Jul. 6th, 2017

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I fixed our running toilet. Took photos of the valve assembly, got the right washers. No more running toilet.

Have really figured out ways to save water, like when filling dishpan, letting the cold water go into percolator, instead of letting it just run until it gets hot, using a bucket of water used to clean the bird feeders then pouring the bucket of water in the potted trees, etc etc.

And even with 1/5 less water usage since last month, the friggin' bill is higher this month because the the &#%$@# Water Corporation raised their $#%@%$# rates again!
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I updated Samsung Magician from 4.5 to 5.1, software for my SSD. Ever since then, I keep get "WMI is Disabled. Enable Y/N". I went to the Samsung site, only to find they don't archive older versions, even though there was a link to version 4.9. All it did was lead to their home page, not a download.

Clicked on "Everything" and searched for Samsung Magician on my computer. Woo hoo! I had saved the 4.5 zip file. Uninstalled 5.1, reinstalled 4.5 and ta da! No more WMI error.

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