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but I do want to read books available for sale on Kobo, but don't want to read them on my desktop, I have to jump through some hoops, that to describe how to do it is more complicated than the actually DOING of it. (And made more difficult when you have a small cat climbing all over the place)

Ok, bought a book, and when I went to find the epub on my desktop, all there is is a bunch of incoherent characters. Ok, a bit of google to find what the hell is going on. Ok, found out that to get epub, I have to download and install Adobe Digital Editions, then authorize the computer and download the epub.


I want to read it on my Kindle. Hmmm, ok, the next step is to 'convince' the epub to not be a drm'ed epub, and then converted it to a mobi format. Find file, have one program talk to it. Then have Calibre make a mobi format, then copy to kindle.

All I want to do is read my damned book. Yes, I understand there are naughty people out there that would prefer to not pay for the ebook, but that isn't me. BUT I want to read it where I want to read it. One device. Not one tablet with three different e-readers, thanks anyhow.

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