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Just to the shops to pick up a few items, then off to the pet store to get some grain free food for Keito. Wing went to the fish monger to get supplies for tonight.

I pit-stopped in K-Mart to pick up some cheapish leggings to wear. I have been wearing the hinged knee brace under my pants mostly to keep it out of sight, but the back of my leg itched like crazy. Wearing the brace over the leggings stops the itching and, as a bonus, seems to make people a bit more tolerant/sympathetic as to why I am walking slowing.

Knee still aches, but nothing like it did two days ago. That can be chalked up to 50mls of fluid drained, and pain killers. Don't think the SYNVISC has started working in just two days.

Still feel very tired, though. I zonked out reclining in my chair.
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Not just about the knee and how to treat it, but what this whole thing is doing to me.

9 years ago a calcified disc between two vertebrae collapsed, needed surgery to fix it. I adjusted to my limitations after the back surgery. I didn't like the fact that dancing, both teaching and performing, was no longer possible. It hurt, as I loved it. But I adjusted. I took up photography again, and could go out whenever and where ever.

But this. Even trying to type this out, I'm trying not to lose it again. I hate this. The not being able to do even what i used to do. I can't even go for a walk in the park because it just hurts too much (bone on bone grinding leaves me gasping in pain sometimes). More than once, I have finished cooking dinner by resting my elbows on the counter to hold myself up. I am so tired all the time. I also find myself crying, not just because the knee hurts, but from frustration, but because I feel I am a burden and a disappointment.

Dr S understood, was very compassionate, and told me that chronic pain/inability to do usual activities is very wearing on the body and spirit, and how I felt was normal.

Here's hoping the 2nd round of SYNVISC will give me longer good result.
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And it well and truly wasn't my fault. Each leg of the trip the terminal was at the furthest end of the fekking airport! From Perth, to Melbourne and then to Sydney. And of course the baggage collection was at the furthest spot from where we disembarked.

Ok, then to the hotel/apartment. Given slightly wrong directions as to which building was the hotel. So, turned around headed back to the right one. Then, headed to Darling Harbor to catch ferry to Circular Quay. Was given wrong directions as to which dock we were supposed to be at, and was sent the opposite direction. THEN we got correct directions and had to head waaaay the hell back the other way.

I broke out my google maps for pedestrians, and was able to find the Museum of Contemporary arts, and was only a little late. Photographer graciously allowed me to attend the 2nd session. Came back to hotel after a light dinner. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in strange place and didn't wake up until almost 8am.

The overdoing showed up today. Was able to visit the Sydney Aquarium. But dayam it was all I could do to NOT just plunk my ass down, with my leg stuck out.

Gonna take it easy for the rest of today. Process some photos, get dinner ready for Wing
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When I wear the compression bands, or the neoprene bands on my right, my left knee hurts. BUT if I wear the hinged knee brace on my right knee, the left knee doesn't hurt.

I think it's because I actually shift weight evenly between both legs, instead of leaning to the left most of the time.
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I got a new pair of hiking boots yesterday, because the old pair always bruised my toes and just hurt like hell to wear.

After wearing them for over 6 hours yesterday, I wasn't getting cramps in left calf, and my lower back wasn't as achey. I'm hoping that the fit and shock absorbency will help with right knee. Not expecting it to 'cure' the knee, still need replacement, but combined with the snynovial injection, to ease the pain and make walking a bit less of a limping affair.

And to all the well meaning people: Although I do appreciate that you care, please, no more armchair medical advice.

No, I don't need orthodics in my shoes. My left heel is sore because it hits the ground harder than the right foot does because of my back issue.

My back issue is because of a disc that calcified and collapsed. Did have back surgery 9 yrs ago, but I have lingering issues with it (read above).

No, the brace/compression bands aren't too small or too tight. Yes, I have discussed the puffy right foot with GP, knee surgeon and a physiotherapist. It's caused by the leg having restricted movement.
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I managed to find two more dual stabilizers FUTURO knee supports. This particular type I just could not find in any of the local, or slightly distant, pharmacies. So, I took to eBay.

I'll still need to use the "Cyborg" knee brace, especially if or when I've overdone something, and my knee is feeling wobbly. The lighter compression support for day to day living. And with three of them, old one, and two new ones, wearing a clean one every day will stop the itchiness from using same one over and over.

Regular laundering is a good thing, but problematic when it takes 2 days for the thing to dry out. I can't hang them outside because of wattles being in bloom. Do NOT need contact dermatitis on the back of my knee. With three, I will always have at least one clean and dry.
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I had been wearing a compression band only for the past few days. After yesterdays' exam and 'stress test' (of which results are promising), I'm wearing the clunky hinged knee brace. Knee is fekking sore, and feels a bit unstable. Very sure after a day or two, that will pass.
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It seems the SYNVISC injection is doing it's job. Much less grinding pain when bending the knee, and less side to side movement. The patella is moving smoothly over the joint, too. Still tends to hyper extend but that is something that can be avoid by using a compression band that have supports on the sides. Also, my left knee is feeling better because I'm not leaning all my weight to one side. That and the nifty anti-inflamatory I am taking.

My gastrocnemius is still giving me fits, but not where as bad as it was just a week ago. The right tensor fasciae latae is still knotting up, so H gave it the pressure massage treatment. It unlocked, but DAYAM is it sore now. He also examined the patella and surrounding ligaments/tendons. Would it come as a surprise that I am more sore now after the exam than I was before I got it? (rueful laugh) Told H I will not be doing the heel dip exercises as it feels as if it's ripping the right calf muscle apart. S'ok, though, I have a new one to help retrain how I walk. Amazing how the body adapts when one part isn't working quite right. Time to make it remember how it's supposed to be.

So, overall update: Just a little over 2 weeks after synovial injection, I have visible improvement. It takes 2 months to achieve full benefits, but the amount I have improved in just two weeks bodes well. I will keep doing my exercises to strengthen the glutes and to get the TFL loose yet strong.

Oh.. the unintended but welcome side effect of being able to walk around, regularly taking my thyroid meds again, and doing the specific physio exercises.. I lost 5cms from around my hips!
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Today was the first morning I didn't have to put the knee compresssion band on my right knee when I swung my legs out of bed. I was able to stand, and walk to the "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN" room without holding the doorway for support. Also, my knee is more knee shaped, rather than a swollen mess.

I've also been walking, slowly, around the house, doing typical things, without the band on, too. Even managed my 'stair' exercises, although the last two did make my knee feel a bit rickety.

I will wear hinged brace when I know I will be doing a lot of walking to prevent another hyper-extension, which could negate the synovial injection.

Now, if I could only figure out what is causing my right leg, from just above the ankle, to about 6 inches up, from being tight to the point of cramping. I have done stretches, and it just won't unlock. I think that is causing more of a limp now then the knee! That, and the three hour walk around Fremantle yesterday.
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I went to see Dr S as scheduled to see about my knee. It was still swollen, even with the anti-inflammatory. I told Dr S wanted to go with the SYNVISC asap. He told me it takes a week for it to arrived, and he was scheduled to be elsewhere in a week. I asked if the company that makes SYNVISC has express shipping, but they don't. Dr S said they had one treatment at the practice (one is all that is needed) and I asked "Can I call and have them ship you a replacement and we get this done today?"

The answer was yes. Called and ordered it, and had shipping address as Dr S.

Then it came time for me to get it injected into my knee. Swab the knee, inject local anesthetic deep in. Before the needle was taken out, a syringe was used to drain almost 25ml of seroma like fluid from the knee. No wonder if felt like I had a sponge in the joint. Too much 'hydrolic fluid'.

Synvisc injected, barely felt a thing. Here's hoping that I am in the 80% success rate section. (Then I had a day of blessed NO pain in my knee for most of the day.)

Then off to see Hadyn. Told him about how my right calf was stiff. Too many 'dip heels below stair level, then go up onto toes'. He really worked the huge knot I had in it. The he saw my flexor and glutes were locked/stiff, and he REALLY worked on that. Umm ow? I have said before, and I say again, that physiotherapists have to be a touch sadistic.

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