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I fixed our running toilet. Took photos of the valve assembly, got the right washers. No more running toilet.

Have really figured out ways to save water, like when filling dishpan, letting the cold water go into percolator, instead of letting it just run until it gets hot, using a bucket of water used to clean the bird feeders then pouring the bucket of water in the potted trees, etc etc.

And even with 1/5 less water usage since last month, the friggin' bill is higher this month because the the &#%$@# Water Corporation raised their $#%@%$# rates again!
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And I see them washing it almost every day.


I use grey water (washing machine run off as long as bleach wasn't used), on my potted plants, and only use garden hose if needed to spray water directly into them. I don't use sprinklers, traded my 12ft pool for 8ft pool and keep it covered. I'm still nagging Aikidomayland to get a rainwater tank. I save and cut back on water usage.

And then I see an ass like this, with their English Cottage Garden, washing their effing car all all the time!

I guess the drought is only on MY side of the street.

Once more

Feb. 6th, 2008 06:20 pm
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Once again, I have had the pleasure of seeing and listening to close minded people wringing their hands, whining that they couldn't possibly drink reclaimed/recycled water! Ewwww so nasty!

Uhh, clue up, the water you are currently swilling isn't pristine. There are frogs, fish and who knows what else living (that includes all bodily functions) in the dammed up rivers and reservoirs. Reclaimed water goes through more purification processes than the water you are getting from these sources.

Water reclamation is something that should have been in place here over 30 years ago, considering just how dry Australia is. Also, these idiots growing English Cottage Gardens, which are horrible water needy plants, should be told to replace them with drought resistant, or native gardens. And also, stop fining these people with manicured lawns and Northern climate gardens $50 for watering on days they aren't supposed to. They don't care about $50 when they are spending at least $300 a week having a professional gardener come out to maintain these lush, water sucking gardens.
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One of our cats (Affy) refuses to drink standing water (ie in a bowl). He has been that way since we adopted him from Cat Haven.  So, I got the lunkhead a water feature. It's a nice one, about 9" square, a 'bamboo' crosspipe pouring into a stone bowl, with a few riverstones for splash and decoration.  Well, the pump on it died, not surprising after almost 5yrs of non stop use (and the fact if I wasn't home when the water level was too low, it didn't get refilled).  Found a replacement pump at Bunnings, and did some delicate procedures, and the patient lives! And the cat drinks.  I think I saw Keito lurking there too.

Interesting news on the homefront (well, interesting to ME) is that CBGB's won its' case!

Full article behind cut )

Been there a few times, and the place RAWKS. :)  Of course, it has been a few years.  Glad to see some things have staying power. heh

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