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And I am not going to give that freak any more web traffic by linking to it. HOWEVER, I will quote and synopsize her post.

For all intents and purposes, this freak wants to make a saint out of a woman, who in a fit of bigotry, murdered her own two daughters for NOT being bigots like their mother. This is a female "American Taliban", who is following NO version of the New Testament ever printed, but is following some bastard sect.

Friends, I invite you to ponder the image above. The beautiful woman is Christy Sheats. The Texas wife and mother who is being vilified in the media for shooting and killing her teenage daughters. It makes for a great headline in mainstream media but what goes unsaid is even more powerful.

A devout Republican and gun rights advocate, she no doubt discovered that both of her daughters had been promiscuous and were sleeping with black boys and she took it upon herself to put an end to that cycle. She was brave enough to stand up and say ENOUGH! Not in MY house! And she should be lauded.

Race mixing is not only an ungodly thing, it causes such confusion and humiliation. Not only for the children born of this sin, but for the grandparents who would have to carry this burden. Mrs. Sheats was the picture of elegance and I know she would not want to have to explain to her friends why she was carrying around a yellow mixed baby that her promiscuous daughters had created.

Rather than be forced into this life of depravity and sin, she chose to go down grasping her weapon in the name of God. As far as I am concerned, she is a martyr for Christ.

“It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away, but that’s exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns,” she wrote in March, along with an anti-gun control video.
She was just your typical wife and mother, doing everything she could to protect her children from the promiscuous and sinful life that they had become sucked into.

Before we slander her name or make her out to be a villain, I think we should take a moment of silence and appreciate her bravery and her devout Will to die for Christ.

A martyr indeed, my friends. And Glory be to God, as always for HE is in control.

Yes, full on American Taliban. She is a symptom of one of the problems in the U.S. today.
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And I have to admit, I will not shed one single tear for him. I won't, as he and his cult would do, crow about the death of someone, but neither shall I mourn. He is a vile example of humanity, as is his bred to be his congregation family.

You know what would be great, though? If a hundreds or thousands showed up at his funeral.

Quiet, respectful, everything he and his followers aren't.
People in military uniform, cross dressers, singers, actors. Everything and everybody he and his cult decried as evil, and sickly gleeful about when they died, show up... and hold up signs saying "Fred... we forgive you."

Have them show up and show humanity towards a man who lost his.

Then go make a donation to the an Equal Rights organization in his name.
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In this corner: Ken Ham, owner operator of the "Creation Museum", who believes the world is only 6000 yrs old, and that bible stories are true. 1

His Opponent: Bill Nye, Science Guy, who brings out evidence of Evolution, age of the planet, biology and astronomy.

The first 30 minutes of Ken Ham was him showing videos of other Creationists saying the biblical story of creation was true, that Adam and Eve were real, and the planet was only 6000 years old. ("Wait...let me show you 5 more videos of my friends agreeing with me." )He applied this meme as proof of how accurate the bible is:

Every time there was a question without an answer, he would fall back on "There is a book that tells us where this came from." He also seems to want a 4.5 billion year old scientist who was around when the planet was formed to declare it was formed around said scientist.

Ken Ham then decided to label certain scientific terms "Creationism terms". (I could strap a feather duster to on my cat, won't make him a peacock)

Bill Nye: Cited scientific discoveries, proven science, plate tectonics, and basic math to prove Ken's Creationist world was just wrong. There is no way that 7.5 billion people could have been the result of the mating of two individuals (Three, if you take the Adam/Eve story into account, as Eve and her son Seth had an incestuous relationship). That Noah's Ark could not have held even every "kind" of animal (Yes, Fail Again Ken tried to say all species of birds are descendants of one KIND of bird, every species of deer came from one KIND of deer. etc etc). Because if that were true, in a world that is only 6000 yrs old, we would have discovered 11 to 16 new species a day.

Trees that have growth rings, one of them 9500 yrs old. The Great Pyramids, pre-dating the Bible, You name it. And when Bill Nye was asked "Where did atoms come from before the big bang?" he answered honestly with "No one knows."

of course Ken fell back on his book of stolen fables as "There is a book with the answers." which in all seriousness, is no answer.

Then Ken went to bible predictions. Predictions which are so vague that a carnival Tarot Card reader could do better.

Lets move onto the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Creationists like to claim this is proof of creationism, but they're forgetting one extremely important fact: The earth is not a closed system. It's influenced by solar and cosmic energy and forces.

Ken also said "Scientists didn't understand that diseases came from bacteria."... True, but when scientist discovered this, they changed texts and information to reflect this. Whereas there are still Fundie Creationists that still believe that diseases are caused by demons.

Winner: Bill Nye, Science Guy.

Oh, and a clue about the Creation Museum, and why an Australian built it in the US and not his own back yard. He can't open it here as a "Fact Based Museum" because it isn't. Aussie laws state he would have to open it as a Fantasy or Christian Theme Park/Museum, kind of like DINOTOPIA, not as a Natural History Museum.

1Actually, he said only certain ones, ones he has picked, are true, the rest are poetry and stories to learn and live by. Wonder how he decided.

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