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Dear MobiPocket... you are FIRED

You had a security breach, and your forced resets of passwords. You also ended up destroying peoples bookshelves, and when you left us to hunt and search, with no help from you, you insinuate that we are lying, or trying to get something unfairly.

I provided you with the titles, with old email addresses, and you still insist I must have gotten the books elsewhere. I provided a text list of the books I had gotten from FictionWise and eReader. You demand old email addresses. What do I get told? "Nope, you must have gotten them somewhere else".

I have provided screen caps of FictionWise and eReader, the only other ebook sellers besides Mobipocket, where i have gotten ebooks. Even when I rub your noses into the fact I most certainly did not get them elsewhere, you remain silent or accusatory in your behavior.

You have proven your security cannot be trusted. And you have proven that you can't be trusted to deal honorably with customers who have ended up losing their purchased goods due to your inadequate security measures.

This, sirs and or madams, is not to be tolerated.

Any and everyone who has been raked by these thieves, head on over to FictionWise or eReader. Same books, better prices, and their customer service makes Mobipockets' appear as what they really are. Bumbling idiots at best. Liars and thieves at worst.

And to the people who run MobiPocket... things on the net have a habit of becoming very well read and known. Especially when people make public complaints about lousy services rendered.
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Somehow Mobipocket dot com got hacked. Because of the security breach, they wiped everyones passwords, and had people go through the password reset. Ok, that all worked. What didn't work is the fact their great reset wiped out archived 'bookshelves' of dozens and dozens of people.

I have been trying to puzzle out exactly which ebooks I had thought were safely archived on their server so they will deign to replace/allow me to re-download them. I have managed to figure out two titles I purchased from Mobipocket, and have informed the admins of MobiPocket.

Have I gotten anywhere? Oh hell no. All they have done is stonewall me, insinuated I didn't buy the books from them. So I showed them the list of ebooks I got from Fictionwise, and eReader (formerly known as PeanutPress). Do they say ok, here are the two you can remember?

Again, oh hell no. They ask "what email did you use to buy them." (same one as I have had for the past 7 yrs) but I did give them my old US email address, and the very first email address I had when I moved here. Not talking about a pile of money here, or the latest newest expensive best sellers.

Turns out I am not the only person they are stonewalling.


Aug. 25th, 2007 04:04 pm
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I get an email from (ebook site):

August 24, 2007
Dear Mobipocket Customer:
We are writing to let you know that we have reset your Mobipocket password – when you return to the Mobipocket site, you will need to select a new password for your account. Upon making this change, you’ll continue to have access to your previous Mobipocket purchases and downloads.
We reset your password because we recently learned of an attempt to gain access to a Mobipocket server. Files containing name, account name, password, address and e-mail address for some Mobipocket customers were kept on this server. Although we have no evidence that these files were accessed, we changed your password and are notifying you out of abundance of caution.

Ok, I understand the need to do this, so I go through all the required steps that were listed, and reset my password. Then I go to "MY Bookshelf" only to discover all the ebooks I had purchased are GONE!

I tried to email them about this problem, only to find out they only answer on the forums.... I wonder how long that will take. :-/

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