum about Adobe Products. Why? It's not like they are the end all be all of image development/editing. 'Industry standard'? Adobe itself labeled themselves that, and it stuck.

Here is a list of equal, if not better, programs to use. True, not all the Adobe plugins work with them, but many do (mostly the ones that were made to be used on more than one photo editing program)

Affinity - Non-destructive (you know, technically, as long as you don't SAVE the image, overwriting the original, they are all non-destructive) editing program, has both Mac and Windows version. Has features that you have to buy plugins to get the same result. Mixed bag on plugins made for Adobe products (ie Nik tools, they work but with cavaets) Full on camera raw editing, updated by Serif when new raw formats are available. You do have to make a new 'pixel layer' when you want to do multiple edits on different layers, as Affinity doesn't do it automatically.

TopazStudio - Fully featured, non-destructive, camera raw editing. Has a free and a pro version. Works perfectly with TopazLabs plugins, as you would expect. TopazLaps and StudioPro isn't free, BUT you buy it once, and all your updates are free, even to new versions.

Alienskin Exposure X2 - again, non-destructive camera raw editor (I donated 5Ds, 5D4, 7D2 raw files to during development) Fully featured, and again works flawlessly with Alienskin Plugins.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio - Not only an excellent art program, but a much underrated photo editing software. Again, I helped by testing and donating CR2/ORF/RAW files to improve the camera raw edits. You can use some adobe compatible plugins, but alas only 32bit. Because of that 32bit limit, file size can cause the program to crash. Ken Carlino is looking into getting a 64bit version written.

ON1 Photo RAW 2017 - Crammed packed with features. Not only a raw editor, but great as a stand along photo processing/editing program. With layers, brushes, gradient tools, filters and presets, even a way to make your own custom presets and filters, you could use On1 as a plugin for Photoshop, or use it as a stand alone. It's latest version even has lens profiles to correct for aberrations and distortions, BUT unlike DxO Optics, you can choose to not apply the lens correction (DxO forces correction for fisheye lenses) You can, if you choose, do all your edits and effects, and punt a high res JPG to a different photo edition if you want to use a specific plugin in a photo editing program.

Capture One - Also a fully loaded editor that until the latest version was so so slow. Again, non-destructive layer editing, and as great as CO is, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Corel PaintShop Pro X9 - Non destructive layer editing, but you do have to make new layer as it doesn't make them automatically. (import image, duplicate layer, use a plugin. Duplicate result on another layer to keep doing other edits) Many of the plugins made for Adobe will work with PSPX9, but again, with a few cavaets. As with Affinity, you can use plugins that were made for generally any photo editing programs.

I know I've left a few out, but that was because I had iffy results, or that they decided to go the Adobe "rent me" method.
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Was up shortly after 4am, not because of the purr kids, but because of local wildlife. There was a noisy, persistent bird in the back yard making this croaky noise (no, not a magpie, or mudlark or crow/raven). Think it might have been a Cuckoo Shrike, but didn't see it.

So, once that woke me up, then Loki decided "Well, you're up already, so tend to my needs." So, I did. Then I started in on domestic chores.

I emailed the printer of my photo book, as it arrived with the spine broken up near the top, and when you opened the cover, it sounded like it was breaking even more. So, emailed photos of it. They got back to me right away, and said they would send a replacement at no charge. Then I get an email saying that one of files from a different order was corrupted, could I resend. I tried to follow the instrucitons, but the button to upload wasn't in the book creator program. So, I called again.

I told her that I had ordered 3 copies of the same book, so couldn't they just use one of the other files and print two copies of it instead of one? She said yes, as long as I sent and email rquesting it. Done.

Been wearing my glasses all morning, close to 8 hours, and yes, I have a bit of tired eyes, but nothing like yesterday. That augers well for for wearing them all day.

Already starting to feel a bit groggy. Another cup of coffee to power the station, and keep awake.
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Over the last few days, I've been compiling another photo book. After tweaking image sizes on the pages, the layouts, frames, drop shadows, borders, came the not so fun task of proofreading.

I've made 6 photobooks, and in the first 4, one typo in each. It's difficult to read words and consider them out of context. Of course, while reading, I would want to adjust the text layout, or decided a certain image framing just didn't work. I finally got to the point that all the wording is correct, the layouts and design look great, and proceeded to the upload.

2.5 Microsoft hours for almost 140 full sized images to be uploaded. Image size varies between 3.5 megs to 14 megs. Average size would be about 8 megs. Times 137. Hmmm, when I look at it that way, it's no wonder it's going to take 2 hrs or more to upload them all.
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Tided up, and properly arranged my LJ photogalleries. Quick uploads meant that some pictures were in the wrong category. There are some that have grown since I first started them, but that is a bit more ambitious than I am currently feeling up to at this time.  (ie the Astronomy gallery has branched out to separate galleries, but I can't be bothered shuffling the pics out of it)

A bit tired today, dunno why. Have dance gear ready for tomorrow. Have to get off my ass and make another skirt. Two weekly gigs now, then add classes, workshops, demos etc etc, and it adds up to needing enough gear.

Oh! I know why I am tired! I cut back to half ammount of coffee today. Not on purpose, just due to getting stuff done.  :D

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