Aug. 25th, 2007 04:04 pm
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I get an email from (ebook site):

August 24, 2007
Dear Mobipocket Customer:
We are writing to let you know that we have reset your Mobipocket password – when you return to the Mobipocket site, you will need to select a new password for your account. Upon making this change, you’ll continue to have access to your previous Mobipocket purchases and downloads.
We reset your password because we recently learned of an attempt to gain access to a Mobipocket server. Files containing name, account name, password, address and e-mail address for some Mobipocket customers were kept on this server. Although we have no evidence that these files were accessed, we changed your password and are notifying you out of abundance of caution.

Ok, I understand the need to do this, so I go through all the required steps that were listed, and reset my password. Then I go to "MY Bookshelf" only to discover all the ebooks I had purchased are GONE!

I tried to email them about this problem, only to find out they only answer on the forums.... I wonder how long that will take. :-/
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