Dec. 31st, 2014

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but I do want to read books available for sale on Kobo, but don't want to read them on my desktop, I have to jump through some hoops, that to describe how to do it is more complicated than the actually DOING of it. (And made more difficult when you have a small cat climbing all over the place)

Ok, bought a book, and when I went to find the epub on my desktop, all there is is a bunch of incoherent characters. Ok, a bit of google to find what the hell is going on. Ok, found out that to get epub, I have to download and install Adobe Digital Editions, then authorize the computer and download the epub.


I want to read it on my Kindle. Hmmm, ok, the next step is to 'convince' the epub to not be a drm'ed epub, and then converted it to a mobi format. Find file, have one program talk to it. Then have Calibre make a mobi format, then copy to kindle.

All I want to do is read my damned book. Yes, I understand there are naughty people out there that would prefer to not pay for the ebook, but that isn't me. BUT I want to read it where I want to read it. One device. Not one tablet with three different e-readers, thanks anyhow.
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I keep thinking about this past year. All the ups and downs, meeting new friends, keeping in touch with not so new friends. The trips, the vacations, the photo gear.

And when I think about all of that, it pales in comparison to the one thing that happened later in this year.

After 4 years of no contact, my oldest son, Paul sent me an SOS. And in that instant the 4 years of no contact evaporated. We talked for hours, and it was as if none of those empty 4 years existed.

A wound my heart had is gone. I no longer think of Paul, Collin, Jason, Joey and Bella with sadness. I smile now.

So, for everything that I got or happened this year, my favorite event was "Mom, can you call. I need you."

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